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Science Diet Slim Cat Food Calorie Misrepresentation

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  1. Woofielover

    There is supposed to be a 6 month grace period for package labeling corrections but I personally know of a manufacturer who labeling did not match the ingredients for more than 2 years. It’s outrageous and proves how little truth in labeling there is. No one is policing it on “their” side because no one (meaning government and manufacturing) cares but us.

    1. judith malone

      Even given the need for “time” to correct labels, there is plenty of precedent for corrections to be posted on the display shelf itself. Wonder how many cats have sickened or even died because of this?

  2. Yvonne McGehee

    I have nothing helpful to add, except to say how frustrating this is. And disappointing. Susan, you are doing a great job of laying out clearly, with graphics included, what is wrong, so anyone can understand it. Keep up the wonderful work.

  3. Batzion

    Sue, the work you are doing on behalf of pets and their people never fails to amaze. Thank you so much.

  4. Mary

    Susan, I’m not sure what state you’re in, but my understanding is that Texas is one of the states most likely to follow up on this sort of problem. If your state isn’t interested, you may want to try contacting the Texas Dept of Agriculture as well.

  5. Sadia

    Take it to social media… share this with your friends, on Facebook, Twitter, etc. If enough people complain and make a ruckus online, one would think they might finally notice and make a statement. It’s worked for me before.

  6. Lisa

    Not much better than Merrick’s LID “single protein” labels, duck pate and turkey pate for cats. Both contain dried egg product (and Merrick confirmed with me in writing and via phone) that it is indeed chicken protein and not duck or turkey egg product. “We pawsitively regret the error!” Meanwhile there are people who will buy those products without looking at the ingredient list, onlybthe front of the labels, whose cats are allergic to both chicken and eggs and Merrick could not care less.
    Oh, and I did contact my state AAFCO division about this and they don’t give a rats arse about it either, never heard back from them.

  7. Marijke vd Woude

    Also the word ‘slim’ in the name suggests that this food is ‘low calorie’; while it is quite high in calories compared to other wet food. That is, compared to average wet food from the supermarket here in Europe. Most popular brands like Whiskas or Felix contain around 75 kcal/100 gram (this Slim & Healthy 88 kcal/100 gram). Similar thing with the prescription canned food from Hill’s; in every supermarket there are many wet foods that contain a lot less carbohydrates than the so-called ‘low carb’ m/d (wet),which contains actually an above average amount of carbs
    r/d wet food; supposedly low calorie but in reality average calorie.
    I/d wet food (diarrhea); supposedly low fat but actually quite high in fat fat. Not that it matters because it is now known that for cats fat content has no influence on diarrhea, so the formula is based on faulty assumption.
    w/d; still marketed for diabetic cats, while it is known that high fibre food for diabetic cats is not nearly so effective as low carb food, that is REAL low carb food, not their m/d food which is not low carb at all!
    Despite all this vets all over the world keep prescribing this lower-than-average quality food, it always baffles me. The ‘science’ of Hill’s is the science of marketing. They clearly excell in that department.

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