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Purina asks Pet Owners what is a Quality Pet Food

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  1. Sally Roberts

    marketing ! They only care about the $$$ as do most of the other dog food companies- Make it as cheap as they can and make the commercials and all look like they care !

  2. Hope

    I kind of agree with Sally above. But the tv commercials that Blue Buffalo have out now strongly suggest that they’re going after BB so I’m thinking we’ll see some of the results of this survey in their rebuttal to Blue commercials. They’re both marketing companies not real pet FOOD companies so I’m willing to let them battle it out. Can’t see Purina having any desire to make real food; it’s not their value system.

    1. Sharon Bilotta-Testa

      Of course PURINA Won’t change NOTHING why should they if their crap is selling and making millions,why would they want to invest several million dollars to make a better product,plus to inspect the facilities, KNOW where the product is coming from and do right by us pet parents,we now all know about the pet food industries what actually it really is therefore we can make our pets have REAL,QUALITY FOOD they need and deserve, so believe what you want,don’t let this B.S fool you

  3. Cecilia Barnett

    It seems to me that Purina is doing the survey so they can advertise “the peoples choice” “Purina makes dog food that meets the criteria of the people”. You get the drift. More false advertising.

  4. Debbie Perkins

    (Not so) clever marketing ploy.

  5. Mary Lynch

    Marketing. Can’t really know, but probably motivated by lost sales. They may even be debating who to “aquire” next. This feels like they’re looking to confirm that consumers are looking for a better grade of food, which I think is true. But if they can pay ad agencies to convince consumers that their current pet feed is what consumers really want, that’s a win to them. Look what they’re doing with TV ads for Beneful…as if I’d ever believe Purina’s definition of “farm fresh chicken” was the same as mine? I doubt their definition of “farm” even matches mine…

    1. Esther Cottrell

      I doubt their definition of “chicken” matches mine…

  6. Sandra Murphey

    I wouldn’t even take the time to respond to this survey, because I don’t trust that they have our best interests at heart. The hidden agenda is to find out how they might increase their profits, by throwing us a bone. (no pun intended)

  7. Carla Kruger

    Food (human) quality ingredients that are inspected (that business at the Mars plants with the corn was disgusting) and careful manufacturing and shipping practices. Pretty simple!

  8. Fred St Clair

    I hate to say it, but I think it is just marketing. As far as a good food goes, I would say human food quality, only without the carcinogens the FDA still permits in our food. Thanks for the great work Susan.

  9. Hannie

    I was doing a survey on pet food several months ago & I was asked if I was sent a sample of dog food from a “well known brand”, would I try it. I said no, that I don’t trust any of the “well-known brands”, esp the bigger ones. I never got another pet food survey again. Probably why I didn’t get this one. Tee hee……

  10. Jean Hofve, DVM

    Here’s your first clue to a good quality pet food: it’s not made by Purina! 😉

    1. Maura Rogich

      LOL….. Amen!!

    2. rick

      Probably doing it to reinforce their peace of mind. Their relief that “fit for carnivore” is still such a generally foreign term to the average pet owner will have them sleeping even easier than last year.

  11. Linda Stater

    I think that they should start with being honest and admit what pet food isn’t !

    1. Regina

      I checked out this link, and I am not sure what the heck their game is. Kibbles and Bits, Pupperoni, Old Roy are rated as better than Fromm, The Honest Kitchen, Stella & Chewy. These are product names that have been mentioned in TAPF comments. There’s a lot more brands listed, and the rankings are just mind-boggling.

      1. rachel

        “Clean Label Project rates products based on laboratory tests for more than 75 environmental and industrial toxins such as toxic metals (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and nickel), antibiotic-residues, 60+ pesticide residues, BPA/BPS, melamine, mycotoxins, and acrylamides.”
        A food is scored not only on ingredients but the above.
        Similar to

  12. Michelle

    Purina is trying to figure out a new way to market and deceive customers. I don’t trust them at all.
    We all know that safe pet food starts with “safe” (not diseased or discarded) human grade meats. Safe and balanced diet for my furbabies.

  13. Brenda Rion

    I want to see :”human grade” on the label.

  14. Anthony Hepton.

    If it says Purina, or is associated with Nestle, don’t buy it, they have no morals, period. Their ingredients do not meed FDA requirements.

      1. Regina

        I couldn’t even read the entire article. Just tooooo upsetting!!!! They are ruining lives in so many different ways, and most-likely, the damages will be irreversible. Disgusting.

      2. Jude Gagner

        Interesting article, Batzion, thanks. Nestlé and other big companies have made the grand contribution of creating an enormous obesity problems and subsequent health problems to poor people in Brazil, Colombia and many other countries around the world.

        Readers’ Digest provided information from a survey of the most trusted brands in the US a while ago. PURINA PET FOOD WAS #4. People are definitely in great need of an easily understood, genuine education about what they are feeding their pets. I understand, though, that most people think with their pocketbooks.

        I hate all things Purina and Nestlé and refuse to buy anything from those companies and their ilk. The only peace of mind I can have is by providing human grade food to my girl. With her dire history, she deserves the best we can give her. If I had received a survey, I would have expounded on my opinion of their food.

  15. tag

    I’m still trying to figure out why feeding your pet human quality food is bad for them while feeding them food made from “not fit for human consumption” is good for them. People act like feeding them what you eat is horrible! I cook for all of us and season mine to my taste later. It’s not that hard. Just choose grass /pastured raised over feed lot and organic veggies over the sprayed crap and your pets will thank you.

  16. Shirley Peterson

    Human grade ingredients; something I can eat if the apocalypse comes. Nutritional breakdown approximating that of natural food; high protein, not only grain free, but also not overly filled with alternative carbohydrate sources. Fat from animal sources, preferring small fish. No citric acid, fat about seventh on the ingredients list, natural sources for added nutrients (not the standard dump of minerals most are using), absolute minimum added copper (as I have dogs in a breed where liver disease due to copper storage can be an issue).

  17. lynn

    Pet food companies are all about the money….. wonder if any have pets of their own…. and, what do they feed them?

  18. Lynn

    I forgot to add I don’t feel safe using pet foods…. I do how ever have VE for cat and dog family for my babies in case something goes wrong like in Texas or Florida. I could not home cook in those times. I also keep organic seeds for my parrot… but for veggies and fruits I keep some on hand that I have freeze dried.Also medical supplies I have one with heart diease that is a problem as vet only gives a 2 month supply at a time.. Texas and Florida has really gotten me to thinking…. anything can happen at any time no warning maybe.Now I keep crates by the back door with their supplies so I could grab in a the mudd room.Lot to think of in pet food and keeping them safe.

  19. Corbett

    I spent some time reading labels on cat food and all of Purina and most popular brands used corn as the first or second ingredient. No wonder cats have so many problems. Corn and soy are undigestible. A good cat food and a good dog food do not have corn, wheat, barley, soy in them. And don’t get me started on chicken meal.

  20. Regina

    This survey is basically a marketing tool. They want to find the best “buzz words” to slap onto the packages of crap they sell. They didn’t ask a lot about ACTUAL INGREDIENTS, just types of stuff that would go on a label. TAPF folks can see it for what it is, but, plenty of poor schmucks out there is gonna be hoodwinked into jazzy new stuff printed on the bag.

  21. justiceforkiva

    A quality pet food would be everything Purina Friskies Meaty Bits Gourmet Grill in Gravy canned cat food is missing in all of the ingredients..My girlfriend and I recently started feeding our 11 month old Calico Purina Friskies which we feel ended her life suddenly on Saturday the 30th, 2017. She was a very healthy cat and instantly her body shut down.

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