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Purina One Beyond What do You Think?

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  1. Kenneth S. Doig

    I haven’t done much research on Purina’s ‘Beyond’ catfood, other than perusing a few forums. The reviews were (overwhelmingly) positive. I realize that this is merely anecdotal. But my 3 cats love it & have yet to get tired of it, gave it to them about a year ago. I’d recommend this catfood.

    1. Wendy

      I agree! My 5 cats love it, and no stomach upset. It seems impossibe to feed anything nowadays, with all the critics. Not everyone can afford very high end food, but I think this one is very good, and it’s not that cheap when you compare to other brands! How about people try to do their best, and give the animal love, and a home. If only rich people could have pets, the shelter situation would be far worse than it already is!! Kudos those of you who do the best they can for the love of animals!! ❤

  2. Claudia

    I have started feeding this to my cats again. I like the fact that it has DL Methionine in it, which is great for urinary issues, and in my case, helping to prevent them. I notice they tend to drink more water, which is also good for the kidneys. After reading the article, I will probably phase it out and go back to Halo. There isn’t much difference in price. All 5 of my cats do like the chicken and the salmon Beyond.

    1. H. McGough

      I don’t know….I mean you could go crazy reading review after review on all different brands and formulas of any pet food. And, at some point I’m sure you’ll find that one ‘review’ that’ll make you think twice about the choice you’ve made. I’ve been feeding my 2 yr old orange tabby Beyond Chicken and Brown Rice for about a year now and he has grown like a weed, is very active, looks fabulous and no issues thank goodness. I feel that overall these are quality ingredients (no corn, wheat or soy, real Chicken #1 ingredient and NO powdered cellulose) at a reasonable price and easy to find in stores. So I’m happy with the choice and will stick with it until he decides he wants a change.

    2. Tricia

      Your cats are drinking more water because dry food – any and all dry food is dehydrating to them ! Not good for them ! Stick to cans ! Canned diet . Less medical issues and constant hydration with canned diet .

  3. terrytt

    my cat got sick on purina beyond and died.she had large watery diarrhea.low temps.low pressure.dehydrated.animal hospital gave her died 6 months of eating friend cat almost died.she got itchy skin.some hair losss.twitching face.jaw.drooling.lose weight. said she need blood work.but I told my friend buy another cat food he did.she doing better but weak.purina was a good food until they got bought has chemicals.mold.propylene glycol.bugs in food..

    1. karb

      I’m sorry, that’s really scary and suddenly I either don’t like Purina or atleast seriously re considering giving this to my cat…

    2. Dr. Savage

      Did a vet confirm with testing that Beyond caused its death, I suspect there is no documentation to this fact, and we all know can (wet) food is no better or SAFER than dry food.

    3. lynne

      Can you tell me where I can find out about these things in beyond? (bugs, mold etc).

  4. Kathleen

    That’s some of the symptoms I have noticed since I put my cat on in this past winter .She is thinner twitchy, licking herself . I know this isn’t the best food but I didn’t realize how bad it actually is same w their dog food.

  5. Erik

    The Grain Free does indeed not have any grains. They do include a number of supplements and I don’t know if they are needed. I was just looking for an opinion.

  6. jo

    I have a pup staying with me for the week. She does not eat her purina beyond, and because of that she is skinny. I decided to put her on another dogfood, royal canin for small breeds and she eats it in a couple of minutes, comes thanking me after dinner. She is eating! Iam not starving a pup for an owner who falls for every marketing trick and badly executed scientific research (grains are not bad for all dogs for example is result of good science, grains are bad for all dogs is not supported by science) Her owner thinks that if her pup does not eat, well than it does not, own responsibility of the pup (!)

  7. DEB

    This is absolutely horrible and unacceptable! Our pets are part of our family. I myself, will be contacting Purina asking them why their food contains Rendered Products and then inform them our family will no longer purchase their products until they do the right thing and make the appropriate changes. I encourage everyone else to do the same. Let your voice be heard. Best of luck to you and your furry family members.

  8. lynne

    I had NO IDEA that beyond has ‘animal fat’ (dead animal stuff) in it. Also after a couple of days she got constipated. I won’t be giving her the rest of the bag. I wouldn’t eat dead people! (has anyone seen Soilent Green (movie))? where they took dead bodies and processed them to feed the people since animals and grass/trees were not on earth. What TO buy? I don’t know! 2 vets said dry food is bad for cats anyway so am sticking with wet…fancy feast (I think CLASSIC) was listed as the best in this brand. UGH! These are our PETS!

  9. Sam

    Where on the ingredient list does it say animal fat? I re-read the list multiple times.

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