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Publix Issues Voluntary Recall on Private Label Chicken Tenders Dog Chew Treats

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  1. Peter

    Interesting, that this is not (as it is written) tied to inspection by NY State authorities…

    I wonder if the (expected?) avalanche of recalls will start to pierce the public consciousness (or lack thereof!!) on the issue of international sourcing for pet food products?

  2. Donna

    So…if this product is only sold in Publix grocery stores in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, how would the NY Dept. of Agriculture end up testing it? So far, I’ve been unable to find it available on line. Did Publix hear about the problem and do their own testing?

  3. Nicole

    Aren’t store brands made the same way/same ingredients as the name brands? Just a thought-I used to work for Publix and just like Walmart/Target/etc., aren’t they the same?

    1. Donna

      Could very well be. I’m not really familiar with Publix, but if they’re like Walmart and the other big box stores, then it’s certainly a possibility.

      I work in a small local health food store in Upstate NY and just found out from a rep (from a company that puts herbal mixtures together for various supplements companies) that most of the herbs are imported from China. Definitely NOT something I wanted to hear. Lord knows what pesticides, unsanitary conditions and irradiation they’re subjected to.

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