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The Canola Oil Trend

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  1. Carol Anne Rayson

    Dogs require fresh, not rendered fats sourced from other species – perhaps a few pure nut oils but certainly not rancid oils sourced from the GM and otherwise compromised grain and other crops, the same cheap oils with which we humans have been compromising our own health for so long

  2. Ann

    I am researching a probiotic supplement for my dog who has a “bacterial overgrowth” due to antibiotic use following a dental cleaning. I found one I am thinking about trying but it contains several ingredients that raise “red flags” for me and so am still searching. The vet wanted him on another antibiotic “knock down” the one that is overgrown and causing bowel issues as well as a probiotic. I opted to try only the probiotic but it is a single strain and the one I take daily is a multiple strain which I think is better. One of the ingredients in the probiotic I am considering is Canola Oil which I do not personally partake. Thank you for the information above; it helps with the decision. I would venture a guess that the reason Canola Oil and many other bad human ingredients are in pet foods and treats is that as humans wise up and refuse to utilize, the growers/manufacturers are looking for another ‘viable’ use for their substances.

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