It has been reported (not confirmed by FDA) to that the importers/manufacturers of two previously recalled jerky treats from China are in negotiations with FDA to raise the acceptable limits of antibiotic residues found in pet treats.  Thus making the recalled/withdrawn jerky treats available for sale again.

This insider told me Nestle Purina and Del Monte is – right now – “negotiating with FDA to raise the acceptable limits of antibiotic residues in pet foods and pet treats.”  I was told the reasoning behind these negotiations was to make the recalled and withdrawn jerky treats imported from China available for retail sale again.

Please note – this information is not confirmed by FDA.  This must be considered rumor at this point.

However, here’s why I think this could very well be true information and could happen without consumer notice…

1.  China is the ONLY source for cheap jerky treat product.  Cheap product means high profits.  The antibiotic residues found in the Chinese treats are allowed/legal in China, but not allowed/illegal in the U.S.  Importers such as Nestle or Del Monte have only a few options if they wish to continue to sell cheap jerky treat products (providing high markup/profits) from China.  Change China.  Or change the FDA.  Importers will need to convince the entire country of China to feed all of their poultry non-antibiotic laden food, find a more expensive clean source of chicken treats or they could convince the FDA these drugs are not a risk.  I’d have to guess profit minded large corporations consider sweet talking the FDA the best option.

2.  Nestle Purina purchased the Waggin Train brand in 2010.  At that time it was reported the brand earned $200 million yearly income.  Now just imagine the bottom line for Purina or Del Monte minus at least $200 million.  Big as they are, $200 million per year loss of income is significant.  Loss of income is a powerful motivator (to sweet talk the FDA).

3.  And it might not take an official change of law for this to happen.  Just recently the Food Safety Inspection Services (FSIS) posted a ‘proposed law change‘ to the way foreign food facilities are inspected; they provided a stakeholder input page for any concerned party to provide comment on the new law changes.  But thanks to our friends at Food and Water Watch, we learned that this new law change was not new at all.  Food and Water Watch found FSIS had already implemented the ‘new’ inspections of foreign food facilities four years previously – without ever notifying the general public.  I think we can safely assume FDA could do the very same thing with acceptable antibiotic residues in pet food or treats.  Approve it, implement it, and then years later inform pet food consumers.

Questions were sent to the FDA regarding these rumored ‘negotiations’.  Your guess is as good as mine if we will receive confirmation of the rumor.

Also – the FDA has yet to respond to our theory the antibiotics found in the treats are indeed the source of pet illness and death.  All of the scientific data backing up our theory was provided to FDA approximately four weeks ago, and was personally handed to FDA (by me) at the AAFCO meeting two weeks ago.  We have received no response if FDA has investigated the science we provided them.  I have asked the FDA again if they have investigated this connection to pet illness and death to the illegal antibiotics.  Third time’s a charm?

And no response from FDA as to why all the other jerky treats from China remain on store shelves.  Again, if we are provided with any news – you’ll know about it.


Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Association for Truth in Pet Food
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible

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