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The Two Most Important Words of Pet Food Meat Ingredients

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  1. Jane

    Speaking of “Human Grade” claims on websites…
    Do you know if any of the lawsuits involving Evanger’s have been settled? I think there were at least 3 – Evanger’s v Bailey Farms, Party Animal v Evanger’s, and the class action suit initiated by the family who lost their pup. There may have been an additional class action suit, as well. It was getting hard to keep track!

    They seem to have permanently removed the “Human Grade” claim from their website. And they say that they’ve closed the old plant and moved production to their newer facility. But I’m curious about what happened with the lawsuits.

    Thanks for keeping us informed so we can take good care of our furry family members!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      To my knowledge, none of the lawsuits have been settled.

      1. Jane

        Thanks, Susan!

  2. Ian

    “they don’t trust me with their proprietary information, but I am expected to trust them with my pet’s life” — SO TRUE. I also continue to wish that labels must say who actually manufactures the food if it is contracted out to a co-packer.

  3. landsharkinnc

    I don’t think rotten carrots, slimy greens or dried legumes or grains past their ‘prime’, not to mention ‘contaminated’, or left over restaurant food has any business in a ‘food’ product either … if it’s not fit to for my family, it shouldn’t be fit for my animals either.

  4. chris

    Proprietary is the word they tell me when I ask about organic ingredients in my food. I won’t buy from someone who will not share with me the ingredients nor for my dog.

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