The 2014 List


The new 2014 List of pet foods I would trust to feed to my own pets is finally complete.

Before I tell you about the 2014 List, let me share with you why there is a List…

Two reasons.  One.  “What pet food do you recommend?” is the most common question I receive.

The problem is – I cannot answer that question.  For me to ‘recommend’ a pet food is a type of endorsement.  I represent consumers not any pet food manufacturer.

Granted, because of my advocacy work…

  • advisory position to the Pet Food Committee and Ingredient Definitions Committee at AAFCO (organization that develops laws governing pet food),
  • have working relationships with representatives of the FDA and various State Department of Agricultures,
  • I’ve spoken with – face to face – many of the large and small pet food manufacturers.  Many of the others I’ve spoken with on the phone and in email numerous times.  Some help me understand how the industry works (outing their own company at times).

…I know a great deal about the pet food industry and much about individual manufacturers.  Certainly there are pet foods that I like, that I would trust to feed my own pets – but it remains, I cannot endorse/recommend any pet food to anyone.

But what I can do is share a list of pet foods that I would trust to feed my own pets.  I am extremely picky – I know way too much not to be.  The List is not a recommendation – choosing a pet food is a personal decision.  The List is just as it is named…a ‘List’ of pet foods that I would trust to feed my own pets.  The List began as a way to answer the ‘What do you feed your own pets’ question and a way I can help support the advocacy work that I do.  Which leads me to reason #2 for the List…

Two.  Many…perhaps even most pet foods on store shelves include waste ingredients that you wouldn’t ever consider feeding your pet.  Labels show beautiful images of healthy foods – but what is inside that bag or can is far from healthy.  For a pet food consumer to try to understand what by-product meal really is or if their pet food includes any ingredients from China…well, it almost takes a private detective to figure it all out.  The regulations that govern pet food are not consumer friendly – instead they allow some companies to recycle hideous waste and make billions in profits each year.

There needs to be a List because the above must stop.  No pet food should be made from hideous waste – and then the label be allowed to lie to the consumer.  Consumers deserve a voice at every regulatory meeting, consumers deserve a voice within every regulatory organization.  Advocacy work isn’t cheap.

So to end the ‘why’ part of The 2014 List, the proceeds from the List and Petsumer Report help me help all pet food consumers.   By purchasing my List of pet foods I would trust to feed my own pets (and Petsumer Report), you enable me to continue to educate pet food consumers all over the world and enable me to attend regulatory meetings providing a voice for the pet food consumer.

The 2014 List
The 2014 List of pet foods I would trust to feed my own pets contains 22 pet foods.  Eleven make cat foods, all 22 make dog foods.  I really can’t explain why there are always more dog foods than cat foods on The List.  I continue to look for more and more cat foods…but they end up not being a food I would trust to feed my own cats.  Yes – I’m picky…very picky.  With pet food, there are good reasons to be picky.

21 pet foods have distribution in the U.S. – several have distribution in Canada – one pet food is only available in Canada.  Three pet foods have distribution in numerous countries around the world.  Most of the pet foods are available in small pet food stores (sorry, not one is sold in the Big Box Pet Stores or in Big Retail Stores), some are available on online pet stores, and some are available directly from the manufacturer.

Not one of the pet foods on The List is cheap.  Quality food is not cheap.

The 2014 List includes kibble pet food, can pet food, raw pet food, lightly cooked pet food, and dehydrated pet food.

Why these pet foods?  Why are others not on The 2014 List?  
Each pet food on The 2014 List has their own page explaining why I give them my trust, and what the company does – in my experience – to make true quality pet foods or treats.  Why isn’t this food or that food on The 2014 List?  Well – it could be I’m not familiar with them, there are thousands of different brands.  Or it could be I ‘know things’ about the company or about their ingredients that would prevent me from trusting the company; information provided to me by an insider (employees, management and even some regulatory people have provided me inside information with the promise of anonymity).  So…I can (and do) explain why each of the pet foods are on The 2014 List, but chances are I cannot explain why a pet food is not.

Can I share The 2014 List?  
No – you can’t.  I depend on the income provided by The List and Petsumer report to keep doing the work I do.  The 2014 List is copyright protected; without expressed written consent from me (Susan Thixton) no part of The 2014 List can be emailed, copied, quoted, printed (except for personal use), or altered.

Can I purchase additional copies of The 2014 List as gifts for friends?
Yes!  Please!  The 2014 List is the perfect gift for any pet food consumer.

Note:  After your purchase (after payment processes), you will receive a confirmation email with download to the 2014 List.  This should be almost immediate – depending on your payment type.  Should you not receive your copy of the 2014 List within 24 hours – please email me (Susan at

Also Please Note:  Payments are processed by PayPal but you do Not have to have a PayPal account.  When you get to the Payment Processing page, click on the link that states “Don’t Have a PayPal Account?” and you can use any credit or debit card.

And One More Note:  The 2014 List of pet foods is no guarantee the pet foods will not be recalled, or will not have some type of concern in the future.  At time of publishing, I trust each and every one of these pet foods.  Should any information learned change that trust, the pet food will be removed from The List.

I have again this year made The List available in different price categories so that it is easily affordable for anyone.  $10, $20, $25, and $50.  If you can afford $50, wonderful – thank you.  If you can only afford $10 – that is wonderful too!  The price is up to you; I thank you for any amount you can afford.  The 2014 List is the same information no matter the price you purchase for.  Scroll to the appropriate price on the paged linked below…

Click Here to Order The 2014 List.

Thank you so much for you support!


Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
AAFCO Pet Food Committee, Ingredient Definitions Committee Adviser
Association for Truth in Pet Food

What’s in Your Pet’s Food?
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Cooking for pets made easy, Dinner PAWsible

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  1. Marsha

    What is the difference between the prices you list? Please explain. Thank you so much.

    • Susan Thixton

      There is no difference – The 2014 List is the same no matter the price. I only offer different prices to allow you to choose how much you can afford to support the advocacy work I do.

  2. linda botbyl

    keep up the good fight Susan!

  3. Jeri

    Great list, Susan! As a raw-feeding family, I was thrilled to see some of the backgrounds on some of the raw food companies in particular (esp. the ones I have been using or have heard/read about in Dogs Naturally.) Thank you for the tireless work you do!

  4. Mary Huber

    Hi Susan, I just sent you $50 (via PayPal) for the 2014 list. $50 is a big bite out of my senior citizen income, but I do it happily to support you in your wonderful quest to help us feed healthy, quality, nourishing food to our animals. I admire you greatly!
    My question: how do I access the list now?
    Mary Huber

  5. Linda Messina

    We value you and the work you do Susan. Looking forward to receiving the list.

  6. Betty

    Susan, I got it back in my Adobe Reader. Thanks for all of your hard work. We just lost a dog suddenly and unexpectedly to kidney failure. Although we intend on cooking ourselves, we will need back up and this list will be used. Thanks so much.

  7. Terry Russell

    You mentioned that if things change a brand could be removed from the list. Does this mean you send out periodic revisions or do we just read it in your newsletter?

    Thank you for all of your work.


    • Susan Thixton

      Readers would probably be aware if someone was removed for anything significant. But my shopping cart system allows me to email everyone too – so yes…I will do my best to let everyone know of a change.

  8. Ben Hong

    Thank you for the 2014 list. Now I have two lists. :)

  9. katerina zisopoulou

    Hello! thank you for your effort! i just found out about your website and i am very glad for that. I of course want to feed my dog healthier food than now, but i was wondering if this list is applicable in European countries, i live in Finland and Greece and both of them have very limited variety in dog foods and most of the companies do not deliver or send packages to these countries. So are you aware of any other organisation or website where i can be informed about a similar list?

    • Susan Thixton

      No – not to my knowledge. Regulations are different in EU than here. But there needs to be. There is a – thanks to a veterinarian in Japan!

      • Daniel Podobed

        Hello Katerina,

        I don’t know of anyone putting out a list similar to Susan’s, but there are options for pet food in Greece. Artemis is one brand that is available that you can do research on.

        That is just an aside. Being in Finland and Greece you have access to many great raw products that could be the basis for a raw diet, or a cooked diet for your pet that would certainly rival (and better) most of the pet foods out there. I wouldn’t worry about a kibble based diet, and I would start researching home made raw or home cooked.

  10. katerina zisopoulou

    Hello again !i just received the list and checked it out! one of the companies included had some products recalled last year for salmonella? why should i still trust them?

    • Susan Thixton

      Well – the only way I can respond is that I still trust them. Everyone makes mistakes – the issue in pet food is how mistakes are handled. And how things are changed to prevent or hopefully prevent mistakes from happening again. At this point, I felt they deserved my trust. You will have to decide if you can do the same.

    • Gia Jaskula

      If by any chance it is Innova, our pet died from one of their recalled foods in the summer of 2013.

  11. Joan Myers

    Thanks, already taken care of very quickly!!!

  12. kaori

    Hello, Susan.
    I live in Japan. And I’m sorry English is no good.
    Can I buy in Japan is cat food that are on the 2014 list?

    • Susan Thixton

      There is only one food on The 2014 List that sells in Japan – and I do not know where in your country that is. Sorry I can’t be of more help to you.

      • kaori

        Thank you very much for reply.

        • Bill

          Susan mentioned there is a TruthAboutPetfood Japan at You might try to contact the author (Japanese veterinarian).
          Bill ///

          • kaori

            Hello, Bill.
            Thank you!

  13. sherry

    I make my own dog food because I personally don’t trust any of them. Except honest kitchen if I had to. Plus my dog has leaky gut syndrome and is on a special diet. She got it from purina dog food. This is for the donation for the time that you spend to help out for our beloved pets.

    • Susan Thixton

      Thank you Sherry!

      • sherry

        your the BEST Susan! I wish I had the time to help out with regulating pet food. I don’t know where you find the time. When I retire I want to do something more about it. Right now I try to educate people about it. Its so hard to tell people that have pets that don’t show any issues yet. What can I show or tell them without making me look crazy or I don’t know what I am talking about? I am still waiting for that movie to come out about pet food that you told me about. It looks like there are a lot more better pet foods this year compared to last year. Things are improving!!!! Keep up the good work Susan!

      • sherry

        Susan, I just bought hound and gatos for my dog yesterday. I never thought that I would buy dog food again, but after reading the list, I was very impressed with it. I don’t even have to order it. It minutes away from my house. I am adding it gradually to her food. She is very gassy and has loose stools from it right now, but I hope it improves soon so I can use it without having to make her food all the time.

  14. Mary Huber

    To Sherry, I encourage you to ask your vet (and also do some research on the Internet) about kefir for dogs to help restore gut health. It is recommended by some vets (more and more each day, I hear). It helps humans and dogs with gut issues. My two elderly Border Collies get about 1/3 cup each day on their food and they LOVE it. Kefir is very similar to yogurt, but it has many more probiotics than yogurt. I make my own for pennies (only the cost of the milk), and making it is incredibly easy (it took longer to type this than to make it several times each week).

    • Terry Russell

      My Bouvier also has leaky gut syndrome. What is the recipe you are using for Kefir? I have mine on Seacure which is a hydrolyzed white fish and probiotics but I like the sound of Kefir and have never used it.

      • sherry

        I looked up kefir. You wont know until you try it. Everyone is different. I did use seacure in the beginning, then stopped. It was expensive but worked. I am actually thinking about using it again. My dog us doing good now. But has some gas if i feed her later in the day. Ive tried so many things but she had to be on antibiotics twice and screwed her system up all over again but i think it made it worse. Its such a battle!

  15. Lynn

    Sea cure is awesome, I used it while transitioning to raw, colostrum, probiotics, tripe, Bloom by Honest Kitchen all of these I cycle in ” the kids” diet

  16. Linda

    Hi Susan,
    I made a donation toward the 2014 food list yesterday. Just checking in because I have not received any type of confirmation that the donation was received and also wondering if the list will be available via an email link or will it be sent via mail. Many thanks!

  17. Joyce Bakker

    I have your book, but haven’t read yet. Do I still need to buy the list to check my dog’s food? Also does the list have any dog cookies on it? Thanks, Joyce

    • Susan Thixton

      The book doesn’t have anything to do with The List – they are completely separate. And The List does include a couple of pet treat manufacturers.

  18. amy whitson

    Excuse me, but a comment above mentioned asking your vet for advice on nutrition…but that is exactly what you DON’T want to do..a lot of vets are sponsored by these poisonous food brands like iams and science experiment, I mean, science diet.. and the vets push those brands for perks. Vets know very little about nutrition! They know medical stuff..I wish more vets and medical Drs also would actually educate themselves on nutrition and take a more holistic approach to what they preach.Thank you for your efforts in saving dogs from the poison they sell to pet owners in grocery stores!

    • peg

      Amy – thankyou for mentioning/commenting about vet advice on nutrition! I was mumbling that under my breath exactly when i came across your comment lol. I believe the same about vaccines as well! My vet bill for just shots nears $300 (includes the heartworm preventative – albeit with a test included every single time and that irks me – why if she has been on the stuff does she need the test every single time?) and tho i have been with him for 20yrs, my last visit (trauma) left me feeling the need to look elsewhere. But yes my vet also displays the science diet food as well, and frankly advises the flea/tick drops of a certain kind over the one i was wanting that helped with mosquitos too – odd don’t u think? And don’t even get me started on teeth cleaning and the need for anesthesia every time this has to be done (other dog would need it every 3 months – dangerous IMHO) He also had told me Purina ONE was a good fine food – uh nope they have changed since they first came out (the first 2 ingredients are no longer both meat) and as of late were on a recall as well. Mine get more people food and use their dry kibble (RR at present) as treats in between dinner time (their choice – they expect a plate at the dinner table) and frankly i am more and more feeling that what I cook for us is better for them (with near no salt & sugar of course)

  19. Jo

    I love your blog and appreciate all that you do, but for those of us taking in stray dogs and operating small rescues I expect the cost of the foods on your list is too high. I sacrifice a great deal to buy the best that I can because I have learned over many years just how much difference nutrition makes, but the number of dogs I have in residence at any one time prohibits the purchase of the most expensive foods. In my case, I must stay in the arena of around $1.50 to $2.00 per pound. I follow basic ingredient rules and their order for ‘good’ dog food to choose, and then I rely on the appearance of the dogs’ coats, eyes, energy level, and stool. I can identify when the food is not consistent from batch to batch by daily stool observation. Do you have other advice for choosing among manufacturers for those of us who cannot afford higher priced food? Yes, I have called manufacturers and asked questions, but I am not convinced of the truth of their replies, especially since the answers of one have now been proven to be lies via lawsuit. :) Would I benefit in any way from your list, other than to support your work?

    • Susan Thixton

      There are no cheap foods on The List. Quality ingredients cost more than waste ingredients. The least expensive way to feed a pet is home cooking. It’s what I do for my pets. When you think of what a company has to spend just to be able to sell a product – they have to mark up the food just to break even – never the less make a profit. Wish there was a better answer for you – but…
      So to answer your question – no, if you are wanting the List to find a inexpensive quality food – there are none.

  20. Linda

    Hi, does your list take into consideration the absorption of GMO’s that will be ingested by our pets via what is fed to the livestock used for food, whether raw, dry or canned? I have heard that anything corn fed or grain fed will most likely have GMO’s in their bodies, whereas grass (finished) fed beef and lamb, etc. would not. That is digging pretty deep, and could probably change anyway via multiple suppliers. Would be great to find a non-GMO verified pet food, although that would probably cost a fortune!

  21. John Maresh

    Information in the comment replies is very helpful

    • John Maresh

      I don’t know what you mean by “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.Just forget about my first comment as it is too much trouble to send a simple comment. I dont care to write a comment comparable to “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”

      • Jeri

        ALL comments by EVERYONE are moderated, John. That’s what she means. It means that nastiness will not be tolerated. Nothing unusual about that and no one should be offended or get bent out of shape about that.

  22. kg

    I have a number of fosters and I make raw food for them, in no small part due to info I’ve learned here and on raw sites. My concern is the ‘injected broth’ most chicken comes with now (turkey too). How dangerous is the salt content? Thanks.

    • Susan Thixton

      Salt is a necessary nutrient – but high salt content is a concern. Unfortunately – manufacturers are required to disclose the actual salt content (or any other ‘actual’ nutrient content) to consumers.

  23. lynette

    Hi, is your list applicable to products sold in Australia?

    • Susan Thixton

      No – it is more for consumers in the US/Canada. There might be two companies that ship to Australia. Sorry.

      • lynette

        Thank you for your prompt reply.

  24. Debbie

    Susan is their any different in your list than the list I just got from Pet Sumer report?

  25. Maggie

    I got the 2013 Pet Food List and found Nature’s Logic on it. Of course, it isn’t available where I live, so I had to order it online. Unfortunately, when the order arrived, a lot of the cans were dented and I didn’t want to feed that to my three kitties (in case there would have been damage to the seals of the cans). So, I had to send the food back. The online store really didn’t pack the shipment well to avoid damaged cans. :( So I tried another online store and had the same problem! :( So unfortunately, I had to go back to using Fancy Feast… I know Fancy Feast isn’t the best, but what do you do when you can’t obtain better canned food? I may have to start feeding raw, but even w/ using raw chickens etc., you don’t know how they were raised and if they ate GMO corn etc. It seems like a Catch 22 when trying to feed decent stuff for yourself and your fur babies!

    Appreciate your fighting for our fur babies Susan! Thank you VERY MUCH!

  26. vani

    The payment for the 2014 food list has been made via pay pal… Ur $10 is my malaysian ringgit 33-34…. I also got the confirmation email that payment been made… Am wondering how will b able to view the list? Thru a link or u will b mailing it to me all the way to Malaysia??

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