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The 2017 List

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  1. Liz Makkay

    I would LOVE to buy your 2017 list. I live in Canada and last year there was not one food (for cats) that is available in Canada on your list. Are there any this year? If so, I’d be happy to buy your list.
    Thank you for all the wonderful work you do on behalf of pets.

    Liz Makkay

    1. Pacific Sun

      I just looked at the 2017 List. Yes, the new one! And there is definitely a Cat Food on there that’s sold (also) in Canada.

      In previous years the complaint has been no (or not enough) Cat Food choices. This year there are ELEVEN and I would encourage everyone to investigate the 2017 List.

      ( My opinions are my own and I am not associated with the TAPF. Just a VERY long time Follower and Advocate! )

  2. Cynthia

    Hello, what about animal testing on your list. Many pet food companies do test product on animals, keeping animals confined in labs etc. Are the foods on your list cruelty free as well?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I didn’t ask that question of these companies – mostly because small companies don’t have the funding for animal testing (or even advertising). I would guess that yes – each one of them is ‘cruelty free’ – I would guess that none of these foods test on animals in labs. One of the foods did perform an AAFCO feeding trial, but that trial was performed on pets in homes (the first time this has ever been done). These companies – in my opinion – are foods that go the extra mile to do things right. They would not perform laboratory testing on animals.

    2. Interested

      OMG. Even if they did so, on a formal basis, that would be such a double-edged sword! Hi, this half survived and this half didn’t?? Or this group looks great, but the other not so much!! So, no, published Lab Testing, wouldn’t quite be in their best interest.

      However, it has been suggested that food is “sampled” (probably amongst employees) in family home situations. You’d want to know if interest in the product is sustained, to make sure a pet doesn’t break out in ridiculous itching, or some other unforeseen problem. Because I don’t think anybody mixes up a batch of this stuff without some input and tweaking. And once there was an article written about a kennel of dogs (Beagles I think) maintained in seclusion (meaning no visitors invited). But I don’t think anybody ever got to the bottom of that story.

  3. DogLover415

    Wow I’ve learned a lot from the movie pet fooled and I downloaded your 2017 list. Lots of great info, thank you so much for your hard work. I never fed my dogs any of the big brand names just because I always thought they were like McDonald’s food. Unfortunately I don’t make a lot of money to afford to make and feed my pups raw food. I’ve been feeding my pittie Fromm grain-free entrees that has different meat formulas that you change intermittently without upsetting her stomach. She loves it and she never gets bored since I always change up the flavor for her. What are your thoughts or opinions on Fromm? I feed my two lil chihuahuas taste of the wild small breed formula and now I’m starting to think that isn’t to good for them because Diamond is the manufacturer. What I have been doing for my pups to give them a boost of nutrition is sprinkling freeze dried raw nuggets onto their kibble and pumping salmon oil. After watching the movie I will try to incoperate more wet food in their diet. Any thoughts on Fromm and taste of the wild?

    1. Interested

      What was the general direction of the Movie? More about the theory of appropriate feeding? Or poking into how Manufacturers approach the effort? What was your biggest take-away?

      (I can’t download stuff, but would purchase the DVD if available, which it isn’t so far).

    2. Emi

      I feed Fromm too!

  4. Kristi Burghdurf

    Hi! If I make a contribution (of at least $10), do I automatically get both lists (would and would not feed), or do I have to purchase them both individually? Thanks!

  5. Reader

    You’re going to find out the exact answer coming from the Author, Susan.

    But let me say, as a long time Follower. Susan doesn’t “sell” stuff here for a profit. It’s a donation to support PF Consumer Advocacy work! And WORK it is! Right now she’s representing consumers at a bi-annual AAFCO meeting (out of her State) at her own expense. This is a group where she isn’t being treated well at all. And yet, we have no other representation at Industry meetings. By attending AAFCO, she finds out what the Industry is really doing! In some cases, she permitted to make input. Btw us: working on the 2017 List takes HOURS and house of time. It’s not just not putting down a few convenient names, but is about speaking with all of these companies, sending emails, waiting for replies, figuring out how transparent they are (or not). It is truly (and only) the food that she would feed her pets.

    The opposite List is an invaluable tool, especially for helping other Owners, who might be tied to a particular PF. And without you having to go into a heavy, detailed explanation of why it’s not good, this List will (instead) be an easy reference check-list of what NOT to feed. The worst of the worst ….?

    In terms of trying to serve the best interests of your own pets, as well as those pets who belong to the ones you care about, isn’t this pretty important.

    If you think it’s only “worth” $10, so be it.

  6. Diane Harrell

    Dear Susan,
    I have a cat who refuses all food other than dry kibble (believe me, I have tried every other option, including home-made). You state that the new 2017 list contains only 2 kibble brands. May I ask if either or both are for cats?
    Thank you,
    Frustrated Human owned by Cat

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Only one is for cats.

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