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Purina Wet Dog Food 10-oz. Tub Voluntary Recall

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  1. Barbara Fellnermayr

    Aren’t they following a recipe? The recipe should tell them how much synthetic vitamins and minerals should be added to their meals. Most of the world supply of synthetic vitamins and minerals come from China. Why would anyone want to buy these products again?

  2. Nouble

    At first, I didn’t think about this recall too much. However, now I have to wonder how they claim their food is deficient. As someone just pointed out, they should be following a recipe.

  3. Joseph

    It’s not just “pet food” that’s manufactured in shared facilities. Do some digging and you will find that foods from snacks to soup are produced in plants that churn out several brand names.

  4. jac

    maybe the top brass should eat the food
    i bet the food would be the best it can be if that was the case

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