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Radagast Pet Food voluntarily recalls three lots of Cat Food

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  1. Peg

    Thank you Susan!!
    I am getting a little leery of this company now and I do use their food
    I hated when they went to HPP bacause I was afraid the company would not vet their suppliers the way they used to

    I thinking this might be it for me

    1. spinrah

      I will continue to buy food from Rad Cat. I actually think it’s respectable that they are doing testing of their own products and being transparent with consumers.

      All raw food contains pathogens/bacteria. This is a fact. If you purchase raw pet food and expect it to be bacteria free you have unrealistic expectations. The chicken you buy from the supermarket to make your own raw food for your pets also has bacteria. The reason we feed raw food to our pets and we don’t eat it ourselves is because their digestive systems can handle it. Rad Cat is doing it’s best to play between the lines given the FDA’s zero-tolerance policy. I’m not worried about the quality of Rad Cat foods.

  2. Neena Petersen

    Thank you Susan. It’s good to know we can rely on you to get these alerts

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