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Report from FDA

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  1. Sandra Cole

    “But you’ll have to forgive us if we are skeptical. We’ve been dumped on for many years…we don’t have much trust and confidence left.”

    Amen- Susan, amen. I’m right there with you!

    When I switched my pup’s food this past May from a high-quality kibble diet to a raw commercially available product, I did a ton of research beforehand. I noted that the company I’d chosen for the raw food was established in 2001- well before the debacle of 2007. Shockingly, that company and its food was NOT on the recall list from 2007.

    So frankly, I trust that evidence more than this new evidence the FDA is “selling” me.

  2. Sandra Cole

    PS: Their link for how the raw foods was handled isn’t working for me….

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I just re-linked it – try it again.

      1. Sandra Cole

        Hooray- it works now!! Thanks so much for everything, Susan!

  3. Ellie

    The number of raw food recalls are few in number in comparison to the number of processed pet food recalls. That is fact. People who have switched their pets to raw or even home cooked feeding have seen remarkable improvement in the health and well being of their pets. That is fact and there are a multitude of such testimonies to prove it.
    Any nutritionist will tell you that you cannot substitute synthetic vitamins for the nutrition found in real fresh foods. Traditional foods from the pet industry are highly processed. They have to be because of the very nature of the ingredients and the fact that the feed must be able to sit on a shelf for months at a time.
    Foods subjected to the high heats used in the processing of pet food lose any natural nutrition that they may once have contained so synthetic vitamins are added to replace what was lost in the process, much like our bleached flower used for making white bread the nutrition lost in the processing is “replaced” by adding synthetic vitamins…..NOT the true nutrition that was in the original wheat.
    We have come to accept packaged “food”products as a necessity of life in the modern world but what exchange have we made? Although we are the most well fed nation in the world sickness and disease is rampant in our society.
    Yet, here we have industry, veterinarians, and the FDA telling us that we must feed our pets highly processed low grade ingredient foods in order for our pets to have proper nutrition. Some would defer to the degrees of the people in these lines of work but the fact is that their declarations defy logic.
    Highly processed food and synthetic vitamins are not healthy or nutritious for human or pet and have brought on a multitude of diseases in our society. Is it any wonder that our pets are now suffering the same food induced diseases that we humans suffer? Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, obesity, kidney disease are just a few of the diseases that have been linked to food and that our pets are now also suffering.
    Thank God there are still some logical people in this country that use their common sense to make decisions and are not influenced by the “studies” of these greedy educated fools.
    If synthetic vitamins cannot substitute for the true nutrition in fresh food then why are these people telling us we must feed this highly processed muck to our pets?

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