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Science Diet using Dried Grapes in Dog Food?

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  1. Sherrie


    1. Eve

      Because they simply can. They know how to get away with murder theyve done it before…2007-2009 recall was a betrayl of trust. Pet food industry it seems knows NO boundaries. Safely feed your pets raw natural diet its do easy and cheaper without playong Russian Roulette.

      1. Charleen

        Have you actually read the listed ingredients ? Grape pomace is not a listed ingredient. I make my own dog food so it doesn’t really matter but I’m sure Hill’s is not out to betray consumer trust.
        By the way I’m a grad student and I’m researching a topic that you may or may not substantiate. Do you see yourself as leaning mor to the left or right politically?

        1. Pet Owner

          Are you discovering a correlation between pet food advocacy work and political trust? Just curious. Since this is not a “political” forum (nor are politics encouraged) don’t you think an explanation is warranted.

          I encourage you to discover “Disqus” where you can find endless communities of conversation. And you could pose your theory there. Just say’in.

          1. Charleen

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. I am pursuing a dual degree and the response I commented on was A perfect example of a statement made by a professor I have. I wanted to prove or disprove his theory. Not a big deal.

        2. Susan Thixton Author

          Charleen, this is not a political forum. The conditions of pet food can be equally caused by both parties. As example, 3 Democrat and 3 Republicans from the House recently introduced a bill to delete laws that thousands of pet died for. FDAAA Section 1002 (a). All parties in Washington DC are responsible for the horrible conditions in pet food.

  2. Pet Owner

    Wow! Great consumer observation. Great followup, Susan! Certainly let’s those agencies know, consumers are paying attention!! Did anyone ever explain the purpose of the ingredient? And what about the other fruit and veggie ingredients we see? Are they specifically itemized in the AAFCO definition book? Once upon a time, there used to be a PF based on Avocado!!

    1. Chris Pometta

      Still is….it’s called “Avoderm”!

  3. landsharkinnc

    well, it’s Garbage food to begin with, so why NOT use an industrial waste product ( aka GARBAGE ) i.e. Grape Pomace, etc. … which is simply the residue from the production of ‘grape’ products — jelly, etc. and probably wine — we use the remnants of GRAIN from the alcohol industry ( beer, etc. ), so why would grape residue be any different ?

  4. G Willie

    Hmmmmmm………interesting. I’ll be watching for outcomes……any response from Hill’s will be most interesting, because of this:

    “Grapes and Raisins
    While grapes and raisins are not harmful to some dogs, they have been associated with kidney failure in others. Simply put, it’s not worth the risk to find out! Vomiting, lethargy and diarrhoea can occur within 12 hours of ingestion. If the symptoms are not treated, they can lead to dehydration, decreased appetite and increased urination followed by decreased urination. If your dog has consumed grapes or raisins and these signs occur, take her to a vet immediately. Your dog can develop long-term kidney disease or even die from kidney failure within three to four days.”

    Could it be that the heating process eliminates the toxicity ?

  5. Mary Straus

    I’ve heard that the state of Texas is the one most likely to take action against pet food companies that don’t comply with regulations. You may want to contact them as well.

    1. n

      Does HIll’s have a manufacturing location in Texas?

  6. Eve

    Yet another unbiological toxic ingredient used as a filler constituant to hoodwink pet food buyers. Safer just to avoid processed pet food together.

  7. Jules

    “Please support independent pet foods stores. You won’t find this kind of concern and follow up from the Big Box Stores or online retailers”

    That seems kinda bold being that one of our independent stores is selling pet food with pentobarbital in it. (Evangers)

    If y’all have questions, call Hill’s and speak with them…

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Every independent pet food store is not the same. But many go above and beyond for their customers.

    2. Ms. B Dawson

      Talk to Hill’s? You saw Hill’s reply…”provided her a link to a safety study of “mixed grape and blueberry extract”. *A* study, as in ONE. They used the University of Google to find supporting evidence in a single study. That’s no different than a manufacturer selling a pharmaceutical based on literature review rather than FDA approved testing methods.

      And by the way, as a biologist & herbalist I can tell you the chemistry of an extract is quite different than the pomace left after the extraction! And it was a mixed extract to boot. To equate the two is bad science. Blueberries have no dog-toxic constituents, thereby diluting the grape toxins. Again, bad science.

      Are we to believe HIll’s is too ignorant to know they are using an illegal ingredient by AAFCO standards? I seriously doubt that. They know that grape pomace has trace vitamins and antioxidants, fiber and it adds bulk. Why buy more expensive ingredients when there’s something cheaper.

      According to the PressDemocrat in Sonoma: “Most wineries put pomace back into their vineyards, either working it into the soil or composting it for mulch. Some haul it away to be made into compost for other agricultural crops or for municipal operations.”

      UC Davis, specifically Jean VanderGheynst, has studied ways to use this by-product of the winemaking industry for livestock feed and extraction of ethanol. Given Hill’s close relationship with UC Davis, is it any wonder that information filtered over?

      Hill’s rolled the dice and figured their chances of getting caught were pretty slim. Any consumer who calls them with questions gets a scripted fluff answer cleared by their legal department.

      An enthusiastic Four Paws Up! to Fiona and Dawgs & Divas for digging deep. You are a credit to independents!

  8. Cyndi Ernst

    Virbac makes a water additive for dogs with bad breath. It contains xylitol, the chemical in sugar free gum and is toxic to dogs. Companies will put anything out there.

    1. Robert

      Good to know. Some sugar free cough drops also contain xylitol, so make sure those are put away as well.

  9. Norma Macdonald

    Thanks so much for 👀 my dogs thank you too!

  10. Sandra Murphey

    This is one response from a vet when I posted the question on Quora:

    Michael Hoover, veterinarian

    “Science diet has done safety studies that show pomace is not toxic and deninitely not at the levels used in the food … it is a source of antioxidants …. Hence the use in B/D or the diet for cognitive disorders in dogs ….. Hills does very through and in depth research and would not knowingly put a harmful compound in any of their foods”

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I would agree that Science Diet has (probably) done safety studies. But…they did not do the due diligence to make the ingredient legal through the AAFCO process. And they should have.

  11. Al M.

    Since you used the acronym AAFCO about a hundred times in your article, maybe you should explain what the letters stand for and what the organization is and what it does. Thank you.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Association of American Feed Control Officials

  12. Margo McNamara

    I have been feeding my 4 dogs the small bites science diet for over a year now. 😒 I guess time to change

  13. Paul Lacasse

    Follow the money. It’s all about the money it is always all about the money.

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