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Possible Addiction Pet Food Recall

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  1. Jacquie Carroll

    I sure hope they check the Black Forest Rabbit & Blueberries Entree (canned) because the last 3 cases I ordered from the supplier I use have cause BOTH my dogs diarrhea to the point I had to pull them off of it and this has never happened before

  2. Nancy Emond

    Is Addiction the name of the dog food, or does it have an addictive chemical in it?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Addiction is the pet food brand name.

  3. Shirley Ruehl

    Question: Do you have any information or recommendations regarding : Freshpet* brand dog food which is found in the refrigerated section of pet foods for dogs and cats. It is being sold in some supermarkets and pet stores. It is made in
    the Freshet* Kitchens in Bethlehem, Pa, using locally sourced ingredients.It appears to be very wholesome.
    their website Would appreciate your comments.

    1. Becky

      Fresh pet is made with poor quality “pet feed grade” ingredients. Anything that is unfit for humans to eat is put into petfood like fresh pet. By susan’s 2016 list of recommended pet foods. They are made with human food grade ingredients. Very few petfood manufacturers make quality foods for pets. Do not use fresh pet. It also has sugar in it.

  4. Betty Wolfenson

    I have those Addiction foods for cats . Is the catfood to be recalled also ?

    1. Pat P.

      I assume that they are only recalling the lot numbered dog foods, as indicated.

    2. Kristine

      Addiction is only voluntarily recalling the lots indicated above. As confirmed by Facebook and calling into the US office.

  5. Linda

    What do you think about Natural Balance products… My dogs have never had a problem with it… They are on the duck and potato kind… Thank you for all your valuable info…. You are very much appreciated for all your hard work….

  6. Kathleen Burton

    As a concerned pet owner I do my best to feed my cats the best food I can afford. I feed Fromm, and one elderly cat Petcurian. It’s tough as I have seven cats, four of which are over the age of fourteen. I also feed canned, diluted with water daily. I have tried so many foods, Science Diet was a disaster. I can’t even bring myself to feed the prescribed kidney diets my vet suggests. They have no nutrition.
    Is there an affordable option out there? This is tough.

    1. rachel banko

      This is from the comment section to Susan’s post “If You are Buying Any of These Pet Foods…”

      Linda Horn September 16, 2016 at 10:39 pm

      I also have a cat with failing kidneys. Apparently, cats with impaired kidneys need a diet lower in phosphorus. There are a couple of ways to achieve this. One is to feed a KD prescription diet food, which is lower in protein. The other alternative is to add a phosphorus binder like chitosan to the cat’s regular food. I’ve been adding a nutritional supplement called Epakitin (recommended by my cat’s vet) to my cat’s regular food for over a year now. Her water consumption and urine output have returned to near normal levels, and her appetite has improved. She is still somewhat thin, but she has gained back much of the weight she had lost over the last few years.

      1. Kathleen

        Thank you Linda Horn. I steer clear of anything Science Diet. I started my cat on a renal diet and he started failing faster due to the lack of nutrition in the food. I will however do some research on the suppliment Epakitin, thank you. My cats kidneys are failing due to my veterinarian prescribing pain meds for his arthritis without explaining the side effects. I should have done my research and not just trusted blindly. So, I always question, and do my reading before giving my cats anything now.

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