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The Pet Food Test

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  1. Jessica

    Hi Susan
    I noticed that after I made payment I was not signed out of Paypal. You might want to let everyone know that they may need to go back to Paypal and sign out, just in case.

  2. Pacific Sun

    For Readers who haven’t checked out the Funding site yet, please note that if a certain amount of money above the minimum is raised then DNA testing can be done.

    DNA testing positive would absolutely get the attention of the media! Please help TAPF reach that milestone!

  3. Jo

    Hip, hip HOORAY for Susan! Wouldn’t it be exciting to be a part of something truly groundbreaking like this? Please…give with your heart on behalf of the animals! No amount is too small. TOGETHER, WE CAN DO THIS!

  4. Peg

    Susan you ROCK!!!!
    Donators you ROCK!!!!!

    Thank you all so much for making this happen!!

    I am doing a big old HAPPY DANCE and I know my Angel kitties are dancing with me. My Earth kitties are snoozing and snoring………

  5. Linda

    Hi Susan, I have friends who want to donate. One asked if the donation is tax deductible? Thanks.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No – it wouldn’t be. Association for Truth in Pet Food is not a registered non-profit.

  6. Christine

    I think it’s been a while since anyone looked for pentobarbital in kibbles to highlight the issue of the use of euthanized animals used in pet food, considered inactionable by FDA, and it sure would be a wakeup call to the companies that test positive that we publish the results!
    Susan – do you have an idea of what you think of as the highest priority for the first round of tests?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      If we only reach our $10,000 goal – then the priority will be toxic ingredients such as mycotoxins. I’m still waiting to hear and discuss more of this with my trusted experts. But mycotoxins have been at record levels on crops over the past couple of years – we can safely assume they are at record levels in pet foods too. And because they pose such a risk – this is priority. My heart wants to test for euthanizing drugs – but high risks need to come first. And also – depending on what we raise and how much we can test – I might be able to work a discounted price (beg, plead) with a lab(s).

      1. Jo

        Susan, assuming we raise the $10K, and you are able to work out a deal on the DNA testing and euthanizing drug testing, please let us know. Maybe some of us would be able to “dig a little deeper” to make up the difference.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          I’m going to start my begging now with these labs (for deals). We ARE going to reach our $10,000 mark – but that won’t come close to doing any DNA testing. Don’t lose hope though – we can do some testing for euthanizing drugs and with any positives for that we can then see if more $ can be raised for the DNA species source of the euthanized animal(s). But at the very least – we all will know a euthanized animal was used in the pet food.

        2. Kelley

          I definitely agree with Jo. DNA Species testing is critical to getting the media’s attention. And once they are involved then the PFI will have to pay attention to consumers’ demands!

          It’s worth noting that Toyota ignored a deadly defeat for 10 years until the attorneys research for the lawsuit uncovered what the company assumed would never come to the public’s attention!

          Please everyone dig a little deeper … this is a once in a lifetime chance for all of us to work together. Thank you.

  7. Kelley

    I think Susan is too modest to report. In only 8 days TAPF Followers have so far donated $9600! An amazing figure!! Given the 2 angels involved, that’s an average of about $66 per contributor. To move towards goal if 10 more add and average of $40, then we could mark a $10,000 milestone in only 10 days!!! The PFI is without a doubt watching. Probably never imagining the average consumer (and that’s exactly who we are, except armed with knowledge!) even cares.

    Whatever the outcome, there’ll be assurance knowing which brands are what they say and an outcry against those that aren’t. At last we have the power to do something! Meaning this is an especially worthy cause.

    Please continue to share on social media!

    1. Kelley

      “What happens [during these] 45 days will be monumental in pet food. [Because] what happens after that 45 day donation period will become the largest pet food advocacy effort ever taken on. We will be making pet food history with every donation received and every test performed.”

      Susan has the most awesome followers in the world … ever! For anyone who hasn’t checked lately donations are above $13,000. Did you know there are still 10 days left? If 10 people gave $10 each for the last 10 ten days of the campaign, then another $1000 could be raised. Can each of you pass this message one more time through your social circles?

      We want to get as close as possible to doing DNA testing because positive results will catch media attention and confirm what so many insiders have been saying all along. If we have any hope of changing FDA’s Compliance Policies it will be through the scandal of realizing that euthanized companion animals are in PF! And at the very least that unauthorized ingredients are not part of the PF’s label! Think of the well deserved press that the Truth About Pet Food will finally earn.

      To be able to say that $14,000 was donated in 45 days is an AMAZING feat considering that no one ever dreamed of being able to test PF. But thanks to everyone’s effort, the people WHO CARE can say they’ve read enough beginning in 2007 going forward….. and finally decided to take action!!!

      Go Team!

  8. Peg


    Pet people are just awesome!!!!!!

  9. Pacific Sun

    Another milestone folks! In TWO WEEKS (and just $108 shy of) —> $11,000 has already been collected towards testing PF! Imagine the power we have – during the next 30 days – (and YES there is still a whole month left) – to reach people who haven’t so far heard about this campaign? Phenomenal what’s already been done! With gratitude for what’s been done! Remember, the PFI is watching. The most important statement we can make, is that Consumers CARE about what their pets are eating.

    Now we have the power to prove it.

    Please continue to share this news on social media!

  10. Kelley

    There are 15 comments on this thread about a very worthy cause. There are over 50 comments debating the relative merits of Purina suing BB and vice versus. Folks, this Pet Food Test that Susan is offering to get done is a HISTORICAL opportunity to examine the transparency level of these PF companies. Not just the two crying fowl at the moment. But the industry. Nobody will see this independent, truly objective, PF testing happening ever again or for a very long time. Unless a brand new person gets into PF advocacy game. You don’t see the media poking around. Nobody is doing documentaries and exposes. And you certainly don’t see the PF companies offering up their own testing evidence either! But they sure can waste money knocking done the competitor’s claims by testing THEIR products instead. Isn’t that kind of wacko?

    Anyway, there have been a ton of very, very generous Readers donating a lot of money! There is little more than 2 weeks left now. And really the GAME CHANGER is going to be the results of the findings! That means casting a wider net (as in fishing for more evidence) among all the brands out there. The more PFs tested, the more likely they’ll test negatively, which will strengthen the argument against all of them! That’s our issue folks!!

    We’re looking for headline grabbing results! It’s the only way the media will take notice.

    Therefore anybody who hasn’t yet decided to participate, please give it a second thought. And share on social media. DNA species testing will take more money. Personally I think this is going to be the biggest scandal of it all. Insiders already know what gets dumped into PF …. NOW it’s our job to prove them.

    It’s more than about complaining anymore. Because NOW we have the chance and the tools to do something concrete!!!

    Please help! Let’s aim for $13,000 next! Because we CAN do this!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thanks Kelley! I will write something up hoping to nudge more to donate soon.

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