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Special Ingredient Saturday – Powdered Cellulose

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  1. Anne

    “Pine Bark and Pine Needle Tea saved Cartier and his men from Scurvy Vitamin C deficiency during the 1800’s!”

  2. Anne

    @ Dr. Kathy: Surely you are aware of “Pycnogenol”; the most potent antioxidant; is from “Pine Tree Bark? Anne

  3. Peg

    Seriously Anne?
    Pycnogenol is an extract from French maritime pine.
    I really doubt you people use the wonderful pycnogenol antioxidant in pet food.

    And Dr. Cathy, I really thought my recycled newspapers went to the PFI to be ground up as the “powdered cellulose”
    Thank you for the clarification

  4. Ellie

    Bark is not a nutritional ingredient. Pine bark may have something in it to help with some milady but bark in general cannot sustain life. We just had a terrible cold and snowy winter. The deer are so hungry that they strip the bark off of trees in order to satisfy their empty bellies, however, many die because there is no nutrition in the bark that would sustain life.
    The food industry is using tree bark (not identified as any particular type of bark) as a cheap filler. They say it is for fiber but it is just another cheap filler. Most people know that the human body needs fiber to keep digestive materials moving through the body. Tree bark, however, is not the kind of fiber humans need. It is just another filler used by an industry that will use any cheap ingredient as filler.
    If I thought I needed bark from a tree as a healthy additive to my diet I would walk out into the woods and get some. I do not need it though. I am surrounded by trees here where I live and have never considered using any of the forest trees as a supplement to my diet. I am quite sure none of the readers of this post do either.

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