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  1. Robin

    I just lost MY appetite. I don’t think human food products are any safer. Our new administration are making enforcement weaker and it is bad to begin with.

  2. Robin M.

    Dear God. And the end result of this DEADLY TOXIC PESTICIDE is being sold to consumers to FEED their precious pets. The loathing, nauseating disgust for Mars and their brethren just keeps building….

    1. spotmagicsolis

      The gas disputes with no toxic residue. Read, or at least watch the video b4 u comment.

      1. LoriL

        Yes. That is what the video shows. Now read the article. Read how Mars and Co are not waiting for the gas to disperse. Not washing the grains. Not doing anything, anything at all, according to regulations put into place to protect people and animals.

  3. stormidnight

    They don’t care and don’t care that we know it.

  4. Cheryl Bond

    Once again, my jaw has hit the floor! The HORRENDOUS corruption that is going on in every single regulatory agency is just DISPICABLE! & beyond words!

    Mars’ plants & procedures are DEPLORABLE! They care about none of their employees & none of the products they manufacture! Greed is their God!

    How will ANY of these corporations EVER be held accountable for their crimes?! When every last one of the regulatory agencies is on the take?! It’s infuriating, to say the least!!!!!!!

    1. ratgirl

      It sounds like Mars was doing their best to fool OSHA, the DOT, and the other regulatory agencies, not that the regulatory agencies were looking the other way. Part of the problem is that the agencies don’t have the funding or resources to make unannounced visits or even regular visits with any kind of frequency necessary to catch this kind of stuff. It’s why whistleblowers are so important, and why ag-gag laws that punish them for coming forward, are so frightening.

  5. hcchorus

    Good work Susan. Stay safe, I get worried about you when I think of the $17 billion in sales at stake for this one pet food manufacturer alone.

    1. TJF

      I worry about you, too, Susan….please take every precaution. There are millions of dollars at stake here.

      At the end of the day, we are going to have to just cook for our pets. Not that what WE are getting is much better, but its got to be better than this. Or maybe not, given all the cancers that WE get in these recent decades.

      For the past year, I have been feeding my two cats a very nice, expensive, boutique canned cat food , per my holistic vet. No other treats, no nothing. Suddenly they both are sick.

      My one cat, who has IBD, got a flare up and a week later, my other, older cat, was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

      Now I find out that the boutique food company has been sold to a big pet food company. Its quite possible that there is no correlation, but who knows.

    2. Rick

      Didn’t MARS just buy the big Veterinarian company and they already owned Banfields? Been reading up on dogs since Thanksgiving cause we wanted to adopt but I guess not now! Appreciate the info, thank you.

      1. spotmagicsolis

        Get pets from a shelter. Try I think it is to find pets you want near you

      2. Lance Pace

        NO, please seek facts people. Mars has had a 5% stake in Banfield’s for a long time and it is run as a separate entity.

  6. Jan

    This reminds me of the “Erin Brokovich” movie. I read parts of Steven’s testimony and chills went down my spine as I read his statement, explaining he “puked” (often) due to the stench and overwhelming odor/toxicity. The statement shown on page 69 quoted Steven saying: “You’ve got to get it out of you. But that’s not the only thing you breathe. Every time you left over there, all that come out of you was red stuff out of your sinuses and out of your mouth, whatever Mars was using. I mean I’m sure there’s a lot of particles of stuff in the air over there cause you’re a liar if you come back and say you didn’t have red stuff coming out of you. Whatever the red stuff was, I have no idea. Some kind of dye, I’m sure.”

    That was just a smidgen of all that his testimony entailed. It sickens me to think of what they are exposed to and then to think what our fur-kids are eating that is a part of all this is enough to make one livid. May God be gracious to these three individuals and give them the courage to continue. Susan, THANK YOU for reporting this. Without this information, no one would know what is going on.

  7. Nina Wolf

    After reading these depositions, I am horrified not only but what goes into an on pet food ingredients, but what happens to the workers in these plants. These men and women are subjected to conditions most of us could not believe existed in the US. These are hard working men and women, with families to feed, and they trust the FDA. OSHA, and other agencies to look out for their safety. These plants hired college kids over the summer! They let workers go home with toxins in their clothing, with potential damage to their family’s health! These workers are made to sound in the deposition as if their complaints about health concerns is somehow negated because they didn’t seek a doctor’s help – do these attorney’s understand how costly it is for the average person to go to the doctor, and that often it is a choice between rent and food or a doctor visit? There is an undercurrent of threat throughout all this…the guys didn’t want to lose their jobs, their paychecks, so shut up and did as they were told. These three are heroes in my book, for coming out and telling the truth now. For not being afraid of the big companies, for being publicly involved in a case that has already seen personal threats against plaintiffs, their families, and their friends. This is a glimpse in to the bigger picture of the huge companies that produce or pet food, and hire our neighbors and relatives.

    1. Ginger Henn

      Yes, and it’s sad and sobering to read how some of this testimony feels as if the witness doesn’t expect to be believed.

  8. oscar496

    If I read this testimony without knowing the circumstances, I’d swear it was from the 1930s when unions began as a result of this kind of abuse to workers. I wonder how those responsible can get a good night’s sleep knowing the consequences of their (in)actions. Nothing less than shocking. Thank you, Susan, for all your work and personal sacrifice in bringing these injustices to public scrutiny. You, unlike those responsible at MARS, have done (and continue to do so) immesurable good for this world.

  9. Teresa Johnson & rescue hedgies

    Years ago I read The Jungle as part of required high school history reading. This whole story has conjured similar images of then. I have long avoided Mars products, people and pets. Maybe if we get enough of this kind of operations into mainstream news others will follow suit. Mars will eventually have to change standards (read: get standards!) or fold. Every revolution has to start with just one person. Susan, I’m sure glad we have you on our side!

  10. Marley

    Every time I hear about something like this I think of the crony capitalists that run our government who say that we need to get rid of regulations.

  11. Merry

    THANK YOU, SUSAN, FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND SHARING WITH YOUR READERS! I totally agree with what oscar496 said prior to my comment: “Thank you, Susan, for all your work and personal sacrifice in bringing these injustices to public scrutiny. You, unlike those responsible at MARS, have done (and continue to do so) immesurable good for this world.” YOU ARE A CHAMPION!!

  12. landsharkinnc

    this does not surprise me; I have worked in several places where 2-3 days [in advance] Maintenance is scrambling to get things ship-shape as they know OSHA will show up on x date; same with Health Dept. visits for cafeteria/kitchens.

    1. Liz Ramsey

      Yes, I worked in the printing industry for over 30 years, and everyone knew days in advance when OSHA was coming. All the safety equipment for the presses were on for the inspection. Also every printing company in Ann Arbor Michigan called each other to give heads up that OSHA was coming. This whole thing is a very bad and deadly joke.

  13. soozyb2013

    So, well, umm, what did I just read? Court documents, testimonies from actual people, health issues from these people, I can’t believe that still nothing is being done to monitor said companies. All the short cuts being done, risking peoples health and the food/feed that this poison gets into, and these so called humans can sleep at night with big bank accounts. That is the only thing they think about is the big $. It disgusts me, and how many products out there have Mars for the main company, too many to list here. I am now going to really look at labeling and still continue to make my own food, at least we have a fighting chance there.
    Thank you again for doing what you do Susan and I just hope more people will come forward to speak in courts.

  14. barbara m

    After reading the depositions, it is my opinion that OSHA was not responsible for protecting these employees. Mars was given advanced notice of their imminent arrival and put on a “dog and pony” show. The employees put on the masks and used the equipment as required, ( one man said for the very first time ), as they had never previously used them – for years. So, to me it is the chemical plant managers that are negligent for not training their employees properly. They gave them the masks, the equipment and instruction booklets, but did not check to see if they were following those safety protocols.
    How OSHA’s planned visit was leaked is another matter.

    There are so many issues here: truckers giving plastic bags of “good” grains to the inspectors, the illegal use of spoiled grain mixed in with the good grain, the airing out of gassed grains on the public highways, the required time and the method to legally air out the grains, the employees taking the spent containers home to put in their trash… the list goes on.

  15. Natural Mom

    I suspect this happens in most commercial products and it’s why our family only feeds pasture-raised organic raw meats/bones and veg to our cats and dogs. All human grade, purchased from the ranchers (farmers markets), butchers or our local natural foods markets. TY Susan for all your hard work to get the truth to the public! May God bless you for it.

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