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Petsumer Report Review of the Month

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  1. lynn

    I noticed that many pet foods have sodium selenite in their pet foods a few do not a few. I wonder why I make my fur children’s food… maybe it’s we can not trust pet food companies at all. I do have a friend who uses orijin dog food and treat’s she swear’s by it.susan this one is for you.. I do not know. what do you think? as I home cook so I do not know .but know it’s not made in the u.s.a. it comes out of Canada .as for me I am at a point I trust no pet food company and wonder how safe the food we eat really is also. i buy all at a healthfood market.. and hope for the best.

  2. Teri

    I bought a couple of packages of Newmans own theats shaped like little hearts.
    My dog won’t touch them.

  3. Patric Lina

    I’ve always tried to feed my dogs the best. Have been careful about labels etc. but Newman’s Own Organic is by far my favorite. I am assuming this outward change reflects their general improvement in overall health. The dogs love it too.

  4. Katie

    Why does this food get 5 stars? It is low in meat content and high in grain/filler/vegetable-derived protein. Please explain your ranking system – is it only based upon the ingredients and source?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Two of the first five ingredients are meat – so it is not low in meat content. It is not an all meat diet – it’s formulation is a typical commercial dog food kibble diet (meat and vegetables). The first five ingredients are nutrient providing ingredients – plus the vegetable ingredients are organic. You might not agree with barley or oats or peas being fed to a dog, but they do provide nutrition.

  5. Tammy Baugh

    It could be that although Newman’s Own Pet Food is supposed to contain Probiotics that once they add them in and the poor stuff goes through all of the processing and extreme tempratures as normal, any probiotics that were formerly present just got cooked out. In fact this might be why they aren’t listed in the guaranteed analisis. I once before saw where this is what happened to the probiotics in another pet food.

  6. PJ

    Contains soybean meal (albeit organic). Understood such is a poor ingredient for a dog, but it does take up space in the bag. As for the 1st 5 ingredients, the 1st one listed is before moisture removal. When moisture is ultimately removed, am sure it is no longer in the 1st 5. Then you have 4 fillers (in my opinion) & one meat not legitimately listed as the 1st ingredient. I would consider this formula chicken-flavored grains. Am shocked at 5 stars & personally would use a bag of this stuff as a door stop before feeding it to any living thing. Based on a 5 star rating for this swill, have to give a fish eye to other reviews & the criteria used as basis. Have long been a follower of TAPF but this definitely gives me pause. The 1st red flag for me a couple of years ago before seeing this review: saw it at Ralph’s.

    1. Sherry Lynn

      PJ – I totally agree!

  7. Judith

    I have a can of Newman’s Own dog food that I bought to try. Dog likes it, but it contains carrageenans — says so on the label. Your report did not mention that some of their products do.

  8. Ian

    I agree with Susan that Newman’s Own is a decent choice for kibble (if you are not home-cooking). I’ve learned not everyone lives near a well stocked pet specialty supply company, and sometimes you need something now and can’t order online and wait for delivery. What I like about Newman’s Own is that it is labeled Organic which means in part that the ingredients AND processing facility are inspected and monitored much more carefully than a regular processing facility. Also, I like that all Newman’s Own profits are donated to charity. There’s not such an incentive to cut corners. Newman’s Own may be the best pet food stocked at your local supermarket, and as such may be a much better alternative for pets than the other options on that supermarket shelf. The Organic label requires some pretty strict standards and in my book that beats a lot of other so-called super-premium but non-organic brands.

  9. Walter Jones

    Organic is a wonderful choice and I know Newman’s Own does a fantastic job with their puppy food. To me this is a no brainer.

  10. David

    I feed both the hard kibble and soft cans of Newman’s Own to my miniature poodle. He had soft stool issues with other brands, but this stuff seems to work for him. A bit expensive and limited on where you can buy it where i live, but overall i’m pleased. Decent variety of flavors and he seems to like it. Been on it a year with no problems.

  11. Monica

    If this food does not contain any probiotics, how can I balance the food? Would I need to add them once the food is thawed?

  12. Penelope

    Choosing organic is a great choice for our furrier members of the family. I try to eat organic so I feel my dog deserves the same. And I agree with Ian that it’s nice to know their profits go to charity, so you know they aren’t trying to swindle their customers.

  13. mahod

    The catfood that used to be Chicken and Brown Rice is now just “Chicken Dinner.” Instead of pieces of meat and rice, this new formula is a grey-brown-pink paste. The cat, who previously loved the old formula, took a sniff and walked away.

    Label change: The old labels had both Nell Newman (founder of the organics line) and Mr. Newman. Now the new line has a totally redesigned label, and only Mr. Newman’s face is there. Additionally, you should read up on what has happened with the Newman’s Own Foundation.

    Nell has been kicked out, and Bob Forrester took over as the sole controller of the foundation — investing in a pricy new $14million building and lots of other lavish stuff that this charity doesn’t need, and Mr. Newman would probably hate. The kids and Mrs. Newman have been locked out. One daughter works for them, but the bottom line is, what Mr. Newman created is now a cash cow for Forrester and his cronies. It’s not what it once was, and the new formula and labels of the organics line really speak to that. It’s clearly gone cheap and exploitative of Mr. Newman’s movie star image, without the integrity of his daughter Nell, who founded the organics devision or Mr. Newman’s formerly quirky and very philanthropic company.

  14. Kimberly

    I actually can’t see much of a difference between high end dog food brands, in terms of stomach issues adn wellbeing, maybe taste – my dog has it’s preferences. However, I can only say what I see observing my own dog.

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