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Rad Cat Diet Voluntary Recall

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  1. Deb

    I have another question. How about HPP? That doesn’t seem to be the end all in this raw food witch hunt.

    1. Tryniti

      HPP is a cold pasteurization technique. Using the correct PSI in a container of chilled water, harmful microbial bacteria can be killed, while leaving the beneficial bacteria alive. There is a lot of controversy surrounding HPP, most of which comes from the misunderstanding that pasteurization is not sterilization. I recommend it because it is indeed safer, though if you’re feeding raw it’s likely your pet has a healthy immune system and can handle a little salmonella if they were to come into contact with it (cats and dogs have much faster digestive tracts than us, and often pass harmful pathogens before they can even be affected by it). That being said, it’s okay to play it safe – you’re already feeding raw! That’s a million times more healthy than what most of the population is feeding their pets.

  2. Peg

    I am really fed up with the lawlessness that is the FDA.
    For years my cats thrived on Radcat.
    They recently started using the HPP on their chicken and turkey varieties only.
    Breaks my heart because my cats will not eat the food now.
    They will eat the lamb which does not have the HPP done to it.
    The effen DA seems to have a problem with successful small raw cat food producers.
    I am so sorry that Radcat caved and went to HPP for their turkey and chicken.
    So effen DA maybe your sample tools are deliberately contaminated??????

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      A post on Facebook from an independent pet store shared (stated as directly from Rad Cat) “These products were ordered by the FDA online and shipped to them. Testing was done by the FDA without any details as to the conditions or temps under which testing was performed.” It is a requirement that FDA must provide the manufacturer with test results and chain of custody information. But as we know, FDA doesn’t care much for law.

      1. T Allen

        I’d be calling my Congressional delegation to have them either enforce the law and get the testing conditions or find out what is going on. States are big on keeping jobs and when businesses are threatened (especially by the GOV) they tend to jump into action.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          Thank you! Congress should know what FDA has been up to of late – it is criminal behavior.

    2. Randi Astrom

      I agree it’s getting out of hand. It is ridiculous and as a small business owner. We cannot lobby against the corporate giants.

  3. Dwayne

    I had purchased 5 of these recalled products appx. a month ago & saved the containers after feeding my cats. I checked the empty container lids as soon as I read about the recall tonight & found they all had the lot numbers that were recalled.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      The above is the only information I know. I think it is suspect that the information provided by Rad Cat states “The FDA is reporting Listeria monocytogenes was found…” The statement did not say Listeria monocytogenes was confirmed. I can tell you with certainty, numerous raw pet food recalls the FDA refused to provide the manufacturer with test results. This is a requirement of law – but FDA does not abide by law. If anymore information is learned, it will be shared.

    2. T Allen

      Since your cats are obviously healthy after eating the products, I’ll bet RAD Cat would like to know that info!

    3. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      Dwyane, You didn’t say that your cats had gotten sick, so I am assuming they did not. I think that anyone that feeds their cat this food, that knows that they fed them these recalled lot #’s should personally contact the FDA & state this fact. If they have enough consumers contacting them with these facts, then maybe they might back down from this “witch hunt.”

      It is so criminal what these S.O.B’s are getting away with. If these findings were TRULY on the up-and-up, then they would give the manufacturer the proper proof about their findings. Although, I certainly would not put it past them to purposely contaminate these foods in order to show proof! HOW!!! do they get away with breaking these laws?!!! It is just so infuriating!!!!!

      Just the simple fact that they are going out of their way to order the food & then test it, when there are no consumer complaints (I am assuming) of animals getting sick because of the food, is a big red flag! It’s amazing how many pets have been sick &/or died from MANY big pet feed companies food & treats, yet for all this time “they just can’t seem to put their finger on why”, nor do they have any intention on finding out the reasons why, but they can waste more of our tax payers $$$ on a vendetta against raw food manufacturers. When will the corruption ever end! It’s beyond sickening!!!!!!!!

      1. Randi Astrom

        You are brilliant we need to call the FDA! They are criminal, this breaks my heart knowing how great a raw diet is!

  4. Juno's mom

    Can’t trust any gov agency any more. They just don’t give a damn.

  5. Jane Jones

    This is just another FDA witch hunt!!!!!!!!!

  6. David

    Just want to comment to the reader mentioning the manufacturer “caved in” and went to HPP. When a freezer fills up with product that does not pass the manufacturer has to eat the loss. The product, the packaging and the labor. As much as we processors would like to go back in time to pre-2007, it is a pipe dream. It is either protect your brand so you can sleep at night or live in fear and wait for the fearful phone call from the fda. We ARE “FORCED” to add an expensive kill step to our product we as true raw feeders which not to do, but our hands are tied. “most” true raw feeders know Salmonella is not an issue with healthy dogs, but the policy is “no pathogen presence period. We have no other acceptable choice that has proven results. Bottom line it is not that we want to cave, to survive we must “cave in”. Please understand, we are constantly looking clean all natural ways to kill pathogens in our quality products and constantly looking for new advancements in the industry which is coming slowly, but we also need to protect our brands until the magic pixie dust is made or invented. We have no other choice or it is like going to a Casino and playing slots. Eventually you lose. Stand tall Rad Cat, we are behind you, it is a quality product but unfortunately we need to have a kill step that works. So far HPP is the least evasive way to treat your product that I am aware of. Bottom line, we are behind you Rad Cat, hang in there!

    1. T Allen

      First off, salmonella does make healthy dogs and cats sick, I know this first hand. People can also become sick from handling any kind of raw meat but the average consumer wouldn’t necessarily associate raw pet food as being a hazard. Ground chicken and turkey products should be considered 100% contaminated because the risk is so high. Red meats are less hazardous. Listeria on the other hand, KILLS. This isn’t a tummy ache, it’s serious business.

      All pet food producers should be prepared by having a third party testing organization ready to test lots to double check the FDAs testing. A reputable company would already have these tests and a paper trail to CYA. Is it expensive, yes, unless you sicken or kill pets or people and then you’d wish you had done it!

      I’m not saying anything about RAD cat or the FDA’s motives. Just realize there are two sides to every story and if a product off the store shelf where we would get it is contaminated then it’s a problem somewhere in the supply line and it’s critical that the source be located and fixed.

      1. Steve J

        AND…if it is found that the source of this contamination was the FDA testing process, what are the chances of disclosure of this info??? Remember that the FDA ordered this product online, and the chain of custody and testing procedures have not been reported, in violation of law.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          I can’t say who – but this is documented by the manufacturer – FDA has placed samples in used/recycled containers for shipment to a lab. A used container could be the source of infection. That isn’t the case here (only based on the information the product was purchased online) – but, they have been known to do all sorts of illegal things to obtain their agenda.

    2. Randi Astrom

      I am with you 100%!

      Rad cat as a raw co, I stand behind you

  7. Shellie

    What about the mixed veggies in the pet food? Human mixed veggies (peas) are being recalled.

  8. jan beardsley-blanco

    yeah and why don’t they check the CANNED FOODS especially the ones coming in from China!

  9. Buddy

    Are the lot numbers found to be contaminated dedicated to a certain geographical area and can they identify the stores that had the contaminated lots?

  10. Randi Astrom

    Witch hunt, I know we produce raw meals. Stand up for Radcat!

    1. jan beardsley-blanco

      Standing tall for Radcat! I have a kitty who is allergic to chicken and etc – but can eat turkey and does well on turkey. Any idea just how many canned turkey only cat foods are on the shelf?? VERRRRRRRRRRRRRY few. Have fed raw for over 40 years, feeding my girl raw turkey among which is – you guessed it – RADCAT! will be buying more…….

  11. Cathy Mack

    IMO Rad Cat is being unethical with this recall. Their website has the recall notice at the very bottom of the page so it’s easy to miss. On their Facebook page, someone posted about this and asked them to move the notice up to to the top of the page; they responded and said they don’t know how (!). I then posted and asked them to move it up, too. I posted this twice, and they deleted my posts and their own post about not knowing how to do it! And they blocked me from making any further comments.

    I looked around on their Facebook then and I notice ONLY POSITIVE COMMENTS are showing, Not a single negative one. So they are deleting any negative posts! What if people are posting that their kitties are sick or died? Or if different batches are involved? If someone posts a problem they delete it and block you??? This is NOT being transparent with their recall or with their products in general. This is too much of a cover up for me and now I don’t trust them any longer.

  12. Randi Astrom

    Radcat and all the other raw food companies are being targeted by the FDA. These recalls are ridiculous and a cat or dog will not get sick. Purina type companies have the money and they want people to feed their chemical foods that are harmful. I have been raw feeding for 18 years. Radcat needs our support. They are owned by wonderful women. Have the FDA check your food and it will have the same bacteria.


  13. Randi Astrom



    Hi from Seattle,

    We keep posting STAND UP FOR RADCAT EVERYWHERE we can!

    As a raw company we know what a great product you make!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tracey Hatch-Rizzi

      Thanks, Natural Pet Pantry. We appreciate your support!

  14. irene robinson

    Does anyone know what symptoms to look for with this contaminant?

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