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Possible Beneful Recall

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  1. Nancy Newcomb

    I am shocked over the lack of caring regarding pet food.
    It is of utmost importance to people who love & care for there animals to read & support these issues that S Thrixton is fighting for us.
    Please take time & care for your pets health.
    Nancy Newcomb

  2. Dave

    It’s official. Check for the statement. Nothing on yet.

    1. Nancy Newcomb

      I have cats – I don’t feed Beneful. I do worry about Merrick now because Purina bought it.
      I feed that & fancy feast..
      I take care two Feral colonies & feed them Friskies & a good dry.
      Also, I worry about Carrageenan that is in Merricks cat food.
      I love my babies more than anything. I take them to Davis for veterinary care.
      Let’s hope & pray we are doing our best

  3. DJ

    You know, it’s not only our family companions who are being sickened and possibly killed by contaminated or improperly made pet foods……the FDA may not care about all of us pet owners, but what about all of the United States Military war dogs, police dogs, DEA dogs, service dogs who lead the blind, work for the deaf and other people who need their dogs in order to be able to live “normal” (as possible) lives….? It costs thousands of dollars & takes a long time to train many of those service & helper-dogs, and THEY ALL EAT DOG FOOD…

    The FDA needs to do better…

    1. Phyl

      The FDA doesn’t really give a fig about what happens. Everything government does is all about money….their money!

  4. Barby

    It’s official, the recall is on

  5. JMH

    And Pro-Plan is their premier line. I know that Pro-Plan is fed to the vast majority of the top winning AKC show dogs, and I used to feed it, but no more. After reading Susan Thixton and other sites, I would never feed Purina again. Thanks, Susan– you do a great service to us all!

    1. Brigitte

      I really think that people need to stay away from those brand …there is so many other good dog food . For sure it is more costly but it is vet bills , death versus quality dog food . Who wants to poison their dogs anyway .. We need to let everyone know about this crap food …

      1. Nancy Newcomb

        I have been sharing Susan’s web site with people who work in Pet Stores.
        Most of the help has NOCLUE what to advise or help the customers in dealing with pets both healthy & health related issues.
        Some of the workers were thrilled to learn of a site with so much great information.
        Thank you Susan… We appreciate you.
        So do our Dogs & Cats.

    2. Judi Todd

      JMH….the reason you see those top show dogs on ads for Purina, is they are spokespersons for the brand, and getting the food for free. I showed dogs for over 40 years, and never spoke with another show dog person, who would feed Purina. I sure won’t either.

    3. Trish Miller

      The only Pro Plan formula the show people I know swear by is Pro Plan 20/30 Performance. I am not aware of any issues with this specific one. It comes in Salmon-based and Chicken-based formulas. Beneful is pure crap!

  6. Aunnika

    Just spoke with someone who recently had to put their dog down due to CA mets and the Vet asked what food the dog was fed…was told Beneful and the owner asked “Do you see a lot of CA with Beneful?”
    The veterinarian shook her head yes

  7. Donna

    I wonder if insufficient vitamins is code for something more dubious…

    1. CWJ

      Donna, that’s exactly my thoughts. …vitamins and minerals only????

  8. Anthony Hepton

    Until ALL Beneful products are recalled, we have work to do. We want Beneful to become extinct.

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