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Petsumer Report Review of the Month

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  1. Marika

    Did Nutram change their recipes recently? I was concerned about the inclusion of Menadione (synthetic vitamin K) and visited their site, but couldn’t find any mention of it in their individual product ingredient lists. However, on their “ingredient list” page, under vitamin K, they differentiate between synthetic and natural sources and they state, “Nutram diets only use Natural Vitamin K sources, such as Spinach.” Here’s the page for your reference: Maybe they changed their policy after criticism over Menadione?

  2. Cheryl Neuman

    There is a bigger picture then just our pets’ food. Our own food has almost the same chemicals and preservatives as our animals food. We do not have any inspectors in place since the Mike Harris Government removed them all. Getting donations to report on these criminal acts by big companies is great but until your followers get our Governments to reinstate inspectors that are actually working for our individual countries and not the buddy system for the almighty dollar we are all “up creek” so the saying goes.

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