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The Problem

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  1. Angela

    Not only is it unethical /conflict of interest and a misappropriation of funds, it’s tax payers dollars!

    Susan, thank you for being so astute!

  2. Lori S.

    Excellent investigative article. Thank you for this. And you are right: what erodes is public trust in the entities designed to protect the public (and paid for by the public).

  3. Pamela Sherman

    As I was reading this information, I remembered some research I was doing last week reference GMOs in animal feed (wanted to know what grains were fed to “naturally raised”, humanely treated animals). I found this website:
    I was dumbfounded as to how invasive these GMO crops and their derivatives are in the human and animal food supply! Of course, I started thinking about my dog’s food and how contaminated it might be particularly through use of GM derived additives, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes…the things I didn’t think I had to worry about. I imagine this type of concern will not be covered in the AAFCO meetings. Thank you the important work you do.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Actually Pamela – at the January 2013 AAFCO meeting, two industry groups were provided with 45 minutes during the meeting to tell attendees how good GM ingredients are and how bad it would be to require foods that contain GM ingredients to be labeled as such.

    2. Rajeanne

      Thank you sooo much for showing us this gmo website!!! It is amazing info to read, and I thank you again!!!

  4. Lilly

    Way to go Susan and Mollie. It is a shame that you guys had to point out the obvious to the AAFCO board members. But maybe this will encourage them to wise up and see the flaws in their methods. Your efforts are so very appreciated! Many Thanks!

  5. Gitta

    I do believe they know that they are crossing lines. What they are not used to (yet): somebody is watching and not laughing. That is new. That is something catching them off guard. Up until now their cozy, if not to say crony, relationships were their dirty little secrets. No wonder they posted it on their website. Who else but their buddies would read these things?

    Welcome to the new world: pesky little sisters are watching!

    If it was easy to deny access, they would have done so in a heartbeat. Maybe they are hoping the pesky little sisters will go away if ignored long enough. Or will not be able to make last minute travel arrangements. I’m sure the invitation is in the mail!

    Now, it would be very interesting, if these meetings still take place. Removing them from the public view doesn’t mean the whole idea has been dumped. Poor puppies. It was such a perfect way to scratch backs. All the buddies in one convenient location. You just gotta feel sorry for them. The pesky little sisters peed in the sandbox :>)

  6. Dragon77

    Same situation the FAA had a few years ago (and probably still does) – which was why we had a whole bunch of mechanical failures on aircraft.

    Clearly another “clean sweep” is in order. There are CLEAR conflicts of interest in play here.

    But then, this entire Administration is a conflict of interest.

  7. Rose Studdard

    It is becoming increasingly clear that more and more employees in a majority of the workplace are just waiting on their paycheck. It is really a sad shame. It makes the ones that want to improve life for humans and creatures so much harder. Thank you for fighting the good fight and inspiring others to do the same.

  8. Gina Landovsky

    Unethical is right. This is a case for Erin Brokovich!

  9. Laurie Matson

    Susan and Mollie ARE our Erin Brockovich!!!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thank you – big shoes to fill there.

      1. Anyes

        Indeed. Thank you for all the work you do for all of consumers.

  10. Chris

    Susan…I assume you’re going to this event correct(or have someone that can)? I’m curious to see if they just took it down from their website but in fact still give the space to those organizations.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yes – Mollie and I are both going.

      1. Chris

        Excellent! I think many of us will look forward to see what actually happens. Video and pics might be great if they end up giving those spaces to them anyway…gives them no room to breathe if they want to claim otherwise.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          And they will not allow any video or photographs taken during meetings…they try to cover all the bases.

  11. Betty Burkett

    But what can we consumers do about this? should we be writing letters-and to whom? This is like the proverbial fox watching the hen house. Where is the meeting being held?
    Thank you Susan and Mollie for what you do.

  12. Donnie

    Our government is bought and paid for by industry. They serve their masters, not the American citizens who pay taxes. More people are starting to realize just what is going on. And, they are voters. So, we can only hope that eventually, we can vote the corrupt ones out, and decent people in.

  13. SJC

    I was thinking that this couldn’t happen at a better time. I would take this to your senator/congress-person. Or whomever you felt would be most sympathetic in congress. With what is happening at IRS and other govt groups, this is just one more thing. I think you might just get more attention and help… Because you can back it up by pointing to what is going on all around us at other agencies. Just an idea. And of course it would take time. But a multi-pronged approach would certainly be tactically sound. Then we can start petitions to committee heads to put pressure on them to investigate the incestuous relationship, etc. Besides, if it’s known you’ve gotten a meeting and possible investigations might occur, they might start being a bit more “hospitable” to you. Just an idea. :o)

  14. Peter

    The state of the industry and your understanding of that, is revealed very clearly, in the fact that you copied the information and took screen shots, with the expectation that the agenda documents would be altered.

  15. Jane Eagle

    No ethics in sight anywhere…
    It never fails to amaze me that such blatant conflicts of interest are legal.

  16. stephen

    I think all these commentors missed the basics. You even quoted their mission statement, yet complain when they follow it. Aren’t they supposed to be bringing the industry and consumers into a forum about regulatory science? Then you complain that the industry is there? Also, this is not a government agency, so the comparisons to the IRS and faa are just wrong. This is a non profit that is full filling its goals. It just isn’t doing what you want.

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