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Petsumer Report Review of the Month

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  1. Jo

    Thank you for the review of this food. The ingredient list is far more encouraging than many, but in light of your recent article about poultry sludge in Delaware, should we be concerned about the “chicken fat” in this food?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I think we have to be concerned about the chicken fat, animal fat, poultry fat, or beef fat (to my understanding this same ‘sludge’ removal is done at beef processing facilities too) in all pet foods. We need verification that each ingredient – not just fat – is sourced from quality. Until we have that, the best thing to do is for consumers to ‘talk with’ their pet food company. We have to trust them – with our pets lives basically. Trust (to me) can only be gained with open communication. If you ask a difficult question and the company tries to skirt the answer – or doesn’t give you a complete answer – to me, that is a problem. Hope that makes sense.

      1. Jo

        Great advice as usual! Thank you!

  2. Ellie

    This is the food manufacturer that is located in my area. I once commented about some an occasion there when employees were fired (and then later hired again) for not cleaning the machines between batches. They have cameras on site but apparently the tapes are not checked very often an employee was quoted saying that they had failed to clean the machines on a regular basis. I might add that this was one of the fired employees. I realize that the owners cannot watch the employees all the time but why have the cameras if they do not check the tapes on a regular basis?

    This was about 5 years ago so I cannot comment on if they have “cleaned up” their act or not and I can’t comment on the quality of the ingredients. The person my daughter knew that worked there moved out of the area so I have no knowledge of current conditions.

  3. Maria Aqua

    This is a great review. It is very useful especially that pet food manufacturers care more about the profit not the ingredients they feed on our pets. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sherrie

    Has anyone heard of a new dog food called “Addiction” I saw it on Chewy, I have a dog with severe allergies, his ears are crusty and his belly/groin area is red and warm to the touch which I think sez infection. He has been on and off steroids and antibiotics but no help. My vet recommended a venison diet, I have feed my dog (he is a 12 pound Shih Tzu) Stella & Chewy Venison, Ziwi Peak Venison, Nature’s Variety Frozen Raw Venison ( I do notice on the Nature’s Variety there is pork in the venison diet too) and the one my vet receommened is Natural Balance LIT Venison. None of these have worked that good, so I saw the ADDITION dog food, the ingredients look really good. But I can’t find where this is made. Is it USA or China, so please if anyone knows about this dog food please let me know thank you so much Sherrie

    1. Ellie

      I believe Addiction is made in New Zealand like Ziwi iPeak is. I would also want to know the process of making the food. Is it raw and if not how is it processe?. If you trust the manufacturing process then give it a try. Go directly to their website ( and find out more about them. Email them and ask questions. If you like what you hear then give it a try.
      I would rather by a good food from New Zealand than a crummy one from the US.

  5. Tara

    I really think hagen pet foods with these so called chemical supplements that are supposidly good for the pets are actually really bad for them, I don’t think any white powder they add or tell you to is good, I have had two birds go crazy and die from hagens crap, and kaytee is bad too, obviously if your pet dies you go buy another one right? ching ching

  6. sheri

    My cat had been eating this food for about 1 year when he developed difficulty urinating. The vet explained that in grain free food the carbs are replaced with minerals like phosphorus which is what is responsible for urinary problems in cats. He also explained that the amounts given in on the bag (.8% phosphorus) is the MINIMUM amount and the fact that the company does not post the MAXIMUM amount is because they know it is harmful. So I do not reccommend that anyone feed their cat this food unless they want $$$ vet bills to fix their cats urinary blockage.

  7. Leigh Barrett

    I recently changed to this brand, and am on my way to the vet due to a suspected urinary blockage. I wish I had seen Sheri’s review before now.

  8. MTJC

    My cat has been on this food ever since he was a kitten and has had no problems what so ever. Tried giving him some other foods, but transitioning to other stuff just gave him diarrhea. I am sticking to what works I guess! I believe it is really good cat food, trying their new SubZero product now and seems to work as good.

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