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Petsumer Report Review of the Month

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  1. cali

    I wouldn’t feed this food. It’s loaded with totally inappropriate cat ingredients, fruit, vegggies, pea and pea products galore, alfalfa, flax, veggie oils, rosemary extract, herbs, and more, including the bad ones already mentioned above. I don’t know what this company is thinking but they are not creating a decent kibble for cats with this product.

    1. Katie Vance

      So you’re saying no cat food should have any fruits, vegetables or flax? Yes cats don’t need any of those but they are not bad and can be beneficial in many ways. Flax is a great source of omega, absolutely nothing wrong.

      1. pru

        Cats can’t make use of flax as a source of omega fatty acids. They need all of their omegas to come from animal fats. So it’s basically a good-to-humans-sounding filler ingredient.

  2. Puller

    Alfalfa can cause bladder/kidney stones in guinea pigs, I’m not so sure that the high calcium in alfalfa is great for cats.

    1. Karen

      Alfalfa is not good for cats because of their propensity to have urinary calculus. I’m always amazed at the inclusion of it in the premium natural foods that I buy. I wonder sometimes if they even research things much at all. It is considered to be a natural source of Vit. K so maybe that’s why they stick it in there.

    2. Erica

      Cali – what brands / foods do you suggest?

  3. Ali

    This food isn’t perfect, but it has been a godsend to my family. One of my cats (a feral kitten I was fostering to socialize and who turned into a foster-failure) had HORRIBLE giardia and coccidia as a kitten, severe diarrhea for months that was unresponsive to treatment. 5 years later she still has the most sensitive GI tract of any animal I’ve ever known. I can add probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to food all day long, but canned is too inconsistent between batches and as much as I love raw I bet it would cause her intestines to explode. Trying almost food out there I was feeding California Natural Chicken & Rice, only because it was one of the simplest formulas I can find ina super-premium brand. With their acquisition by P&G I was looking to switch and when I decided to try this one it took me 9 months to transition her. I love giving all my pets a varied diet, but for her anything more than structured, measured feeding will result in catastrophe.

  4. Karen

    I agree and have wondered the same thing about all of the premium foods including alfalfa. I don’t like it for cats either and I guess it is because of the vit. K. But, you would think the “experts” in cat nutrition who were formulating the products’ recipes would have more sense.

  5. Karen

    I feed Newman’s Own by the way because I want organic, free range meat sources, not factory farmed, mutated, hormone-infused, tortured chickens. I don’t consider that meat to be “fresh” like all of the advertising claims. Newman’s claims to have some ethical standards that I appreciate as a environmental and humane-conscious consumer. I do not see alfalfa on the ingredients. We also have a cat with hardly any teeth and we order the Tropical Traditions raw steaks for her. It’s easier for her to pick up and we think it is healthier. We would feed all of the cats that if we could afford to do so.

  6. Danette

    Have you ever been to Perham, MN? It stinks….BAD. No one there buys it. And from personally growing up there on a farm…I have no doubt they make use of the dead diseased animals and road kill.

    1. Jan

      Do you have proof of that?

  7. jenny jones

    wow guys thanks , i was buying this as my most expensive dry treat food for my urinary cats , other than cd of course, 9 lives plus care, and purina urinary care dry foods, and tons of wet food…… I had no idea about all this with pure vita! I cant afford the royal canin urinary tract food . I have a lot of cats, and they free graze the dry, so they must all eat the urinary care kind now. I had the folks who sold this to research all there foods , which were best for this issue, they came up with this one…. my cats love the taste i will say…. I use to feed blue before the scare with one of my young males boys getting blocked….. Jen

  8. Erica

    I have been feeding Pure Vita dry cat food (chicken) to my sensitive (allergy issues, struvite crystals) cat for about a year now. His allergies are gone and has had zero issues with struvite crystals. He is in great health. His hair / eyes / teeth look fantastic. He is ten years old. I add water to his food to give him extra moisture in his diet. I had him on C/D for a long time and his allergies were out of control (dark stuff in his ears, bumps on his lips). Pure Vita Chicken works for us!

  9. Danielle Weingarten

    I found my cat around 4months old last year this month, we went to the high end pet stores and I told them I wanted a healthy cat food. This one was recommended by two stores. I will continue to look around for a better alternative. She has the shiniest coat, is a healthy weight and has not had any issues yet, but she’s young. I just want to do right by her and make sure she is with me a long time. Thanks for sharing the comments. I didn’t see much that worried me in the review until I read the comments.

    1. Neal Fischer

      I just adopted a new kitty and wanted to review PureVita, to make sure nothing had changed, as I had been using it with my last cat. Like you, I was comfortable until I read the comments, and then got worried. So I did I little more digging and found a site that seemed to have done a serious amount of research, including cat owners, veterinary professionals, read dozens of articles and studies; and actually analyzed the ingredients themselves… and my worries went away. See my review.

  10. Neal Fischer

    My cat passed away in Sept of 2015 after being my companion for 19.5 years. Several years before she passed away I switched her to PureVita dry cat food. Within weeks she lost the extra weight she had been carrying around for years, had more energy and all around was healthier. She had always been a healthy cat, never once sick, never needed medication, never needed special food. She ate half of what she would eat in all other brands (self regulated eating), and I tried many. While she was a naturally healthy cat, I must say that in observing her over her lifetime, the only cat food that clearly had a strong & positive impact on her life was PureVita. While it is more expensive, if PureVita has the same impact on other cats as it did mine, it should last twice as long.

    And to those who have posted negative reviews… I won’t doubt what you are saying, but here is a link to the most intensively researched review of cat foods where they tested 1,759 cat food formulas and found only 163 that were produced by a trustworthy brand with high-quality, risk-free ingredients. And only 38 out of over 100 brands passed. And while Pure Vita was not in their top 10 best formulas… PureVita Grain-Free Salmon Entree Dry Cat Food, the one I use, made the GOOD list. Check it out here:

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Neal – the reviews you mentioned were not tested. They were simply reviewed by their ‘team of experts’. There was no consideration of human grade ingredients (no discussion of that), no consideration of human grade supplements or country of origin. It was simply opinion – as all reviews are.

      1. Regina

        I just bought this food too, the salmon. I have used Nustrica for a long time and although a little concerned about the pea ingredients it is low glycemic. My vet and others recommend Orijen which is even more expensive and uses lentils. I did just find nutrisca thru Chewy online as I can no longer find it in stores and they have small bags of salmon. Nutrisca still seems to me to have the fewest ingredients, which I look for as a my main decision maker as I do with myself since I eat gluten free. Any suggestions are appreciated. I still do not know if my new rescue kitty who is about 2-1/2 has allergies or possibly nasal polyps. Thank you.

  11. Katie Vance

    Hmm I started feeding my cat the pure vita chicken as the acana I was feeding her she was starting to pick out and was having some diarrhea issues. I have been feeding her this food for a couple months away and she’s been doing really well on it, her stool is the best it’s been a while and hasn’t been getting diarrhea. She doesn’t throw up hairballs as much as they seem to be passing through better. I have nothing bad to say about it.

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