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The Stupidest Act in Pet Food 2014 Nominees

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  1. Duncan Ness

    I voted for Purina for its sheer stupidity in bringing attention to its poor quality ingredients. Instead of saying something like “we’re every bit as good as Blue Buffalo,” this silly marketing department stated that Blue Buffalo is as BAD as Purina.

    1. Debra

      I don’t care WHO brought this negligence to light. I’m just glad to have the information that Blue Buffalo food is as suspect as many of the others.

  2. SarahB

    It is nice to see a much shorter list this year compares to years previous. PFI, AAFCO, USDA, and the FDA always make the list, but usually there are many more others (and more specific digressions by those 4).

    I am surprised to see more people have voted for Purina than Blue.

  3. Maxine Schmidt

    All of the above except for Susan Thixton.

  4. Ellie

    Although all the nominees are worthy of such a prestigious award I had to vote for the FDA since they are ultimately responsible, in the US, for what the other nominees do. The FDA is charged with the task of making sure that the foods and drugs in this country are safe for the citizens. Sadly, the FDA has become nothing but a waste of tax payer money and has actually become a gateway for the food industry (both human and pet) to put profit before the health and welfare of the consumer.

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