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The Strange and Unusual of California Pet Food Law

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  1. landsharkinnc

    But this IS California — the land of peaches and pecans

  2. tinab158

    Believe it or not, I have found small metal pieces in my dogs’ raw food.

    When I contacted the manufacturer and co-op distributor, I was told finding foreign objects in the food was common and they blamed it on the cattle who must have eaten something metal just prior to slaughter. Ya, I quit feeding this food right after that. 🙁

    Trust no one when they stand to benefit financially.

  3. Linda Saslow

    Thank you for this! Shocking, but not surprising….

  4. T Allen

    That magnet is not supposed to attract/remove metal. It sounds an alarm so the line can be stopped and product removed to be re-scanned and find the problem. In pet food? Yeah right.

  5. Mary Sue

    Regarding magnets and ferrous materials, I recently saw a program in which a vet was putting magnets in the stomachs of Yaks that were being raised domestically. Every Yak of a certain age gets one. Apparently Yaks eat nails and such that might be lying around. The magnet just stays there and supposedly keeps the nails or whatever from perforating the stomach and entering the intestines.

  6. Peter

    Rachel Ray’s packaging, such as you have illustrated above, is one of the most glaring examples of the mis-use of imagery. We must examine the societal phenomena, of why consumers do not object to this type of deception.

  7. Robin

    I found a staple recently on my Progresso Soup. I guess the dont have to use magnets huh?

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