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Vital Essentials Recalls Two Limited Batches of Pet Food Treats

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  1. Tracey

    What’s going on lately with the recalls of raw food? I’ve never really seen raw food have a problem before. 🙁 I’ve also notice both companies this week that recalled food for Listeriosus have been Wisconsin companies.

  2. Mandy B

    Does anyone know if Vital Essentials Topper products are made at the same facility as the patties / niblets? 2 of my senior cats have been having some digestive upset off and on, and I’m a little concerned. They’re going to the vet on the 18th.

  3. Grateful

    The other listeria recall was in Maryland. I find it very strange that there were two recalls for listeria contamination. I still suspect a smear campaign. Funded by BPF.

  4. AMichelle

    Something seems strange…I agree. Two raw companies both test positive for Listeria in the same timeframe? Could the FDA have accidentally contaminated in testing? I know the FDA is not a fan of raw food. Hmmm.
    My dogs do well with Stella and Chewy’s Beef. As a matter of fact my little Doc, who had severe anemia prior to Stella’s Beef (previously ate a competitor’s dehydrated food then Stella’s Duck), is now in safe levels after eating this food in Beef. Doc has GME and so his nutrition is important.

  5. J. C.

    The headline of this article is misleading. It says pet food treats, but the recall is on raw frozen food. Might want to change that.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi J.C. – both of these products are listed as treats on the Vital Essentials website and the company press release states treats as well.

  6. brit

    I am now cooking for my dogs other than the raw organic chicken necks I buy at local health food store that I freeze for a couple of weeks prior to using.

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