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Petsumer Report Review of the Month

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  1. Tracie

    My cat ate Nutro Natural Choice minced, chunky loaf, senior soft loaf, and kitten, (all chicken) for four months.
    He began to vomit food and yellow liquid at the four month mark, as well as having increased drinking and urination, and I stopped feeding him Nutro.
    We switched to two different foods (first Hound & Gatos rabbit which was too high in carbs and caused diarrhea after one week, and second to Weruva Cats in the Kitchen chicken frick ‘a zee which caused diarrhea immediately).
    After the baby food and cooked chicken recovery period, I put him on Fancy Feast liver and chicken (the only FF variety that does not contain fish).
    Because of his extensive GI issues he cannot handle raw and doesn’t process cooked meats well (leads to constipation) so home cooking chicken for him and supplementing it isn’t going to work.
    He needs to be on a low carb food that does not contain carrageenan which makes him regurgitate.
    I find it interesting that all reviews of Nutro mention both dogs and cats having elevated liver enzymes after blood work; my cat just had pre-dental blood work which showed elevated liver enzymes (so dental surgery was cancelled) and we go back to the vet next week for further blood work.

    1. Cor Vandekar

      It is my understanding that cats (and dogs) fed a high protein diet will have higher liver enzymes.. The averages on the vet tests are taken from average protein and high carb diets (the average diet). I feed raw and liver enzymes are always higher then the norm, my vet is not worried about it! I’m no vet and I’m sure someone can explain this better, but this is my understanding!

      1. Tracie

        My cat’s liver enzymes were in the 380-400 range; quite high.
        Combined with the increased drinking and urination, and the fact that he is clearly not feeling 100%, further investigation is prudent.
        Ultrasound and xray both showed that his liver is enlarged, as well.

        1. Tracie

          Forgot to mention that his kidney function is perfectly normal – no increase whatsoever in BUN or creatinine.

    2. kitkat

      What carbs are in Hounds and Gatos?

      1. Tracie

        According to Elizabeth Hodgkins’ dry matter carb formula, (Add up the crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, moisture, ash. Subtract total from 100, then divide result by .25 to get % carbohydrates on dry matter basis), the Hound & Gatos rabbit had like 20%, if I remember correctly. Ideally dry matter carbs should be 4% or lower. I have no idea where the carbs are coming from in that food, but they’re there.

    3. f charland

      try fussie cat or tiki cat (high price, worth it). weruva is also great. maybe u should slowly wean the kitty to new food as this will cause diarrhea (new foods). Use Purina forti flora which will stop diarrhea (sprinkle on food, no need to use full packet). I buy this all on amazon. fancy feast is bad food.

    4. NofanofNutro

      Interesting. I bought the chicken indoor for seniors dry cat food and noticed immediately my cat became lethargic. Then a couple of days later and i switched her to their indoor no grain duck & potato and same thing. She became very lethargic and looked at me with kind of a weird no ones home look in her eyes. It freaked me out, so i took her off Nutro completely. What the heck do these knuckleheads at Mars co.
      put in their pet foods to make pets zombie like?????



    5. Lisa Bolo

      I just had the same problem with my cat. Just submitted a complaint to the FDA. Why is this brand still on the market? They have had problems going back to at least 2009.

  2. Valerie Smith

    what is the ‘natural flavors’ in this food – I consider that to be the riskiest ingredient in pet foods because it nearly always means animal digest…

  3. Sheryl

    My cat has similar GI issues, because we found her as a stray abandoned baby, and we feed TikiCat, but only the straight fish or chicken, not the cans containing rice, as most of those contain carrageenan. The only straight fish product that does have a guar gum is the sardine, and the sardine and mackerel. The straight chicken and chicken and egg seem to be fine as well.

    1. Tracie

      Tiki Cat isn’t an option for my cat as it has sunflower oil in it, and I am fairly certain it was the sunflower oil in the Weruva chicken frik ‘a zee (boy how I hate the names of their products) that caused his acute diarrhea (within hours from eating just one can – his body just purged the stuff). I avoid fish because of FLUTD symptoms he had before on a prescription GI diet (Iams Low Residue) but that had fish meal and the urine acidifier,
      DL-methionine. I totally avoid both of those ingredients now.
      It is extremely frustrating as for some reason he seems to do well on the not-so-“premium” foods, (until, of course, he doesn’t – and then I have to switch). We’ve pretty much exhausted all options for low-carb canned foods that aren’t acidified, don’t have carrageenan, and don’t have fish or fish meal.

  4. steph gas

    i’m curious as to why he can’t handle raw? i’ve spoken to so many pet owners whose pets with GI issues improved dramatically after switching to a raw diet.

    1. Tracie

      He has shown zero interest when I’ve offered him raw in the past, and the research I’ve done indicates that cats with the GI issues he has may actually get worse on a raw diet. (He suffers from chronic constipation because of pelvic fracture – it’s painful for him to go especially if things get too bulky). Plain cooked meat is hard on him because the pure protein comes out the other end very firm which causes him pain, and it also slows down his gut transit time. I might try the Stella & Chewy’s again in the future as an addition to his diet, but only once I get his current issues sorted out.

  5. f charland

    enlarged liver can be FIV or cancer. I dont really think its the food at all and that something else is making kitty sick. Stella and Chewys is great. kitties get addicted to junk food (especially dry) and they dont want the good foods. Either way, introducing new foods is tricky and most kitties have stomach issues at first so slowly is the key word. If the vet cant figure out whats wrong, a holistic/homeopathic vet is a good idea.

    1. Tracie

      I don’t believe it could be FIV, as he was (I presume) tested prior to my adopting him from the SPCA. I am only too aware that lymphoma is a possibility and naturally it is completely stressing me out. Our follow up vet visit is this week. Yes, Fancy Feast is absolute crap – but right now, he can eat it and he can poop on it, and he’s not vomiting, so for now that’s what he’s eating. My previous comments regarding Weruva explain why I won’t feed it (or Tiki Cat). My initial comment was alerting others what my cat’s reaction to Nutro Natural Choice was after eating it for four months. That reaction (the vomiting) most definitely was the food, as it stopped after I discontinued feeding it. I can’t say for sure whether or not his increased liver values were a direct result of having eaten Nutro, but I’m not discounting it.

      1. Beth Knuth

        Tracie, I think Fancy Feast is okay, that is what I have learned from some of the cat sites that review canned. It may not be the best, but it is acceptable and much better than dry kibble. I have even asked a top on line vet which is better top dry and cheaper canned cat food, or cheap dry and top canned cat food. He said use the top of the line dry kibble and the cheaper canned. I even dampen my dry kibble with warm water so the cat gets the moisture. That is the big new finding that the dry is bad because it causes cats to be in a constant state of dehydration. We do what we have to do to maintain our cats, it is sad when people make you feel bad. My cats are very difficult with the raw too, it is very hard to transition the stubborn ones. Good luck!

        1. Tracie

          Thank you Beth! Btw, your dog is gorgeous.

        2. angela dunn

          fancy feast is a terrible, terrible food. please please research.

  6. f. charland

    check out website below for homeopathic aid, also Pet Alive has so many homeopathic remedies for all types of issues. The second link is info on liver disease. Boiling plain chicken/turkey and supplementing it may be the best remedy or look up homemade cat food. No vegetables or grains. Veges cause anemia and kidney/liver problems in cats but pet food makers add them anyway.

  7. Jessica

    I have been doing a lot of research on cat food lately. Tiki cat seems great, but people are saying not to feed your cat fish. I have noticed even in the tiki cat chicken food there is fish oil. Wouldn’t that be considered containing fish? Is this bad? I really liked fussie cat and my cats seem to like it better than tiki cat, but fussie cat contains carrageenan which I have heard is also bad so I don’t really want to feed my cats that anymore.

  8. tracey

    my moms cat got severe liver issues from eating Nutro and almost died he did a complete turn around once they changed the food but damage still remained and had to be on meds as well as my cousins cat did die from the food. I would never recommend this greenwasher.

  9. C

    My 14 year old was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. He loves Nutro, all of my cats do so I was primarily feeding it with some other varieties they also like. I just read there is a huge amount of iodine in Nutro, way more than other foods, so it may have contributed to his current high thyroid numbers. I am also worried it is the cause of the weight gain in the others. My hyperthyroid cat is now on Hills y/d for now though I have been mixing a bit of Nutro in to make it palatable as he has transitioned to the new super restrictive diet (seriously my cats HATE. Science Diet, you would think they could make it tastier). I am going to take them all off Nutro for a bit to see if that solves some issues.

  10. Rose

    I had two adult cats that passed away on the same day in 2007. I also fed them Nutro Dry Cat Food and Temptation dry cat treats and both products are made by Mars. I called the Mars company and they said they never heard of any pets getting ill. It is 2016 and I still hear bad things about their products.

  11. Linda Muir

    I keep going back to Fussie Cat as it seems to be full of the product (chicken, fish,etc.). No grains and not a lot of watery gunk. Yes it has Carrageenan and I question the need for that, and do try to avoid it. But Fussie Cat is a good buy, especially on If you haven’t found for all your cat and dog food supplies, go to their site. If you get a product that is not getting eaten or for any reason, you and your pet hate it, call Chewy. They will refund your money, no questions asked. Then they ask you to donate the food. You do not have to throw it away, or send it back. Chewy rocks!!!!

  12. Maureen

    I have fed all my cats and dogs Nutro through the years, and they have all lived long lives and died of old age. I only have one cat now, we are growing old together. I adopted Punkin when she was 11 years old (was told she was 7 yrs). She will be 17 years old in a few months, has slowed down a bit but still going strong. I’ve slowed down some also!

  13. Bob Ritchie

    I recently began using Nutro cat food with good results. However, despite to statement suggesting the pack can be resealed, I cannot understand what is being referred to. There is no resalable feature. There is a strip on one side that has no purpose and cannot be pealed or separated. Very strange. Any advice. Clothes pins work fine.

  14. Linda Smith

    My cats love the taste of Nutro Dry foods, but 4 cats all came down with a Urinary Tract Infection. They also eat an assortment of wet foods. I took away the Nutro branded foods, and cats were fine. Now, I just purchased a small bag of Nutro Hairball formula, and once again Urinary Tract Infections occurred. Time for me to stay away from this dry food.

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