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The Plot Thickens, Clues to Big Issues

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  1. Peter

    This is what profit-driven agriculture demands: lowest cost to the manufacturer. Often, part of that “recipie” involves contempt for the consumer. Once we have an understanding of what “contract manufacturing” means (Diamond’s role to the brands it produces), trust of that manufacturer should rightly evaporate. Time and again, premium pet food manufacturers have shown that they cannot be trusted for purity or value.

    1. Emily

      that means the company is fraudulant and should be held accountable.

  2. Emily

    I’d like to know if Diamond provided a plan of correction and if there has been any follow up regarding the negative findings. If nothing has changed regarding these issues then the ingredient list is false, which is “fraud” and should be legally investigated. This is unacceptable and we need follow up.

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