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Science Diet’s “The Truth About Pet Food Ingredients”

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  1. Tryniti

    You forgot to mention the corn is very high on the glycemic index, adding much unnecessary sugar to a dog’s diet. Not only that, but loooking at just one of their formulas, the first 4 ingredients were different kind of rice, corn, and corn gluten meal. They are basically charging you high price for chicken feed. Let me ask you something pet consumers, would you feel good about feeding your dog chicken food? Because I sure as hell don’t. It amazes me that people who should have an intimate knowledge of the inner machinery of dogs and cats, especially their teeth and their digestion, can recommend such food that is so clearly against what they have been evolved to eat in every way! How does the cognitive dissonance work it’s way in there?? I feed my dog and my cat raw and wet food only. No way am I ever going back to kibble.

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