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Six Pets a Day Ill or Die from Jerky Treats from China

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  1. Judy

    My husband brought home some jerky treats that said “Made in America”.
    I had him take them back to the store, because one of the ingredients was glycerin, and I didn’t trust that it didn’t come from china. Made in America, does not necessarily mean that all ingredients are sourced in America. It’s trick wording meant to deceive.

    1. Peter

      That is an important point, about the sourcing of “Made in America” pet food products. While probably not common, here is a perhaps even worse realization: I spoke to an employee of a well-known “natural” pet store in my area not long ago. She insisted that she quit, because of a conflict of conscience. She had been instructed (and did so) to remove the “made in China” labels on dog chews, so that they could be placed in a “US made” bin for sale.

      1. Cynthia Rutledge

        WOW, is about all the words I have for that. I’m sooooo….. careful about reading labels, I wonder if/how many other stores do the same?

      2. Mark

        Peter that is outright illegal. She should bring charges against the company. Especially now that she is not working there anymore.

    2. Pacific Sun

      I agree with Judy and Peter. Made in America can mean “assembled” in America using ingredients sourced overseas. Also to be watched, in fine print, when it says “distributed by” the company name which is not the same as made or assembled in America. In fact I think the new labeling should be “All ingredients sourced from the USA and made in the USA.” Shouldn’t we be supporting our own suppliers and manufacturers anyway.

      I wonder how many chain-store pet products would even qualify!?

  2. George

    I am a new member of your group and find your information extremely valuable. Will the FDA idenfity which companies and products were named in the complaints?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Maybe. Some of the data they have released in the past has included product names (in the reports) – but some hasn’t included product names. We’ll have to wait to see. Sorry.

  3. Fedup

    “Federal” anything is worthless, inefficient, and doesn’t give a s#*$!

  4. Marisa Latora

    Who as of this present date is purchasing any type pet food or pet treats ” MADE IN CHINA”????? Who are these people ? Don’t they watch the news, read…do they live in caves or deserted islands??? WTF????

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I think many people are not believing the media reports – they are believing what many veterinarians are telling them which is probably something along the lines of ‘the FDA has never found any problem with the treats’. I can’t blame consumers for this – I put blame on those that still import these treats (choosing to sell a cheap product imported from China instead of sourcing from US or Canada) and our regulatory authorities for not finding the contaminant after seven years of investigation.

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