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Taste of the Wild Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit

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  1. Caroline E Mueller

    As I have been feeding Taste of the Wild brand, for several years, I was wondering. Has there been any offers of testing our animals for the presence of Heavy Metals, pesticides, acrylamide, and/or BPA ? I would be interested to know if there will be an offer for this, as I truly would like to know how bad my dogs are contaminated and what can be done to rid them of these killers. Thank you.

    1. Debi

      Caroline, please do some research on Diotomaceous earth for de-toxifying humans and animals.

      1. Mrs. Elinor McCullough

        Don’t forget to mention to Caroline that the Diatomaceous Earth should be FOOD GRADE as there is a difference between the agriculture and food grade and most people do not know the difference. PS- I use the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth as it is safe for human and animal use and for sprinkling around your kennel or kennel bedding to kill fleas and other varmits. Thanks for mentioning this product.

    2. Steve Mohr

      As I understand, the class action lawsuit against Taste of the wild should begin mid November, 2018 which hopefully will get the poison off the shelves ASAP so other dogs and cats won’t die the horrible way my poor dog Maddie did. She was a 6 year old perfectly healthy Bernese Mountain Dog, and in less than 2 weeks she was gone because the Bison Venison “flavor”. I tried every specialist to see why she stopped being able to walk, developed a high fever, and eventually could not breathe even on oxygen. Her blood was tested, fluids drained from her joints, but the vets did not know what to test for. Everyone who is reading this should do whatever you can to spread the word to save other animals and families. I have informed friends who were also feeding this poison unknowingly to their dogs, and I am sending this information from Susan’s site to as many animal hospitals as I can to educate them what to test for if any animals suddenly become suddenly afflicted with these symptoms. Taste of the wild Bison Venison formula is POISON!!! Not grain free, high quality food as labeled.

    3. Michael (@hgbugalou)

      I would like more information too. Heavy metals by nature bioaccumulate in every animal on the planet as do other compounds like pesticides. If someone lopped off my arm and tested it right now they would probably be able to measure a few micrograms of everything noted here.

      Just because the are detectable doesn’t mean the food in inherently toxic as even human grade food, particularly meat, will have detectable amounts of all of the above. I would be most concerned about the consistency as one ‘bad’ batch here and there is enough to put me off a brand forever. That said, the numbers stated above do not bother me and I have been feeding my dogs TotW for over 7 years now.

      I am not saying this lawsuit doesn’t have me just a litte concerned, and I will be monitoring this. I am just saying, don’t see some ‘nasty’ sounding chemical/element is being detected in micrograms and freak out.

  2. Cannoliamo

    I certainly hope that during the discovery, plaintiff representatives can get complete sampling and photographic / video evidence and interview testimony from all of the ingredient and intermediate food source suppliers that are used in Taste of the Wild and you can publish those pictures and statements here. Let’s see exactly how “natural” these foods really are.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      As the lawsuit progresses – I will definitely post updates.

      1. Carol Names

        I feed my dogs taste of the wild, I want to know when it is settled because i have been feeding my dogs for 3 years

        1. Helen sowers

          I have been feeding my shepherd for 2 yrs this seems to be a problem I want answers

        2. Ryan

          A “UG” is a microgram.
          Its .0000000001 grams.
          You need a million of them to equal a sugar cube.
          The chart says 39 micrograms for these things. Thats not contamination. Theres more than that in the air.

          1. Bridgit Gilmore

            Where do you see 39? I see many that are in the hundreds and two at nearly 400. If it was that amount one time it most likely wouldn’t be an issue. But fed directly into a digestive system, on a daily basis, over years…ya, that’s a problem. Also, some things are ok to be breathed but not eaten. Or ok to be eaten but not injected.

          2. Michael (@hgbugalou)

            This exactly. If people are freaked out by this, finding out there was a few micrograms of cadmium or mercury in the 2 lbs of ground beef they made burgers with last night is going to have them losing sleep.

          3. Kim Miller

            Well we can make choices about what we put in our bodies, our pets need us to make choices for them. Cancer and such is a common thing with humans and also pets and largely due to the crap in our food and in our pets food no matter how little the amount.

      2. Leah Scott

        That’s great. Thank you very much

      3. Nancy Richards

        I have fed TOTW to my two dogs. How does one become a member of the class?

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          Link to the law firm at the bottom of the post. Contact them.

          1. Lindsay Talley

            My dog is currently dying of liver disease after 3 years of eating this food. I contacted a lawyer

        2. Helen sowers

          My dog eats this also she is having problems I need more info

        3. Helen sowers

          I would like to know also please add me

      4. Pamela Bolin

        Thank you as ive been using this food and have others using it.i know my freinds grernan shepherd was ill for a bit this summer. He change brands with kamb as a ingredient and pumpkin to help with tummy

      5. Randy Houston

        Interested in knowing more as I have been using taste of the wild small breed for about 4 years. In the last 2 weeks I have lost 2 dogs 2 I think have hopefully recovered. The dog I lost today is being sent to have a complete analysis of what he died all started with bloody red poop and throwing up taking a couple of more in tomorrow as they have stopped eating getting worried

        1. Kim Miller

          My pup had bloody poop 3 different times while on this food. We had all the testing done and everything came back negative. When I took him off this food he did not have this issue anymore.

      6. Tammy Logan

        I just found this information regarding Taste of the Wild dog food on Doberman Talk forum, I am terrified I am currently dealing with a terrible illness with my dog and so afraid I am going to loose him. He has been on this dog food since he was a pup, he just turned 5. The vets are stumped at this point trying to diagnose him, he had to have his spleen out and his lymph nodes are swollen he is on doxycycline, not eating unless I give him an appetite stimulate, he is on anti inflammatory med as well for fever. How do I find out if he is ill from dog food? Would he need special test for these chemicals, would the have shown up in the plethora of blood work he has already had? I just want to save him is there a specific blood test that should be done?

      7. Joel meadows

        This food just killed my cat after only eating it for 6 weeks. If these people aren’t burned in court, I will burn them in the streets.

  3. Hope

    I’ve been waiting for years for someone to step up and challenge Diamond Pet Foods about their Taste of the Wild brands. One of the most frequent things heard is “my dog LOVES this food”. Well, the level of sprayed on palatability enhancer is heavy to entice and addict dogs to the product. So what do the buyers think is beneath the enhancer if the company has to go to that end to get dogs hooked? Not to mention hooking the consumer. Wonder if Costco is looking at their pet products made for them by Diamond after this?

    1. Gail

      I am concerned about the Costco products as they are produced at Diamond Pet .

  4. Deb

    Thank you for what you do. This is a scary world and thanks to your attention, it saves pets.

  5. Dianne & Pets

    Any chance they will choose to settle rather than go to court?

  6. Jennifer A

    This is so upsetting. I’ve been feeding my dog this brand and this flavor for years. I chose ToW because they’ve stayed out of the news, at least as far as I could tell. I’m so pissed.

    1. Faith Stevens

      i have been feeding both my small dogs this food, as it was recommended by the vet, I also felt comfortable feeding this food for the same reason-they stayed out of the news, I am also very upset about this.

      1. Cannoliamo

        Like a lot of other businesses, many pet food companies subscribe to the motto: “What consumers don’t know can’t hurt us.”

    2. Helen sowers

      I am in the same boat ad you I am pissed also

  7. Soldiermom#1

    My God, will every dog food manufacturer have to have a class action law suit filed against them to get the message that the consumers are serious about what they expect to be contained in the brand of food, for which they pay premium prices, to feed their pets? This is a sad state of affairs.

  8. Lynnie Hoffman

    What about the ingredients pertaining to the Taste of the Wild, Wet ..canned foods.??

  9. Yvonne McGehee

    It would be good to know what levels of arsenic, lead, etc, are acceptable in human food products. It would help to be able to compare these numbers to what would be allowed in human foods. As far as acrylamide, well, probably none os allowed, but I think it occurs when carbs are heated. Perhaps someone else has some info on acrylamide, if it is allowed ta all in human foods, and how it comes to be in pet food. There’s probably no allowance for pesticides in human foods either, but I’m sure they are there.

    1. Diana

      You’re right! Acrylamide is a natural product of the Maillard reaction (cooking carbs). Any and all kibble is going to have a type of carbohydrate so it’s best to avoid it if possible or minimize the amount you feed.

  10. Marie

    Does this affect their cat food? I’ve been feeding my cat Taste of the Wild for years.

  11. Marie

    What about their cat food? I’ve been feeding my cat Taste of the Wild for years

  12. Peg

    Class action suits against pet feed manufactures might be the only was to get the FDA and Ag departments to listen to the consumers rather than the pet feed industry

  13. Tina

    I am beyond livid upon reading this! I fed TotW to my beloved Husky from the day we got him, starting with the puppy formula. He would have been 5 years old in July this year… but we lost him at the beginning of June in a matter of less than 2 weeks time! Our vet couldn’t figure out his odd symptoms and blood work and now I think I’ve found the cause!! I fed this food trusting and being told it’s one of the best high quality foods on the market and have even recommended it to others! Well no more!! I will be filing when this becomes a class action. RIP my beautiful Demon and know that we now know why left us so soon.

  14. Marsha

    We quit using T of W when they had that really big recall, I saw they have a new one called Prey, would not touch that one either.

  15. Diana

    Any and all kibble is going to have acrylamide in it. It’s a naturally occurring product from the Maillard reaction that occurs when kibble is cooked. As for labeling, these brands and other dog food company only include what is required per the FDA. They may get something out of false advertisement, but I don’t think the lawsuit will go far. We as consumers of the pet food industry need to push regulating powers like the FDA to create stricter labeling rules to make companies more transparent. If you can’t email a co. and have them tell you exactly what’s in their food switch to something else!

  16. Tryniti E Thresher

    Unfortunately, EVERY pet food is going to have some amount of heavy metals and what we consider toxins, because those things are *naturally* present in our environment. Your apples contain arsenic – are you going to stop eating those? No. Because it’s in tiny amounts, and the benefits are more than the risk, which is little to none. If you’re going to attack Taste of the Wild for not being biologically appropriate as it’s implying, you might as well sue every damn kibble maker out there! NONE are biologically appropriate for your pet. Period.

    1. Joe

      The arsenic in an apple is in the seeds not in the meat of the apple itself. The dog food manufacturers can do better, they choose not to.

    2. Duane Call

      Then what do you feed your pets?

    3. Michael (@hgbugalou)

      Any human grade piece of meat you buy will have some amount of heavy metals. This is nothing new.

  17. Joanne Vollman

    I’m still grieving the loss of my dear dog who got cancer ( hermangiasarcoma). I’d been feeding her this food for years, lm so pissed to hear this!!! I kept a lock of her hair when she passed. Maybe I’ll get it tested for toxin levels. I feel so betrayed. My poor baby.

  18. Leah

    I was feeding my minature Poodle Taste of the Wild and she had stinky ear infections. I soon took her off of it.

  19. Thomas Fernan

    Now what brand of food to use if we can’t trust taste of wild? Any popular one that isn’t being sued as much lol

    1. Diana

      Go for something like Just Food for Dogs. It has research behind it.

      1. Mare

        Where could this food be found, Diana?

        1. Diana

          You can order it online if a local retailer doesn’t carry it

        2. Cara

          Pet Food Express! (If you live in California)

    2. Mary

      I too, would appreciate a new recommendation

    3. Rose

      Orijen they are by far the best as far as bagged food goes.. or you can start raw feeding

      1. Dottie

        I have been feeding my 12.5 yr. old German Shepherd Orijen since a puppy & never had a promblem & she is doing fantastic for her age**** ❤️ ORIJEN

      2. Bud Clark

        Orijen is being targeted for take over by Nestle. Watch carefully

    4. Pam Schroeder

      Thomas – You are better off to feed a raw diet to your dog(s). I unfortunately had this same issue many years ago too and lost young dogs. Before I got another dog I researched and came across Dr. Tom Lonsdale a Aussie vet who helped me to figure out what to feed a new dog I brought home. He was not trying to sell me anything, he is a vet that noticed the dogs coming into his clinic were being stricken with the same health issues humans have. I can tell you these are the healthiest dogs I have ever raised. I used to think I was feeding my dogs the best to give them a good start in life – but all I was feeding them was processed food everyday. It would be like us just eating Potato chips at every meal. So for the last several years I cut up beef hearts or chicken, ground turkey, etc..+ food grade Diatomaceous Earth only from a place where that’s all they process so their can’t be any man -made accidents. He said if you give them real food (w/ the bones) you don’t have to give them supplements, and the bones do clean their teeth. Commercial dog food started being promoted years ago but before that we used to give our animals table scrapes (what we ate). He also told me that dogs could live to be 29 years old – big dogs. I have a Bernese Mountain dog who is now 12 – and not slowing down, so we will see…
      Good Luck!
      Pam & Lightning, Roudy, Bogie

      You can go to:

  20. Dee Dee Armstrong

    I did feed this to my German Shepard mix and she died at the age of 12 from Cushings Disease. It seems that most of a dogs and cats health problems are due to kibble we feed. 2 of my cats died and my one has cancer. If you are on a fixed income it is hard to feed raw all the time. I now have a GSD with health problems. Vet visits are not cheap, I owe my vet $2000.00 and that was for testing, drugs and enemas. And he still doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. The next step is a $700.00 surgery, UGH😰

    1. Cannoliamo

      I often wonder why the Veterinary Licensing Boards don’t have a test section regarding small animal nutrition, food supplements, contamination risks, pesticides, AAFCO standards, chronic disease risks (e.g. cancer) and raw vs processed food choices …. and are so susceptible to the inaccuracies of product information provided by pet food companies. To me, a proper diet is every bit as important as any other course taught in veterinary schools and should be mandatory in every curriculum and license renewal, and veterinary professionals should be the ones recommending proper diets for pets, not the pet food companies.

      I think the relationship between pet owners and their vet should be far stronger than the recommendations or claims from any pet food manufacturer and the veterinary professionals should be the dietary experts. If every vet was a dedicated to proper nutrition and as aware of improper marketing and manufacturing processes as Susan and her professional associates, pet mortality, class action lawsuits and product recalls could be minimized, and if they did occur, the vast majority of veterinarians and animal nutritionists would be on the side of the pet owners, not the pet food companies. Healthy pets through healthy nutrition is a veterinary professional priority as opposed to corporate profiteering, unsafe manufacturing practices and consumer fraud.

      1. Nancy

        You have to remember that veterinarians make their money basically from sick pets. I don’t believe the veterinarians, at least the ones that are not holistic, have the dog’s best interest at heart!! They don’t even sell quality food in their veterinary clinics.

        1. Dawn

          Exactly what I was thinking. No sick dogs – no vet visits.

      2. Pam

        You are absolutely right but they don’t teach nutrition in conventional vet schools. If they do it may be a class by a commercial pet food company. Who do you think teaches them about the drugs – yes the pharmaceutical companies. People really need to be the real advocates for their animals just like for themselves. Prevention is the key here – I had to learn the hard way as well. Now, I started going natural years ago, by not using pesticides around the house or in the house to keep bugs out. The pest companies will tell you it is all safe but if you ask to read the information on what they are spraying – you wouldn’t let them do it. It usually will say not to spray in an sick (infirm) patients room (because they have a compromised immune system. Your pet is walking and have their nose on the floor where it was just sprayed. Yes, it will hurt them or make them very sick and die. You can use food grade D/E in place of or have a natural pest company come out. Search out alternatives on anything that you give to your pet(s) …


    My 8 year old Boston terrier had a seizure that lasted almost 2 minutes. Vet can’t figure out what caused it. We feed him the Pacific Stream Formula. Wondering if his food has had something to do with it

    1. Elizabeth LeMoine

      We have a lab that was having severe seizures, vet said it was EIS. We changed from Purina to Taste of the Wild 4 years ago – he has never had another seizure.

  22. Rochelleshumate

    I bought some taste of the wild for my dogs they smelled and walked off they won’t eat it or anything made by diamond or American Journey

  23. Judith

    I have been feedin*bthe salmon variety for years and dogs seemed fine. Then they changed the formulation and dogs will not eat it. Very strange that I now read this. What to feed. It’s so difficult!

  24. Matthew OLeary

    This is the same questionable data being used in the champion lawsuit, without any evidence. Another scare tactic by (most likely) the big kibble makers of true garbage to sully the manufacturers that are trying to provide real nutrition to pets instead of 4d meats. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the reports come out that raw food causes cancer.

    1. Jane Democracy

      Yes I agree the data is not useful at all. However Taste of the Wild comes from one of the largest producers of private label(copacker) petfoods out there, Diamond Pet Foods. They are one of the big kibble makers. Being as large as they are means they buy their ingredients from the same sources as any other kibble manufacturer out there.

  25. mshaiqn

    Does this apply to their Nutragold dog food? It has the exact same ingredients as their Taste of the Wild but it’s under Nutragold branding.
    Only other above average quality dog food available to me in my city in Pakistan is Royal Canin and that has a high quantity of maize. This sucks!

  26. Jane Democracy

    Sorry but I don’t find these levels of arsenic or mercury very high at all. They are less than what is required for fresh human grade food and the dog food is dried. Focusing on the false and misleading advertising is a good idea, focusing on false label claims is also a great idea, but arbitrarily testing a food without a frame of reference is not helpful at all.

  27. Kyrossmith

    The FDA has actionable standards for human food that are measured in ppb (parts per billion). Since these values are not expressed that way, there isn’t a ready basis for comparison. What is presented is a weight measurement (except for the puppy food.. which leads one to wonder why a lab would measure some with one standard and another with a different standard). It would be good for to have a reference for normal or actionable limits so comparisons can be made without consulting a mathematician. Then we need to remember that obligate carnivores such as cats have very different digestive systems than humans Dogs also have differing digestive processes. The only available actionable standards could be very different than what our pets need. We do need to push for identification of acceptable values for pets, but I don’t think what has been presented is enough information to identify a reasonable conclusion. For those of you have lost pets, I completely understand. I lost a 12 year old doberman within a week of a dog food recall for salmonella… of course I wanted to blame the pet food… but research indicated that the salmonella contamination was potentially dangerous to humans handling the food, not so much for my beloved best buddy. We all want answers, we all want to know why, we all want to point to a cause for our grief because anger is more familiar to us and easier to deal with… but jumping to a conclusion without enough information or without appropriately presented information is not going to make things better for anyone. I look forward to research results on the actionable limits for pets so good decisions can be made. The article would also be more helpful if it identified what we CAN or should feed our pets as an alternative. All this does is raise alarm without any reasonable course of action to remedy the situation.

    1. Jane Democracy

      Just thought I’d let you know ug/kg is equivalent to parts per billion, this way you can can compare and if you find an actionable standard in ppm know you can divide the above results by 1000 to compare those. Cheers.

  28. Magwart

    I posted this on another forum, but it think it’s very important to share it here too:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with Diamond in particular– the same allegations could probably be levied against 9 out of 10 brands sold in the US in both the high and low end. It’s one of the many false advertising suits that have been sprouting like weeds because they’re pretty lucrative. I’m all for improving the food supply chain and improving dog food, but this is an industry wide issue (and a food-supply wide issue).

    1. We had a thread just a few months ago going over heavy metal results in lots of brands — and Champion was also sued for this same stuff (Orijen, Acana).…pion-pet-foods

    Their response at the time was the the review site doing the testing may possibly have had a flawed protocol, but I never saw an update on that. My hunch is that the testing isn’t flawed — the heavy metals are quite predictably coming from fish. The EPA has long said that nearly all fish in the U.S. has at least traces of mercury, and some has more than mere traces. We are now told to limit consumption of certain species of larger fish that bio-accumulate pollution and limit all fish consumption to a few servings a week….so it should not be surprising to find dog food with fish meal in it to have mercury contamination.

    2. Acrylamides are used industrially, but they’re also naturally produced from certain food substances when heated in the presence of sugar. It’s created in the browning process that makes your french fries and roasted potatoes so delicious. It’s also in roasted coffee beans. Many plant-based foods can produce acrylamide! However, it may be carcinogenic (though studies have been inconsistent) — it’s also largely unavoidable unless you eat a raw diet yourself or only lightly cook food (not letting your toast brown, eating soggy potatoes, etc.–no more crispy food!). No one could possibly be surprised that kibble contains acrylamides. That one is basically a “no duh” kind of result.

    3. BPA is apparently likely to be lining all dog food bags. It may be hard to avoid if you feed kibble — unless you feed a brand like Wysong that uses unusual mylar packaging. If BPA were to be removed from kibble packaging, they’d just be replacing it with BPS, and that’s just as bad. (That’s what happened with some canned human food manufacturers who advertise “BPA-free” — they’re just using BPS, and early testing on it is ugly.) This is a processed food supply issue all across the food chain (canned food still has it lining cans — both canine and human food). Unless they start selling canned food in tetra packs ($$$$), if you feed canned food, I’m not sure what they could do to get rid of BP* lining. Oh, and when you bought your dog food and picked up the cash register receipt, you got a very high load of BPA all over your fingers (much higher than can linings), and it may absorb through skin (so wash your hands promptly). It’s extremely hard to avoid in daily life.

    4. Pesticides and herbicides are also unavoidable unless you buy organic. The recent news about Quaker oats being full of Roundup tells you what our grain supply looks like. Rice grown in the U.S. is almost certain to also contain arsenic (because it was in fertilizer a long time ago and persists in soil) — that’s why humans are supposed to limit themselves to just a few servings of rice a week. This isn’t a dog food issue — it’s a food supply-wide issue.

    Now, if law suits cause more pet food brands of food start buying organic grains to create a much bigger market for them, so that thousands more acres are forced to convert to organic — I’m all in. If law suits cause industry to pressure governments to clean up fisheries over time, again, that’s swell. If law suits improve pet and human food packaging innovation so that better materials are used than BP* linings, great. The reality is that none of that will happen — there will be a coupon settlement giving consumers a few bucks, the lawyers will get a few hundred thousand dollars for their trouble, and that will be that.

    1. Jane Democracy

      I agree. Except for the organic ingredients being pesticide free. It is a common misconception that organic means pesticide free, this is not the case. Organic growers just used different pesticides. Also organic doesn’t save our animals from low quality, human food cast off ingredients. You will still find aflatoxins in organic dry goods.

    2. Cannoliamo

      I think it’s importantant to note that pet food isn’t “food” per se, it is a formulation of food processing waste and trash that is unfit for human consumption. Any company could take fresh human-grade chicken or tuna or salmon or beef and add the necessary nutrients and supplements and produce a pet food that is more nutritious and safer than what is currently marketed and sell it at a cheaper price. The only thing missing in this formulation is the profit margin. A 12 oz. can of tuna fish at Kroger or Safeway costs less than 3-oz. can of cat “food” because the pet food manufacturers have developed a system of food waste “refurbishing” plants that used to produce pet food for 10-cents a can that now cells for a buck-fifty as a result of marketing deception and AAFCO standards that don’t require the use of food in order to market their products to pets. Have you ever wondered why pet food companies are so vertically integrated and produce so many different flavors of “food” that all contain the same cheap by-product meals and rendered animal products? It’s the profit margin that drives the entire industry because as “property” the laws don’t protect our pets as diligently as if they were our children and the FDA has turned a blind eye to pet food for the past 50 years. Why are so many contributors on this site endorsing “raw” food? … because it’s the same human grade as we eat with the supplements necessary for our pets and often at a lower cost. Since the earliest marketing of Gravy Train, pet food has been a capitalist enterprise designed solely to maximize profits at the cost or our pets’ health without regard to the risks imposed by their make-shift manufacturing and quality standards. I sincerely hope the industry is so inundated with class-action litigation that they have no alternative other that to sell real food.

  29. Magwart

    One more thing…

    No one should expect that discovery will be made public in this case, or any case like it. Discovery is NOT filed in the public record with the court — it’s simply exchanged between parties’ lawyers. Moreover, it’s routine for sophisticated defendants in all sorts of cases to request a court order that the discovery be treated as “confidential” between the lawyers so that they cannot share it — if there are “trade secrets,” it often even gets stamped “attorney eyes only” with huge penalties for disclosure. Unless someone leaks it, it would be astonishing for it make it into consumer hands.

    Many of these cases are dismissed before class certification (sometimes because of a settlement, sometimes because of a procedural defect). If they make it to the class certification stage, they mostly settle as soon as certified, with a pittance for consumers, no admission of liability, and a big pay day for class counsel. However, consumer organizations (like this one) can always get their own counsel and try to intervene if they represent dissatisfied consumers/class members, or else object to poor settlements that aren’t in class interest.

    If the case makes it to a certification motion, there will be evidence attached to that motion that might be public unless the parties are allowed to file under seal. Don’t count on it not being filed under seal. However, a consumer group or media entity (hint: like this one) can always file a motion asking to unseal with the judge in the case (e.g., pointing to public interest and newsworthiness). California courts have some excellent case law favoring the public on access to court proceedings (including documents), but it often takes a news organization or consumer group hiring an attorney (or getting one pro bono) to file the right motion, and sometimes being willing to push it to an appellate court on a writ petition.

    (Disclosure: If you are reading this, I’m not your lawyer or providing you legal advice. For all you know, I’m probably not a lawyer whereever you live, so it would be foolish and unreasonable to rely on my advice. I’m musing for public discussion on a matter of public interest, haven’t even read the court documents in this case, and I’m definitely not providing anyone legal advice. If you want legal advice, ire a lawyer licensed to practice in *your* state.)

  30. chuck linker

    Thanks to you & your longtime advice & labor, we are not feeding Judan & Shyla– senior boxers– any more commercial dry or wet food. Only 1 measured cup of human grade, freshly made several time a week. Holistic vet recipe– Connie DiNatale, DVM– Orlando,– turkey thigh meat, root veggies, dark green veggies, couscous, chix hearts & flaxseed oil. All cooked in water, ground up, kept in glass jars in fridge. No more commercial marketing brands of any canned, kibble, etc.

    Remarkable appearance & health improvements over the last 6 mos.

    Not work or a task knowing who the food is for & the healthyful changes.

    Again thanks for your dedication & emails.


  31. Jocelyn

    I just had to put my 11 year old dog down on Wednesday. He was covered in dozens of tumors and the last week of his life he was unable to walk. He has been fed nothing but Taste of the Wild for the past 10 years. How can I contact the law firm?

    1. Theresa

      There is a link on the article. I contacted the via FB

  32. Debbi

    My sisters and I had been feeding TOTW salmon to our puppies since they were just a few weeks old. Around last December they all started getting sick and refused to eat the kibble. I wrote to TOTW and spoke with their vet. All they would do is refund me my money. They sent me info on where to get the food tested, but they wouldn’t test or recall the food that we had. They insisted it wasn’t from their food! We switched brands and they are all fine now.

  33. JumpinJack201757!$&!

    I have been feeding this food to my cat for 7 years whom is passed now, my current dog for 7 years, and 2 previous dogs whom have passed for 6 & 7 years. I’m so angry about this and if there’s any chance these foods contribute to the early passing of my fur babies I want them to pay and pay big time. I know it’s too late for those passed but my little Camilla is getting her food changed immediately!!! Do you have to sign up to be a part of the lawsuit?

  34. Heidi

    I remember the first time my husband and I discussed switching from TOTW. Our two pups just flat refused to eat their food. (And they love food!) Bry did some research and found that a large percentage of people were reporting their dogs having a variety of symptoms, from loss of appetite, to GI issues, and even the heartbreaking stories of seizures and death. There was never a direct link to something in the food but out of an abundance of caution we threw out the rest of our food and switched to Victor. We told our family and friends to do the same. No one should have to worry about whether or not the food they give to their fur kids will kill them. This is so sad and despicable. My heart breaks for those that have lost their beloved animals because of trust in a company that cut corners and endangered the lives of so many.

  35. Marina

    Been feeding my German Shepherds this for 6 months. The salmon formula. Recently they refuse to eat it. I thoughtnthey were just being picky and put topper on to entice them. Because I believed in the brand of kibble and not my dogs. They have lost weight due to severe diarrhea and have been on tons of antibiotics. Vet can’t pinpoint the problem. Now I know it’s the kibble. Will be taking them off this crap and spreading the word of this. I wish there was a way to prove it is the kibble and be part of this class action. We need new standard regulations on kibble for our pets.

  36. Cindy Mayr

    We have a standard poodle puppy on TOTW her whole life. Switched her from high prairie puppy to salmon puppy and she is losing weight and /or not maintaining and growing well. We have been supplementing and switched her off this weekend. A discussion on cooking dog food lead to this article post today! No wonder she is not thriving!

  37. Marilyn


  38. Randy

    I have had My Shiloh Sheapard on TOTW for over 3 years, the last 2 I have been having to deal with a rash on his stomach, its ran me into the hundreds to figure what the problem is, as of the last 2 weeks I have changed up his diet, to another brand with the help of anti biotics, I will be pissed if I spent all this money on a supposablly high end food, and have been hurting him the whole time, there are those of us that take this irresponsibility very VERY PERSONAL!!!!!

  39. Nicole Caruso

    My Westin Bichon mix stopped eating and lost several pounds went back on his TOW food began throwing up and severe diarrhea. Vet was sure it was a virus. Now we know it was the food. Immediately switched his food doin fine now. Makes me sick I was encouraging my dog to eat poison

  40. Susan Poching

    I am assuming this includes Kirkland Grain Free dog food name by Diamond. I have been using this for years with no issues.

  41. Kimberly Miller

    This makes me sick! I have been feeding Taste of the Wild to my English Springer Spaniel since he was a puppy (he was 1 year on 5/5/18). He has had tummy problems and diarrhea off and on for much of his life. Funny when I take him off this food it gets better. I feel terrible and so mad that I have been unknowingly poisoning my baby.

  42. Shabana Haq

    In 2007 my chihuahua was fed this brand of dog food. I thought I was feeding her the best food ever. One day I woke up to her having diareah and committing and convulsions non stop. I RUSHED her to her veterinarian. They did blood work, stool test, gave if fluids, anti nausea medicine, they stabilized her body. I cried so much. I felt like it was all my fault. 3,000k vet bill. She was hospitalized for a month 3 to 4x a week straight non stop. They would send me home tell me watch her and I kept bringing her back. I immediately stopped feeding her this food and I did research and found this was on the recall list.i was so devestated. My dog managed to pull through and survive this ordeal. But now I am out 3k. I don’t know how to sue this company or file lawsuit. I still want to. Although my dog is now 8 years old(will be 9 yr old in December) she suffers so much from it. I began toncook rice with chicken brother and chicken breast at home. She reluctantly took time and from then on ibwas terrified to buy ANYTHING from the pet store. I would walk yhenisles and look at the ingredients and the people that work at the pet stores will tell me and recommend me foods that have poison in them. I bought wellness dog food and indidnt last 1 week. I returned it and found bill and had dog food. She liked that for a while but I just kept getting so scared and fearfully so I stopped feeding her any dog food from any pet stores. I found An Jan feed pet and supplly. I found Fromm dog food. I feed her this. But just this week I changed all of my dogs diet to RAW. Instinct raw dog food. It is sold at Petco. I read the ingredients and it looks good and it has nothing bad in it. To my knowledge. My dogs stopped eating their Fromm brand line and natural balance kibbles. I purchased the salmon and whitefush prepared food. It’s called fresh pet. I am not 100% sure if it is ok to give to my dogs. Please tell me if that is ok. I never feed them beef or chicken. Only lamb and salmon and venision.i find that lamb and venison is the most expensive dog food to buy. Raw feeding is more expensive. The reason I didn’t do raw all this time is because it was too expensive. I got a new job that gives me benefits and now I will be able to afford raw foods for them. Since I cha he’s their diet to raw lamb and salmon, they are now excited about food and feeding time. Every morning they wait for me and sit in the living room. They sit so nicely all 4 of them and look at their food mats and look at me! They love raw lamb meat and salmon. My boston terrier loves itbso much he steals my Chihuahuas raw lamb meat. I have to crate him now when I feed my eldest dog. She is only 6 pounds at 8 years old.
    Please tell me if that I am feeding my dogs today is good for them and does not have any poison or carcinogen in it. I am very wary and at my ends sits with what to fees my pack. I hope that Instinct raw is the way to go and I want to continue but only if it truly is healthy and good for them.

    1. Kim Miller

      My dog has suffered from runny island diarrhea and I’ve been feeding him this food since he was a puppy. I’m so mad I have been unknowingly poisoning him.

      1. Kim Miller

        **tummy issues and diarrhea

  43. Kristie

    My 5 yr old toy poodle been on this since 12 weeks of age. What food is suggested to eat now I want to change immediately

  44. Ryan

    A “UG” is a microgram.
    Its .0000000001 grams.
    You need a million of them to equal a sugar cube.
    The chart says 39 micrograms for these things. Thats not contamination. Theres more than that in the air.

  45. Jane Democracy

    If you are choosing not to feed TOTW based on the info provided by this lawsuit, the only food out there that will not have the same or similar profile would be homemade raw food packed in glass jars. Even then the meat/ fish will have similar levels of mercury, lead, arsenic etc. Why you ask… because the levels found are less than what is allowed in the meat you buy for yourself at the grocery store…. you don’t want BPA, don’t buy food packed in plastic… you don’t want acrylamide don’t buy cooked food (baked, roasted, fried or extruded all contain it acrylamides and other potential carcinogens but on the flip side raw food can contain pathogens). Sorry but I just can’t take this … the levels are not the issue the lawsuit will not and should never go ahead if only based on these. The real issue is the horrifying marketing lies and mistruths that are allowed to be pandered to us daily in grocery stores, on web sites and on TV. This is the real issue. The issue is that companies have been allowed to prey on consumer ignorance for far too long. Protected by respective governments lack of regulation and oversight. By allowing them too many chances and too much time because change might affect the bottom line and cause them financial hardship and people to lose their jobs. The companies need to be told enough is enough… the laws and regulation need to be changed and enforced so companies have to tell us exactly what is in the bag and where it came from and then let us decide for ourselves.

  46. Sammy

    And this is why I feed raw food! XD

    1. Michael (@hgbugalou)

      Which still contains some amount of heavy metals on par with bagged food pound for pound. If your ingredients are a thing that was once alive, it contains these things.

  47. Theresa

    We used TOW Salmon LID and all of a sudden we started getting bags of food that we would send back to Amazon due to the food having mold or even maggots. This is a common complaint if you read the reviews. We also received a lot of open bags. Our English Bulldog that has to have a grain free diet was doing fine until the product went downhill and I immediately noticed the signs of food related allergy symptoms from red eyes, yeasty ear and skin infections to hair loss. $600+ later in vet visits and medications due to this and I contacted taste of wild via fb to see if they changed their formula and they told me they did. They informed me they changed one of the bean proteins, but did not publish it or change ingredients. They also said they had a vet on site that said there would not be any allergies. Well guess what…anyone that owns an English Bulldog will tell you how sensitive their systems are. They were really rude to me and we switched to Canidae and we are finally healing months later.

  48. Rickie Kennedy

    Thank you for this update.
    I have been feeding this food exclusively for 3 1/2 years. How do I join this case action suit?

  49. irene

    Ive been feeding Taste of the Wild Bison for 4 years. Please keep me updated on this.

  50. mary lee

    i am highly concerned due to my one year having ongoing growth problems that have required 5 veterinary visits…..high metals…do they use euthanized pets with collars on in their food as I have been told by a reliable source

  51. Sam12587

    When TOTW got bought out my cat got sick and I switched cat foods without thinking much on it cause she’s weird. But then my dog a couple months later wouldn’t touch the new bag. The pet store happily swapped it out with a different flavor and I got the same untouched bowl for days with a sad look. The pet store then told me TOTW had new owners that had changed the recipe.

    After over a decade of use I dropped it.

    Been trying out different ones since, it’s just getting so dang exspensive. I shouldn’t be price gouged to avoid slow poisoning of my animals.

    1. Cannoliamo

      I’ve had good luck switching to the Chewy brand of dry cat food …. “American Journey.” They will refund if your cat won’t eat it.

    2. Chris Williams

      TOW hasn’t ever been bought out by anyone. It has only ever been diamond.

  52. Constance

    Oh I’ll be contacting Chewy alright. They should pull this crap from their shelves. I’m going to post everywhere I can to stop the sale of this food. I also contacted lawyer (TR) working with this case earlier today.

    1. Jane Democracy

      On what basis should they be removing TOTW from their shelves? The heavy metal levels are not high, the BPA values are expected in food packed in plastic and the acrylamide will always be found in cooked, roasted and extruded foods If you would like them to pull the product based on the marketing deception their shelves will be empty (which I am OK with). Again this is not a levels issue, as I stated above, the levels are allowed in human grade meat. We need to change laws, regulation and enforcement around how pet food is made and marketed. This lawsuit if based on levels is not the way to do it. Doing this is detracts from the real issue.

      1. Denise

        I went into Pet Supermarket in Ft. Lauderdale to buy Taste of the Wild. The sales person quickly notified me of the lawsuit and coerced me into buying a brand she said was much better called “Ultra Limited”. She said it it manufactured by a company in Canada that has stricter guidelines for dog food vs the US. Turns out that this dog food is manufactured by “Pet Retail Brands Inc” which is a subsidiary of Pet Supermarket. She never told me she was pushing their own brand. I called Taste of the Wild and spoke with their doctor of veterinary medicine and she informed me that they were aware of the lawsuit. She said they asked the plaintiff for a sample of the actual taste of the wild they tested so Taste of the Wild can do their own tests. She said they failed to respond. In looking at such low levels in the chart, it seems this is a ploy to push Pet Supermarket own brand at the point of sale. I was certainly fooled and put down my back of taste of the wild and bought Ultra Limited.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          The lawsuit would have nothing to do with Pet Supermarket.

  53. Denise

    I went into Pet Supermarket in Ft. Lauderdale to buy Taste of the Wild. The sales person quickly notified me of the lawsuit and coerced me into buying a brand she said was much better called “Ultra Limited”. She said it it manufactured by a company in Canada that has stricter guidelines for dog food vs the US. Turns out that this dog food is manufactured by “Pet Retail Brands Inc” which is a subsidiary of Pet Supermarket. She never told me she was pushing their own brand. I called Taste of the Wild and spoke with their doctor of veterinary medicine and she informed me that they were aware of the lawsuit. She said they asked the plaintiff for a sample of the actual taste of the wild they tested so Taste of the Wild can do their own tests. She said they failed to respond. In looking at such low levels in the chart, it seems this is a ploy to push Pet Supermarket own brand at the point of sale. I was certainly fooled and put down my back of taste of the wild and bought Ultra Limited.

  54. Joseph Carrier

    I have been feeding Taste of Wild to my dog for 2 1/2 years. I selected the brand based on package labeling. I going to be really upset if this food ends up killing my pet.

  55. Gabr

    I’ve been feeding my dog TOTW for 5 years now, two years into the food he started devolving a growth in an ear(which I had removed). The following year another in the opposite ear. Just recently (4 months ago) he had a developing growth in his mouth. A week ago I noticed a cloud in his eye and today the vet tells me he has a growth in his eye. His face an ears are red on and off. I’m begening to think it’s the food that’s making him sick.

  56. Amber Vest

    Where can I file a law suit against them , my puppy a year ago past away from every symptom of parvo but did not have parvo we even paid for her to have stomach surgery because they thought maybe her imtesintes were messed up still to this day the vet could not tell me exactly why she passed and how she had all these symptoms and did not have any type of infection or parvo I am beyond pissed I spent over 3k trying to save her

  57. J.t

    My dog was eating taste of the wild for most his life . He came down with some weird conditions that the vet had a hard time testing for . Sadly it ended his life prematurely. One of my other dogs has had a few growths that had to be removed . My other two dogs now eat all natural diet that I make for them myself . Was very heart breaking , and infuriating knowing for years I was lead to believe that my loved pets food was misleading me into thinking it was healthy. Have been sharing this with as many pet owners as possible. I hope they get that poison off the shelves ASAP.

    1. Kim Miller

      May I ask what kind of weird conditions? My dog had some weird stuff as well and ever since I switched foods he is been perfectly fine .

  58. Lucas covington

    I just loss to bullies to dis dog food it’s really not no good dog food and for da price dey charge is to much an it’s a dog killer

  59. Carla G. Schaaf

    We have only used the lamb formula. Has anyone had issues with the Sierra Mountain lamb dry?


    Feed my dogs a raw diet. Dont and never have an issue ..that is about all the taste of the wild they get . Pits and my maltese.

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