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Threats Greet Me at AAFCO

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  1. jan blanco

    eggads – just when most of us thought it couldn’t get any worse…………you keep safe now, hear??

  2. David Boothman

    Death threats warrant a police investigation was that done. Get a carry permit and training.

    1. Sally Roberts

      I agree with David too

  3. soozyb2013

    Some people just don’t have anything better to do with their time. I’m glad you told the authorities and the hotel. Stay safe Susan. Some people are just so sick!

    1. David Boothman

      A death threat carries up to 10 years in many states. Its not trivial, a career-ender for the companies’ Lawyers if they are involved, which is where this sort of thing often originates.

  4. Adriana Rojas

    Oh man…please take care Susan!

  5. Jane Eagle

    A threat to you is a threat to all of us. I hope this monster is found and punished very soon.

  6. Anthony Hepton.

    Thanks for keeping us all informed, we need you there.

  7. Linda M Vick

    Susan, are you attending this AAFCO session alone? Whoever it is must be a real coward: can’t take the heat so he/she resorts to bullying. Do whatever you need to in order to remain safe.

  8. Christine Anderson Nitz

    Stay strong Susan ! Our hearts & prayers are with you!!

  9. Debbie Perkins

    I’m wondering if a call/text to a cell phone might not could be traced by the carrier to see where it came from. I agree with whoever said a threat to you is a threat to all of us. Keep posting and be careful. Obviously you’re on the right track.

  10. kdexter101

    This is atrocious!! What they are doing is beyond any professional boundaries!!! Big business is so full of themselves and their personal pockets they don’t give a damn about anything else!!

  11. joan johnston

    Is there anything I/we can do to help? Write letters? Post more on FB? Talk to legislatures? Write nasty or nice letters to Big Pet Food? Stop buying BPF? What else?

  12. Sara Thomas

    I’m so sorry you have to endure acts by the pathetic person(s) hired to harass/intimidate/threaten you and friends by obviously incredibly desperate, threatened companies or others’ afraid of exposure by your work. It is a sick twisted compliment to the efficacy of your work, Susan.

    You have an extrordinarily large base of supporters who are here for you. And this one in particular views you as a hero.

  13. Linda Horn

    Susan, I recommend that you take some serious security precautions, if you haven’t already done so. If you can afford to, install security cameras at your house. Get a dash cam for your car, and carry a camera phone with you at all times. If you aren’t against firearms, get the training to safely use and store a firearm, for home defense, if it’s legal where you live. For personal protection away from home, I’d recommend carrying pepper spray, which is legal in most places. These are the precautions my husband and I took, back when we lived in a neighborhood where some punks threatened our family. BTW, we did call the police first; however, they told us couldn’t do anything about verbal threats, because of freedom of speech!

    1. moviezombie

      try not to be anywhere alone, susan. stay safe.

    2. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      I am flabbergasted that the cops think that THREATS are “freedom of speech!” Calling someone a curse word, or something along those lines is a freedom of speech, threats, however, are “words of intention” & I would think are along the lines of being able to take some kind of legal action.

      All your recommendations, I hope Susan can do. That car cam could definitely help identify a vehicle & plate # if someone is following her.

      I hope that anyone who follows this blog, knowing all Susan does for our pets…If anyone has any business’ of ANY of the resources that Susan needs, to help keep her safe, to please offer a VERY discounted rate, or better yet, some FREE services for her. I pray some kick-ass Private Investigator’s can help un-cover who these LOW-LIFE, SCUM, POS are that are harrassing her.


      HEY, SCUM, LOW-LIFE! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET AWAY W/ CONTINUI NG DOING THIS! YOU WILL BE EXPOSED! SO F#$*-OFF!!!! Also, the Big Pet Food Co that you are spying for, we now know for sure, is purpotrating VERY ILLEAGAL ACTIVITIES! or they wouldn’t be stooping so low as to threaten lives! This only make ALL OF US even MORE DETERMINED to BRING YOU DOWN! & believe me! WE ARE ALL GONNA DO IT!!!!! One way or the other!!!!

      1. Reader

        As of 7:30pm PST there are 40 responses on this Site. Including expressions of concern, precaution, support, admiration and encouragement!! My hunch is, that the Author is most appreciative and yet very well aware.

        As a Group (….uhhh, yeah that means all of us ….) WE should figure out some effective push-back. These perpetrators don’t care about our kind words and sweet thoughts. They understand only one thing, which is a clear consequence! All the supporter writing in, which is most important and please don’t stop doing so, just take it a step further.

        • Ask yourself does a Company like this deserve respect. The question is, are there Thugs among the Professionals, or are they Professional Thugs. So few people posting (so far) have mentioned …. how do acts of intimidation affect YOUR decision making.

        • Do you support the Company name and the products. Do your family and friends understand what’s going on here.

        • Do you think the Company’s Corporate Executive Office deserves a letter of notice.

        • What about contacting the Media located in the City where this event is being held. Should a woman (or any Tourist for that matter) feel vulnerable in their Hotel, Restaurants and Public Transportation. How about a woman who’s going to a meeting that’s dominated by male Industry Representatives. How would you feel if this was YOUR wife, sister, mother or daughter.

        Maybe it’s time that WE get out the (virtual) “pen and ink” and START making some COMMUNICATION waves! Bullies laugh at the weak and the meek. All our kind sentiments are like dust to them. But a few ROCKS in their road might be a different story. Make noise, make it count, make it bite.

        Tell the nut-jobs what makes a business successful are Customers and Revenue. And ask ‘em …..if YOUR dollar doesn’t count … then who’s does?

  14. Kim Willis

    I suspect you are a lot like me in that when you get pushed and threatened it only makes you push more. The fact they feel compelled to do that means you are pushing the right buttons. I hope they don’t think that because they are doing this you plan on altering your job any… they would be sadly misguided. It is the same with the vaccine issues. Holistic vets are also persecute for knowing what is real and what is BS, and they tell their clients as such. Big Corp’s job is to keep the sheeple of the world in the dark so they can work along side evil and defraud millions of people and kill millions of pets, and people for human doctors with Big Pharma’s help. This is no different except it is about our pets. Same kind of people, same kind of tactics, same kind of BS.

    Continue putting the FDA on notice as often as we can, keep them in the news as not doing their jobs and paid for by Big Corp, and lets work with Trump to get this changed. He is after all “draining the swamp”… maybe we can get him to help by starting with the FDA and EPA. The new first lady REALLY NEEDS A GOOD CAUSE, and this one would make her a lot of friends… hint, hint.

    They sound like a bunch of bumbling idiot bullies who think their dumb texts will somehow stop you? As always though be cautious as there will always be people who put money over lives. If you are in need of a good personal protection dog let me know. I work with gov. contractors with some of the best K9s.

    1. Sara Thomas

      Spot on! Completely agree…

      And, Susan is there anything we, your supporters, can do to help or draw attention to their threats and harassment?

  15. Wanda Vittek

    This seems to be an everyday thing in our society now, death threats. Big business is taking over with throwing out threats no matter what business it is. I agree with Linda Horn. Take precautions and I know it’s hard to live like this. Free speech is being pushed for one side only.

  16. pghwelshgirl

    So sorry to hear this, Susan, after all the diligent work you’ve done on our behalf.

    I agree with the others – get as much protection, security, as you can. FInd some pro bono legal support – it must be out there.

    Be brave, be safe. And if you can, keep being a bad ass.

  17. landsharkinnc

    Prayers for your safety — and have shared with all of my personal friends on our side

  18. Shelley

    Be safe, Susan. Thanks for all you do.

  19. redmm97

    Lock and Load!! I hope you know how to do this!

  20. Reader

    Dear Company:

    To use a cliché, the cat (food) is out of the bag! Once upon a time, a Truth About Pet Food (TAPF) article might’ve skewed things. But no more. People have only discovered it’s a trend. It’s the Industry.

    To any skeptics, please remember, there’s such a thing as the INTERNET now! Maybe you’ve heard of it. Ask it any question, and (incredibly) there will be an unbelievable number of responses! So Owners look up everything! Many times they connect with TAPF because search tags match. Readers find out they aren’t alone, they haven’t imagined a problem. They find FB connections and resources to voice complaints. They go to the FDA. Most share word-of-mouth. PF Consumers discovered problems are common among Companies. So the exodus from commercial PF has become generalized. But to name a Blogger, to blame a Blogger, is ridiculous; to threaten one, is asking for trouble.

    Making a person’s life hell might be one thing. But let me assure you (as an independent Reader myself) if and (unfortunately) should one voice go silent, there would be 10 more to replace it. Outrage would incite people to action including to Social Media. Publicity alone, would be stunning. A boycott of products. A spotlight on TAPF research during the last decade. Lots of subject matter experts coming forward in support it. Negative publicity all around. Not a happy day.

    In most situations of dispute, those accused fight back with facts, evidence and transparency. But the mentality of Readers today has changed. They’re fed up with “Fake Answers” just as much as they are with “Fake News” AND “Fake Food.” Look around at the “Politics” of this Country now. And compare it to previous years. Once upon a time people only “hoped” for Change. Now they’re determined to find it! The polarization at the moment, may seem like a hindrance to progress. But the POINT is that people are now (more than ever) committed to pushing through THEIR agenda!!! They’ve discovered the secret to real power ….is KNOWING they have the power! And that’s what’s changed recently, while your Company has continued moving in the opposite direction of the best interests of your Customers. Or to use another cliché, the Genie won’t be going back into the Bottle anytime soon!

    For a real change? Maybe integrity might be a whole new form of effective Marketing Strategy!

  21. Merry

    Be strong and vigilant, as you always are! “When you throw a rock into a pack of wolves, the one that gets hit howls the loudest!”

  22. Dawn

    You’re not going to these meetings alone are you? Safety in numbers lady!! Get a GoPro (or more discreet smaller camera) and have it on & on you always. Catch ’em on camera. Holds up better in court! Be safe. Be safe. Be safe.

    1. Wendy


  23. Jeri

    Lock and Load, my friend. Stay safe and vocal. Shining a light on the cockroaches always makes them scatter.

  24. Pam

    I am so sad to hear this, what is our world coming to when you can’t even attend a meeting without fear?

  25. Donna

    This is alarming. It’s akin to the MAFIA. You are making a huge impact by exposing the TRUTH. I love your tenacity. These fools do not know who they are messing with. They are afraid of you. Isnt it a glorious feeling knowing you are chipping away at the very foundation that keeps this unethical, greedy industry afloat! I cant wait to watch them fall knowing you spearheaded their demise. I love it! Keep it up, continue to contact the authorities & stay safe.

    1. Elle

      The Mafia never bullied women. The Mafia has a code of behavior. Don’t equate the mafia with the scum that’s bullying Susan.

      Susan, tell us what we can do. Donna is right: clearly they are afraid of you and are hiding things that are bigger and worse than what you already know. At least they are proving that they aren’t very bright. I have faith in your persistence and courage. Hang in there and keep after the police to trace those calls, identify the pinheads who are threatening you (and stupid enough to do it by text), and bring charges.

      Get yourself a burner phone for the important calls, btw.

  26. Marie

    These jerks are like children with their cowardly texts. Ignore them. Threats come from people who don’t act. If I wanted to hurt someone, I sure wouldn’t advertise it. Bluffs and attempts at intimidation – not working. If they persist in this nonsense, they know the media coverage, the public outrage and the prison time will not be worth it. Susan is not backing off and neither are we! GOD BLESS YOU SUSAN!

    1. Wendy

      “Threats come from people who don’t act.” Incorrect. Many people follow through with those threats. Yes, *sane* and *rational* people usually don’t advertise. Don’t assume that’s what she’s dealing with there.

  27. lesliek

    I agree with David ! We can do a fundraiser to buy you & your family members & work partners guns & training . Possibly it’s time for a private detective with the ability to trace the phone & computer hacks also.There are lots of angry pet parents who will donate for your safety .

    1. Wendy

      Guns are not the answer. Guns are the problem.

      1. Anthony Hepton.

        So true, let’s not exacerbate the problem, the culprit needs to be exposed.

    2. Dawn


  28. Karrie Kamke

    This makes me sick and pisses me off at the same time. Thank you so so much for everything you do and let us know what we can do to help. God bless you Susan.

  29. Marsha

    Praying for you safety. Keep strong and above all watch closely to every move anyone makes toward you.

  30. Rose Studdard

    Susan have a backup with you, I know two, Smith and Wesson! Do whatever it takes to protect yourself. Thank you for all you do.

  31. Liss

    I pray for your protection

  32. Sara

    Thank you for all you do Susan. Stay safe.

  33. Wendy

    Have you asked the police if they are the only agency/resource to get involved? For instance, at what point would/could the FBI get involved? What exactly were the threats? Can you post the text here?

  34. Aimee

    We support you. We are determined more than ever NOT to buy into the crap food many of these major companies are putting out there. Foods that are harming and killing our family pets. Bullying tactics are cowardly and rarely work! Thank you Susan for all you are doing!

  35. Mini

    If they would channel the exorbitant amounts of energy and time they put into harassing you into making better pet food everyone would win…WTF. People have the right to know what they are feeding their pets. Doesn’t seem like any of these companies are ever held liable for the damage/deaths they cause, so why the hell are they threatening you? I agree with the conceal/carry suggestion. Stay safe, and thanks for caring about animals.

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