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Replacement Pictures

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  1. Paula Bruckner

    Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Peg

    I can not stop smiling!!!
    Susan, thank you for sharing
    These are priceless, beautiful and they fill your heart with wonderful memories!!

  3. Kenneth Cole

    Enjoyed your historic photos of some of the past. Keep up your admirable work Susan. K.C

  4. Linda

    Awesome! Thanks for making my day brighter. Your family pictures are exactly what family is about.

  5. Michelle

    Beautiful photos. (I also had the bowl cut 😉 ). Thank you for all you do!

  6. chris

    I guess people need to paste and cut your writings so that when the people who are afraid of being put out there and held accountable ask for the pics to be taken down, we still have pics to share the truth.

  7. Catherine Steele

    Love the photos; GO Hrandma! Re., the school photos, I had those same haircuts! 🤣

    1. Catherine Steele

      Ugh! Should be Grandma!

  8. Cindy Fischer

    These photos are Darling!!

  9. G Willie

    Thank you !
    You’ve brightened my day….muchly !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. soozyb2013

    Lovely photo’s Susan. I too loved and had horses when I was young. Wish I could have another horse but not in the right place for one, nor do I have the money to keep one. Thanks for sharing those. Hoping you have a lovely weekend.

  11. Stephanie

    LOL it’s funny the members were concerned about their pictures…wonder why.

    Love your replacement pictures, though…enjoyed viewing them. Thanks for sharing 🙂 You did do a great job tiling, too–I’d never have your patience. Such a handsome horse and your pony was adorable.

    You new babies are too too cute. Love the picture with them on their backs with their little feed curled, lol.

  12. Kat

    Your snaps are much better! I bet they didn’t want people to see all the drinking they were doing.

  13. Faith

    Your pictures are cuter than phony AAFTCO!!

  14. Anne

    Thanks for the pics and for sharing your history and family. And the AAFCO can run back to their mouse holes and continue hiding behind closed doors. So much for transparency and truth!

  15. Ian

    ginger !!!! hahahahaha. love it.

  16. Darlene Nicholson

    I loved your pictures, Thanks for sharing that. I just happened to stumble accross your site.I’ve been trying to find the best food for my cats, been doing alot of research and I would much rather someone just tell me the.right food but unfortunately I can’t pay for the info, I wish I could. I have 12 cats that are rescues and I take care of all the neighborhood strays and it cost a fortune. All my income goes to these animals. I try to purchase the best foods for my indoor cats but I cannot do so for the ones outside. It’s good to know there are people like you out there looking out for the animals God bless you and thank you.

  17. Adam

    Why were they taken down? It’s public record – they have no legal claims against their publication.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I agree Adam – they were public record (individual who took them was a regulatory representative paid to attend AAFCO – was even “on salary” while there). But, the battle to get them just wasn’t worth it.

  18. paponypal


  19. Suzanne

    I liked your pictures much better than the unhappy people. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Sandra Z Zellick

    Great pix. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Debra

    Guess they are not very proud of themselves and what they stand for?!

  22. barbara

    My Mom could never cut my bangs properly. must have been a thing back then.

  23. Martha Glew

    Thanks for your sharing a bit about yourself, and for helping to created visibility into the pet food industry.

    The AAFCO can run, but they can’t hide. You’ll find ’em.

  24. Sandra Murphey

    Thank you for sharing your background and the wonderful pictures!

  25. Deniese

    Love learning more of whats make up you today. Awesome!

  26. Julie Beesley

    I’m so frustrated and disgusted. Why aren’t they held accountable for their lies!? Everyone else is. I would never feed my dogs anything that I wouldn’t eat…well almost..but definitely nothing rotting or worse yet diseased. It angers me to no end that my dogs have probably been eating tainted food for all these years and some idiot was making money off me while selling me crap. JERKS

  27. Terri Christenson janson

    The pictures were much more enjoyable and I have the biggest smile now! Thank you Susan for brightening up my day. This is day 3 since Benjamin went to the bridge and I needed something to smile about..😋

  28. Linda Gero

    Thanks for all the work you do to educate those of us who truly care about the quality of food we feed our beloved companions, and for sharing your personal pictures. Those of us who are “of a certain age” surely can identify–and as for the bangs, mine were always crooked (and still are!) due to a cowlick. You go, girl!!

  29. Jacqueline Bessette

    Love the pics. Much better than those of the other folks. 😉
    I really appreciate the information you provide. I learn so much from your columns.

  30. Batzion

    Love the photos you shared with us, especially the school of fish.

  31. Adriana

    Love the pics!!! OMG…those bangs! LOL

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