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Senator Rand Paul Destroyed Pet Food Safety

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  1. Ms. B Dawson

    And now we know why pentobarbital is being found in pet food. It has always amazed me that a private corporation that gives lip service to any oversight has retained so much power.

    There’s no reason for suppliers to be careful about preventing cross-contamination at rendering plants or test for it. The only penalty will be levied by food manufacturers who sue for breach of contract over tainted ingredients. Unethical companies (I’m thinking of you, Evangers!) have nothing to fear except false advertising claims from consumers and possibly breach of contract from other brands they co-pack. Both processes are expensive for the injured parties and inconsequential monetarily for the offenders with corporate lawyers on retainer.

    Sort of ironic, really. FDA has been vilified as the major obstacle and now they are being gutted. Maybe they should consider a partnership with consumers to recover their funding and status.

    It’s time for us to take the Declaration of Independence to heart:

    “….accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security….”

  2. Sally Roberts

    Signed and shared !!!

  3. C. Meyer

    Can’t believe this is possible. We need to re-evaluate our political parties. Money should have no bearing in protecting our beloved pets.

  4. Michele Little

    Susan would you please post something shorter with the petition and S. Pauls email so we can post on Facebook for our friends with pets that may want to help. Please, Michele. I did sign and email.

    1. Lida Pittenger

      where is the petition?? Petition to get him out, that is what we need

    2. Susan Thixton Author

      How about this…
      Senator Paul deliberately introduced legislation deleting pet food safety law and denying pet owners the right to know what’s in their pet food. Please read and take action to protect pets. (and then add the link to the article or petition after)

      1. Pet Owner

        The context is important: In response to the 2007 Recall killing millions of pets, legislation (namely ….) was introduced to prevent this tragedy from happening again. It was promised to the American people (and supported by Legislator namely ….. ). Now Sen. Rand Paul wants to delete the PF safety law, denying pet owners the right to know what’s in their pet food.

        Sadly nobody is going to read a long article. Or anything beyond a few sentences.

  5. Lida Pittenger

    About time to throw out this POS ” Senator” Pets are family. He should not be in that position

  6. Jan

    I am utterly disgusted. What is wrong with him?! Congress (Rand Paul) is there to represent the will of the people (you, me and every pet owner), NOT him, not big Ag, not big pharma, and certainly NOT the Pet Food industry! Will be signing.

  7. Carol Weyer

    I agree 100% with Michele Little !!

  8. Donna Anderson

    Can anyone subscribe to the feed definition book? or can only the pet industry subscribe? Once subscribed can individual definitions be put out there? I mean could I subscribe then use it to teach my nutrition classes and blog about them? Lets say a group of 120 people all put in a dollar… could they then all use the info?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Anyone can purchase the AAFCO Official Publication. The information in the book is copyright protected, I doubt AAFCO would allow you to share.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          I don’t know if AAFCO would accept that. Sorry.
          Several years ago I had a conversation with the (then) AAFCO President asking him if AAFCO could provide just the pet food ingredient definitions to the public. He told me they could not, that AAFCO couldn’t afford to operate without the sale of the Official Publication.

          1. Ms. B Dawson

            I still have a book published in 1998 by Howard Coffman/PigDog Press entitled: “Coffman’s Comparative Reference Guide to Dog Food” and the champion volume for cat food. I kept it in my store so customers could verify what I was telling them about the outrageous things allowed in their pet food.

            One of the chapters is “Official AAFCO Definitions” broken down into the following topics: Feed Terms, Ingredients, Preservatives, Vitamins, Special Purpose Products. The section’s introduction says the following: “This section contains information previously published by AAFCO….Inc. in their document entitled AAFCO Official Publication (1997 edition). This information is provided by AAFCO and is used by permission.”

            The acknowledgements include recognition for AAFCO’s cooperation as well as the Pet Food Institute.

            AAFCO used to allow third party publication. The excuse that they need the money is hogwash. How many copies can they possibly sell annually? A couple hundred maybe?

            Everyone who sells pet food should invest the $120 for a copy of AAFCO’s definitions and have it available to their customers. I can’t believe that would be illegal. If pet food manufacturers have copies at their business for the use of their staff, then pet stores should be able to do the same.

            Why couldn’t libraries have copies. Aren’t all books copyrighted to the author?

          2. Susan Thixton Author

            Actually AAFCO sells a lot of Official Publications. Per they earned $413,978.00 from publication sales in 2017. That said, I agree with you that it should be shared more often. But my heart lies in that AAFCO shouldn’t own it in the first place.

          3. Ms. B Dawson

            Well, dang! With that much coming in from publications I can see where they want to protect the income.

  9. Karin

    Signed it, and added this message:

    “My animals are my life. I need to know what’s in the pet food I feed them. What you are doing is protecting the large corporations that put toxins like melamine into pet food, along with euthanized animal meat, pharmaceutical waste, and who knows what else. But when we do have access to healthy food from honest but smaller companies, it so threatens your financial contributors that state and federal agencies are called in to shut them down. A recent case was what happened to the raw cat food company RADCAT, that had had no reports of sickening any animals, but was deemed to be a threat to its larger corporate competitors. The FDA came in, an agent bought a sample from a retailer, left it on his car’s seat for hours, then tested it. After which, a demand for a recall was issued. There is much more egregious behavior on the part of the FDA here, with another recall incurred, until the company was driven out of business. See Susan Thixton’s for the story on this.

    “Bottom line, I am disgusted by your behavior regarding the deletion of pet safety laws pertaining to pet food in order to protect your contributors. Your father was a good man, but he also didn’t give a crap about animals, just like you. You should be ashamed of yourself. If you don’t answer for this in this life, you will in your next one. Good luck on that!”

  10. Kyle Robinson

    Rand Paul is a small government, libertarian-leaning Republican. It should be no surprise to anyone that he would want less government regulation and overreach when there is a market solution.

    That solution? Consumers should demand transparency from the PET FOOD COMPANIES. Boycott brands that don’t publish sourcing of ingredients. Boycott brands that have a history of recalls. Boycott brands that give you the run around when you seek answers. Support the brands that safety test their foods and publish the results (like Open Farm).

    Paul was elected by Kentuckians who have a similar mindset. His duty is to them and his state, not the Federal Government.

    1. Chris

      Based on that, you could go with Purina. which appears transparent and Susan has numerous articles of raw food companies such as Rad Cat getting hit unfairly. Boycotts based on recalls may not be too accurate of a method to use for selecting foods either.

      Really, you should be able to look at a label and feel confident your pet won’t get sick or die when buying. Wonder if Kentuckians hold human food to the same standards with market solutions?

      1. Reader

        I think boycotts are very effective. That’s an action getting free media publicity. But it’s got to be a big enough company, and hurt enough through bad publicity. The problem is … the users of such companies ….like Purina wouldn’t be questioning the AAFCO definitions in the first place. Nor understand the Food Safety Law. The smartest pet owners are making their own food, so they’re not going to be involved either. It’s a real conundrum isn’t it.

  11. Pet Owner

    Although it had to be done, the danger of calling out Sen.Rand Paul is to introduce the subject of politics into TAPF. There have long been battles attempted with each side blaming the other of misdeeds. In fact I was called out for noting a simple fact. Unfortunately Sen. Rand has long been known for rankling different factions. He is a disturber and only wishes to make a name for himself. This is hardly the way to do so (however) considering there are millions of pet owners.

    Now what to do about it.

    Excluding yourself, people will continue to sit at their devices, save for a few keystrokes, bemoaning in a virtual world of passivity. I mean truly, they’re going to wonder which particular PF “brand” is affected by this action, and if it is still “okay” to feed “Little Cesar.” Or they’ll buzz off an email.

    Government is out of control, because people can NOT control the actions of these irresponsible, insensitive, unfeeling, greedy, self-serving faux-elected legislators. They raise money from corporations to get elected. They get elected because the truth is not known about them. Meanwhile they smile for the camera just before people walk into the voting centers.

    WHEN will an issue become important ENOUGH for people to band together, to make a difference. I suggest another petition (like the 57,000+ signatures collected once before for the previous issue). And while a petition doesn’t magically correct a situation – it’s a visible a snapshot of a collection of people with the same mindset! Over time If 57,000+ signatures could be multiplied by 10 … maybe this politician (useless to animal welfare) will finally lose his seat in Congress. It could be mantra of this website.

    Just maybe.

  12. Pet Owner

    Petition signed. Thank you for creating it.

  13. Idarose Huf

    Senator Paul deliberately introduced legislation deleting pet food safety law and denying pet owners the right to know what’s in their pet food.

    Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, a physician that should understand the necessity of food safety, recently submitted an addendum to Congress that resulted in the complete destruction of pet food safety promised pet owners for nine years. Senator Paul’s bill, Section 306 of H.R. 5554 – completely ignored safety laws promised pet owners after the deadliest pet food recall in history and assured a Kentucky-linked private corporation would continue to be allowed to write and profit from law making.

    Senator Paul explained away the devastating addendum as conflict of interest telling constituents the 2007 pet food safety laws “has called into question FDA’s longstanding relationship with the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), a voluntary membership association that maintains a published list of animal food ingredient definitions.”

    There it is. Senator Rand Paul took intentional action to protect the profits of AAFCO while ignoring the safety of pet food and ignoring the needs of millions of pet food consumers.

  14. Anna

    Will it really make a difference in the quality of pet food……..The government overlooks human food and look at all the recalls, sickend people and people who have died from contaminated food.

    1. Pet Owner

      Who’s to say if they had completed the Pet Food Safety law, if the PFI would be intimidated. But it would’ve set a standard (an agreement) by which consumers could use to bring a case against a company for a violation. Unfortunately not much prevents PF companies from making a mistake in the first place. But they need to be accountable for those that are discovered. The next step would be to revoke their operating permit. But first, the Pet Food Safety Law needs to be in place. Which will also inform all consumers of basic expectations.

      Food meant for humans is a self-regulating industry. Meaning the consequence of bad publicity is daunting. One jar of baby food killing a baby could decimate a company’s business. Back in the 60’s, the Cranberry industry nearly folded when very serious contamination caused many sicknesses. Few remember when a popular fast food chain (not McDonald’s) served tainted beef patties, which also killed a child. Took many years for both to recover. Recently Chipotle has been in the News too. With food meant for humans, it’s all about reputation.

      The PFI is willing to roll the dice, and factor into their lost revenue sheet, problems and issues (which might set them back for a while) but nothing which ever really puts them out of business.

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