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The Other List (Pet Foods I Would Not Give to my Own Pets)

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  1. Geff R.

    Susan, I just purchased your Not For My Pets List. I’m glad to see that there dry food, Precise is not on there. There wet food is Fancy Feast. Back in 2009 during the Chinese scandals, the various Pet Food list advocates largely stated that FF was the one safe cheap food. As Precise is quite expensive, is there a cheap wet food you can recommend to supplement it?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      There is no ‘cheap’ good pet food. Good ingredients are not cheap. Sorry. The cheapest food is homemade.

  2. Daniela Mills

    This is a great read… however can i ask is does your “other list’ mention Australian Foods”

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Most everything in either List are US and Canada sold pet foods. Sorry.

  3. Dee

    your thoughts on Fromms Chicken ala veg (DRY)

  4. Mary Marseglia

    All Dry Kibble and most canned foods are not good for your pets. They are carnivores, their bodies require raw lean muscle meat/raw fat/organ meats/green tripe/bones &/or powdered egg shells or both. I would never recommend ANY & ALL dry kibble because it is the most disgustingly made “over processed/over heated(cancer forming)/over cooked GARBAGE in the entire world. If you actually knew how ALL dry kibble was made, hopefully people would be intelligent to know they shouldn’t be feeding this stuff to their pets, and for cats its even worse, it is destroying their kidneys! There are a good dozen or so of higher quality(yes more expensive) “grain-free” but better yet, “as low in starches as possible including starches from veggies!” canned foods. I have a list for my FB group members and people who contact me individually who are either transitioning to complete raw diet, or just won’t feed raw and want a better, higher quality canned food.

    Yes, there are some dry kibble that have so-called better ingredients than the cheaper foods, but it doesn’t make them any better as they are cooked down to NOTHING! The nutrients in dry kibble(& even a lot from canned as well although it is not as cooked as “all” dry kibble) are added at the end of the process with “pre-mix” supplements, MOST(95%) which are received from CHINA & India which China has killed thousands & made very ill even more thousands of dogs & cats from their pre-mixes and the FDA, AAFCO did nothing to having the mixes changed so they are still using the same pre-mixes. Then the dry kibble is sprayed with greases to make them smell good because there isn’t one carnivore on this planet, including dogs & cats, that would “ever” eat dry kibble “unless” they were starving and then they’d(& so would humans) eat anything.

    They “survive” on dry kibble & most canned foods. They do not live “long, vital & healthy” lives—normal life spans of what our dogs & cats “use” to live BEFORE the PFI started to become larger in the late 1950’s and when humans decided human convenience was more important than feeding their pets the proper complete raw diets primarily made from herbivore/ungulate animals, not poultry, pork or even fish. It just became easier to pour something out of a bag(and the bag costs more than the food) or taking something out of a can.

    1. Mary Marseglia

      Sorry forgot to state above 🙂 LOL, that feeding dry kibble is like a human-being drinking a Protein drink their whole lives, for every meal. Not only how long do you think a human would live, but how healthy would they actually live—NOT very long, and definitely not very healthy. That is basically how people have been brain washed into believing what they are feeding their pets is good for them when in all reality it is not.

      The so-called “science &/or scientists” that say they know better on how to feed dogs & cats are so full of horse BS. Raw food diets are not new or some kind of fad. For our pets wild ancestors(& all other wild carnivores as well) it has been around for “millions” to “billions” of years. For our pets true wild ancestors, the gray wolf & African Wild cat, again, been around for millions of years. For domestic dogs, its been around between 30,000 to 35,000yrs; for domestic cats been around for 12,000 to 14,000yrs(there are differences in all these “theories” changing now stating how long domestic animals have been around) But as you can see, well the PFI they have only been around almost 80yrs and they do NOT know better than how God (Or if you are a non-believer, Mother Nature) designed our dogs & cats bodies and what they require to live long, vital & healthy lives—complete raw diets. If anybody needs some help, feel free to contact me via Facebook or email: I also have my own FB group but you cannot join unless you are on FB, ask to become a member even if you are not my FB friend, or become my FB friend and I will add you to the group.

    2. Charlotte

      I can say this is not true from experience. I have five dogs now, and have had multiple dogs my entire life. I have always fed very high quality kibble mixed with high quality wet or human food. Every one of my dogs has lived a very long time, had zero major health issues, was happy, vibrant and playful to the end.

      Also, not everyone is wealthy enough to spend insane amounts of money on expensive freeze dried or raw foods. To insult these people and imply they are poisoning their pets because they can’t afford designer dog foods is just obnoxious. Sure, if I had the money I would feed a homemade raw diet to all 5 dogs – but I don’t, nor do I have the time. My dogs are happy and healthy.

      1. Michele

        Thank you for this statement. I agree. I do not have the money or ability to do raw. I also mix meat in with our dogs food. Still trying to find a quality kibble. What do you feed?

  5. Geff R.

    Unfortunately the expensive wet foods are VERY expensive, & my memory is that many more wet foods were impacted by the Chinese poisons then dry (though many dry foods had the poisons also, including several high end brands). My vet wants a combo of both; she feels that since one of my kitties is a boy; dry only could cause UTI’s (this happened to my last boy; though we finally figured out Hill’s was the culprit as opposed to dry food in general) & literally cost me $11k in medical bills from 2000-2001. While my boy ended up as a girl, he/she did live 7 more years with a high quality of life, so it was worth it.

    Ironically, my longest lived cat (18; aprox 1961-1979) lived solely on a diet of Purina Cat Chow & Milk; both now considered terrible choices (I wouldn’t choose either myself). I think it’s gotten much worse from the late 70’s on.

  6. JD

    “I’ve compiled a list of 90+ pet food brands that I would not feed to my own pets ..”…I hope you mean separate products? Because I can think of some brands that make good and bad products. Wysong for example.

    I realize it takes money to keep things going I just wish it was out there for everybody to benefit from. Maybe instead have a “Donate” button or even a GoFundMe type page.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi JD – it is my own personal choice to provide products for consumers that help them, in lieu of asking for donations. I personally prefer to give something back to consumers for their support. This way – of course – doesn’t please everyone, but it is what I personally am most comfortable with.


    A lot of this info is outdated. A recent study was published showing most dogs are not actually direct descendants of wolves. Consider evolution and selective breeding. Raw and tons of protein has only led me to seeing obese animals in practice and malnutrition from owners assuming just meat all the time.

    I am all for eliminating fillers and junk meats, but dry and wet mix is in no way going to hurt your pet so long as it is high quality food. That being said, i love giving raw fruits and veggies as snacks to supplment.

    This is coming from an owner of a 15 year old special needs English Bulldog, and a 9 year old giant schauzner (who dont do raw) and vet. I was a human nutritionist for years prior to vet school as well. No way in hell I sell Purina/Hills/Canin in the office.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Not sure what you consider is outdated. Can you explain?

  8. Debbie

    Hi, I am on Facebook and would like to k ow more on this matter. I don’t have much money to say the least but my pit bull is so fussy and spoiled. He will not eat any kibble or can. I’m at my wits end. I’m not a cook. My husband does all the cooking, and what he does cook is not at all healthy I feel for my dog. I’ve been boiling Hamburg or chicken to mix in with the kibble. Haha he eats all the boiled of course. I’ve tried the most expansive to the cheapest with no luck. HELP

  9. J Regueiro

    How about that list of the BAD stuff?

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