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The PFI says it’s Misperceptions by Petsumers

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  1. joan

    They think we are idiots. They think if they say something enough times, we will go away. We are entitled to make informed decisions about the food we buy our beloved pets. All we are asking for is the truth.

    1. Debra


      1. joan

        I should say we are DEMANDING the truth! The time for asking is over.

  2. Pegg

    Sorry, these people are full of the byproduct that my dog leaves on my lawn.

    1. Hope

      Oh, Pegg, what a fabulous comment! Appropriate and funny.

  3. Gitta

    Cats are really difficult critters. Once they are out of the bag – you just can’t stuff ’em back in. Attempts are messy are futile.

  4. Peter

    Splitting ingredients is simply a way to move them down the ingredients label and hide them from supposedly knowledgeable consumers who look for ingredients which are listed (by law) according to volume.

    There should be no “misperception” of why pet food manufacturers would split ingredients.

    1. Steven

      I suppose we also are fooled by ingredient splitting in listings for human feed products. The problem for me is how to assess where the intent is to deceive the consumer.

  5. Steven

    Perhaps I am missing the concern about ingredient splitting, but if I were to bake a loaf of bread I might use all-purpose white flour, whole wheat flour and wheat bran–all essentially wheat, but each imparting a distinct character to the loaf of bread.

  6. Sharon Oh

    As in most things the “intent to deceive the consumer” is based on $$$. We’ve yet to stop the tobacco industry and look at all the lives lost.

  7. demaree

    it is important to remember three things with corn overall:

    1) that the process of “splitting” ingredients is frequently toxic.

    2) that corn is not biologically appropriate food for dogs or cats.

    3) that corn is the second highest aflotoxin contributor (which leads to liver cancer)

    4) that corn is the #1 in GMO.

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