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Possible Evanger’s Pet Food Recall

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  1. Hope

    I’m not a huge fan of Evangers however as a retail pet supply store they have been very forthcoming on the batch number of Hunk of Beef in question already. There other thing that we were told is that the product was purchased from There’s as much chance that it’s the food product as it is that it was something else that the 4 pugs became ill with simultaneously. There are no test reports back as yet. There is no doubt that our hearts are totally with the pet parents who lost one of their pugs and have 3 others that are ill. But I bet they want to know for sure what truly caused the tragedy as I/we do.

    1. Rhonda Palmer

      May I ask why you are not a fan of Evangers? We feed our 3 dogs Evangers dry food with an assortment of homeade foods as well. Just curious if you don’t like their business practice, the quality of their food, etc. We started feeding Evangers based on several recommendations from the rescue group and a local pet store owner who only stocks the ” better quality foods.”

    2. Pet Owner

      I’m as skeptical as they come. It would be interesting to know more about Evangers too. We had a Rep at Shows who used to sell the product directly. It was very popular. And in the day, I raised one of my dogs (in part) by using the fish/sweet potato recipe (since he was so allergic to chicken).

      Anyway (at the time) it was the only canned dog food that I’d seen with actual “hunks” (or chunks) of whole beef, or chicken (and later on salmon). I always thought that the meat was pressure cooked (as we used to fix our own meals) and so that it couldn’t be as “questionable” a protein source as pate or mushed up formats. So I am VERY interested in the outcome of this investigation. Somebody has got to figure out what really happened, and how!

  2. Leanne S.

    I do my best every single day to convince people not to feed pet food to their animals. Even commercial raw pet foods will soon fall prey to the same corruption and pursuit of profits that have resulted in garbage being peddled to pet owners with the approval and encouragement of authorities. If you can’t afford to feed real food, get smaller pets, so you can.

    1. Maya

      Um, and is there a suggestion you might have for those with larger pets, or those who have lost jobs? Please don’t make assumptions that people can just switch up their pets or their lives. Honestly.

      1. Pacific Sun

        Do you think there’s a correlation between manufacturers selling bargain basement priced PF and the risk it poses as a product?

      2. KRista

        Yes, that was a mildly obnoxious comment. And NO not all raw dog companies will result in a crap product. I want everyone to feed raw, but in many cases its just not possible. Its my job as an animal advocate and a raw dog food company owner to help people with dog nutrition and work with what we have, not suggest to trade in the dog for a smaller model. SMH

      3. Reader

        My suggestion (meant with good intention) would be to at least share some whole food. I can’t speak to cat nutrition. But most dogs can tolerate (for example) steamed veggies, brown rice, sweet potato, canned tuna, salmon chicken, and eggs. I know the owner of a pet supply store, who never fed any of their store’s products (and this was 15 years ago!). But shared a portion of their human meals (many based on mild Mexican recipes) and the dogs were beautiful, healthy, and energetic! Few of us ever have enough “disposable” income for non-essentials, and perhaps never will. But it’s about priorities, a little sacrifice, and extra effort. Watching how excited my dog gets over real food, makes it worthwhile!

    2. Diana Daffin

      People food is far better than a processed kibble–but beware! food needs to be balanced, so anyone suggesting so strongly that people food is the answer–please go on to say it should be balanced. It doesn’t take long for a pet to become nutritionally deficient. And so many people feed pets the way humans should eat, but dogs & cats are carnivores; dogs need at least 60% meat and cats 80%.

      1. Reader

        Yes, I did say “a portion of” … so such a whole food diet should be augmented with a product like THK, or a balanced raw PF, or a vitamin/mineral complex designed for canines. I’ve used Becker’s extremely easy whole food recipe (once posted here on TAPF) as a guide.

        However cat diets (and nutritional requirements) are completely foreign to me.

  3. Pacific Sun

    I clicked on the link. Just a devastating News Report, completely heartbreaking, with so much sadness being expressed for the Owner. Since the article states: “A necropsy is under way for Talula” will those results be shared here? A relationship between irresponsible Plant maintenance, the effect on product, and the safety of our pets must be established.

  4. Stacie

    I own a pet supply store and sell Evangers. The company is doing everything possible to reach out to this family and I have been extremely impressed with how they are handling this. Instead of denials, they have taken the report at face value and paid the vet bills. The store that sold the food (local store, not Chewy,com as originally reported) is cooperating and provided cans from the same lot for testing. ALL food of this lot went to one distributor and was sold only in the Northwest. Hunk of Beef is Evangers #1 seller and most of that lot has been sold through and many stores are on to October and November lots. There have been no other reports of illness, which I personally find strange given the 15 minute onset of severe, life threatening illness.

    In all fairness, I think there is cause to hold off blaming the company until the owners choose to share the lab results and the testing on the food is done. Correlation is not necessarily causation.

    1. Audree

      Great response Stacie. Thanks for looking at the issue in its’ entirety.

    2. sdrower

      I just wandered into this site by accident and was caught by this article.

      On New Years Day my year-old 50# setter-blend (Blue Picardy) took one bite of his breakfast that included some of this food, and refused to eat. A couple of hours later he was in severe gastric distress, and we ended up in the emergency room. Fortunately he is fine, we tossed the can out on a hunch. But it’s another data point. And we’re in Portland, OR.

      1. Reader

        When your pet is in an emergency status, the only thing an Owner can think about, is treatment and recovery! I get that. And, am so thankful that your Setter-Blend recovered.

        But I see this kind of comment frequently. And because people are surfing the internet, sometimes a comment comes in quite a bit after the fact. (Fortunately not in this case however). At least you’ve established this alert here, and thank you for taking the time to make it. But I worry that people might still have these cans around. People buy by the case, and they rotate products and recipes So what a tragedy to be using this can too far down the line from the initial warning and discussion.

        Whenever any food is suspected regarding an illness, err on the side of caution. Don’t throw anything out! (Always keep the bag of kibble around even if it’s dumped into a container). That stamped Lot No. (date, batch) is CRITICAL to tracking down a problem and saving other pets! The residue (contents) can be evidence in terms of understanding the problem. And the FDA needs to co-ordinate all issues, both as feedback for the manufacturer and to continue isolating distribution issues.

        If you have time, and the resources, report your experience to the FDA. It does need to be “another data point” on file.

        And I hope there is going to be follow up on this story. If it’s directly the food, then it needs to be really clear WHY this happened.

        1. sdrower

          You’re right – after I threw it out I realized that was stupid. Fortunately I had another can (purchased at the same time so perhaps from the same lot) and I just had a chat with the pet store owner where I got it. I’ll be taking it back to them so they can sent it back to Evangers.

          Apparently they (Evangers) are really trying to get as much back (and tested) as they can.

          1. Susan Thixton Author

            It is significantly important for the pet food to be tested by FDA or a outside third party. If the pet food manufacturer controls all samples, there is a chance we will never know the results.

          2. Reader

            Yes, a can like that absolutely needs independent testing! Ultimately it would be service both to the Company and other Pet Owners. Until this is resolved too much doubt will linger around Evangers.

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