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The Magnitude of Pet Food Recalls

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  1. T Allen

    Holy cow! Obviously BPF is abusing the definition of “lot”. A lot is supposed to be one “run” of all the same mixture and there is no container in the world big enough to contain a million pounds of product and as well, running processing non stop without cleaning for days (which I wouldn’t doubt for a minute). Which makes no sense, because as you have proven, the bigger the lot size the bigger (and more expensive) the recall. I had no idea the recalls were that large, thank you!

  2. Joanne

    Do we know what happens to the recalled product?
    I remember a few years back I read that recalled defective consumer products are then shipped and sold overseas.

  3. Peter

    Yes and sometimes manufacturers will shepherd the products through shelters, who sadly, are often cash-strapped and generally happy to take them.

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