Dear Purina Pet Food, you claim your lawsuit against Blue Buffalo is an action “to stop false advertising aimed at pet owners.” Purina, if you are serious about stopping false advertising to consumers, there is one thing you can do to prove that.

Please consider this an official request from pet food consumers. If you have a sincere goal of stopping false advertising aimed at pet owners — turn over your evidence of false advertising to regulatory authorities (independent lab results proving Blue Buffalo pet foods contain by-product meal). It’s that simple.

Purina, pet food consumers request you turn over your independent lab results to Missouri Department of Agriculture (the state your pet food is headquartered in) and to FDA. If you have evidence a pet food is mislabeled, and in turn adulterated due to mislabeling – it is your ethical duty to provide this scientific evidence to regulatory authorities.

We look forward to you (Purina) doing the responsible thing for all pet food consumers, aiding regulatory authorities to remove a mislabeled product from store shelves.


Pet Food Consumers