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The 2018 List

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  1. Ten Year Follower

    Even if you’ve purchased this list before, you’ll want the 2018 List! Absolutely the best one yet !!! Many healthy choices for cat owners, and dog owners! Convenient food too. Plus easy links to homemade recipes (like Habib and Becker).

    These recommendations are wonderful ways to augment your pet’s diet, even if you *think* you can’t afford the healthiest all the time. But hey, you really can … trust me! Aim for human grade edible 😎

  2. Janet

    Thank you for researching and publishing this list. I’m happy to see my top choice, Answers, on your list. And I’ll take a look at some of the others for when I want to offer more variety.

  3. Audree Berg

    And this list helps support Susan and all the great work she does. Give as much as you can afford to give!

  4. Lisa Marie

    I purchased my first list last year and I look forward to this one, thank you so much Susan for all you do, your tireless efforts and dedication. 🙂

  5. Ten Year Follower

    Sharon Bilotta-Testa — I don’t think you marked the “notify me” boxes: Anyway regarding The “2018 List” of pet foods and your question “where can I find out about this list, what’s the price to find out what food is worth paying a price for?” Right on this site there’s a “Click Here to order the List’ link. Donations are recommended at $25+ but Susan relies on the generosity of her Followers to do her work on a year round basis.

    You will NOT find another List like this one, and that’s what makes it valuable! This is because Susan does not accept advertising, product promotion, kickbacks or commercial support. She (and family) personally investigate each product recommended. Bottom line is, products are of “human edible quality” and manufactured with transparency and full disclosure. While you can feed with your own human grade edible ingredients, these listed foods are nice because (and especially for cats) the products are already balanced with proper nutrients. There’s also a kibble for the utmost in convenience! These products are definitely affordable!!

  6. NY

    We are most grateful for your lists year after year!!! Thank you for all your efforts in many directions. It is refreshing to discover new foods from your research because changing it up makes life exciting in the household. I believe that I know the answer to my question and I would think that your list changes yearly to give others a chance to hold your title and of course better foods startup yearly…but may I please ask, as some are omitted from one year to the next, is it because of these assumptions? As just simply for example, ALL PROVIDE, BIG BEAR, CARNA 4 were on your list previously and not included this year, as occurs over the years…changes…sometimes I worry that you acquired some negative knowledge and took them off in the past? Or is it to kindly give others a chance to be heard? It is difficult to find trustworthy cat food and it is comforting and helpful to go back to prior lists and keep them in the rotation too along with latest listings. Thank you kindly!!

    1. Alice

      I wonder the same thing too, especially as a first-time buyer. The 2016 & 2017 list isn’t available so I’m unsure if Rad Cat and/or Ziwi Peak has ever made into to your list, Susan, and if you even consider feeding them to your own pets. I’m not completely new to owning and caring for pets but it is only this year that I’ve been actively attempting to gain knowledge of what food is best for my companions. Though it’s good to see three pet foods that I do know make it into your list. So perhaps I’ll add those into my rotation. All that aside, I love the list and the work you have put in it. Thank you so much! It’s incredible!

    2. Ten Year Follower

      Another reason the List is so valuable (and an incredible amount of work) is because the PF must qualify annually. Integrity, communication and responsiveness are key. Being on The List is a privilege and a distinction! Manufacturers need to treat the opportunity accordingly. When they participate, says a great deal about their transparency in the first place.

  7. Robin

    Gradutude Susan for all your hard work in this list is priceless

  8. Diane Martinson

    I have been getting the list for the last few years and tend to have the same question, are foods on the previous list still approved and you just left them off to allow some new ones? With a very picky cat who has health issues too I can’t change foods every year but I really try to use food from your list. I am confused on one point though, a couple foods on the list contain ingredients that you have rated risky, like Feline Natural has canola oil and Newman’s canned has carrageenan, could you explain? Thanks.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Diane – in most cases foods that do not return to The List is because the company did not respond to emails. With the other pet foods you mention – not all have canola and not all have carrageenan. There are other options within the brand.

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