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Petsumer Report Review of the Month

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  1. brit

    but what on earth is Spray Dried Porcine Plasma?

    1. Peter

      uh… powdered pig’s blood.

      1. Jess

        why is that included as an ingredient? i’ve never seen that in pet food before…..

        1. Roberta

          All the information on each ingredient are included in detail on their website.

        2. GSDgrl82

          I know this is an old comment but in case anyone reads this, hope it helps! Blood is actually very nutritious, as long as it’s good quality there’s nothing wrong with it being included in dog foods.

  2. Sharon

    Thank Goodness! I have been feeding this to my Chi since this summer. I was afraid there was going to be some bad news in this article. Nice for a change that a company is doing something right!! Thanks Petsumer!

  3. Bernie Winegrad

    Have been feeding Nature’s Logic Lamb to my dog for 9 months. He loves the stuff. Unfortunately, there’s no reliable local supply and I’m forced to special order a 26 pound bag about once every 3-4 weeks. Fortunately, there is one local pet supply store willing to order for me, and only once, due to their Phoenix AZ supplier being out of stock, were not able to fulfill our need. Wishing Tucson AZ were better provided with Nature’s Logic. Funny thing though, while doggie loves their product, my cats seem to dislike their canned and dry foods. I’ve tried, believe me, I’ve tried. Cats! got to love them.

    1. Stasi

      You can order online from It even has free shipping over $49 (if I remember correctly). This is the only way I am able to get my Nature’s Logic.

      1. Erin

        they sell this food on also. they send free shipping codes by email regularly

      2. Carol

        Yes, that’s the only way I can get it also. And, Chewy,com, is wonderful to work with.

    2. Lourdes

      I had the same problem and shop now for Nature’s Logic online @ They are also about $10.oo less than the local retailers and W/ FREE SHIPPING too. At first I was concerned about “expiration dates” but it has never been a problem. The foods are just as direct as w/local stores. Try them!… delivered to your doorstep (and the large bags ARE heavy)!! Cant complain 🙂

    3. Lori S. is another source. Free shipping over $35, and the shipping is fast. Looks like it is a little more expensive than, but you can also get a little bit off with ebates. I like it when I need it quickly.

    4. Debby

      Paws veterinary on River Road carry Natures Logic.

  4. mikken

    Do we know if all of Nature’s Logic rabbit is non-China sourced? I was looking at their canned cat food, but hesitated because of the question of sourcing.

    1. Roberta

      It states on their website that their rabbit comes from Italy.

  5. Iva Kimmelman

    I own a chain of pet supply stores that sell all the best pet foods on the market.
    I breed whippets and this food is what I have used for 3 years. I have not been this high on a food since Eukanuba came in plain white bags and looked like peat moss.
    They look marvelous and I can’t get over how much they love the food day in and day out. The amount of stool I clean up is less than what goes in, which you can’t say for any other kibble that I know of. And the price is very reasonable for this much quality!

  6. Deborah Stone

    What do you know about Wild Calling pet food?
    Heard that it is manufactured through Evangers, and wonder if it is safe to feed my animals?
    Anxiously waiting to hear from you-

  7. Steph

    All the rabbit sourcing on their Pledge indicates Italy. My understanding is none of their ingredients are from China. I did many hours of research over the past year and decided on this food. I really like that they are non-GMO and use no synthetic vitamins/minerals (of which much is sourced from China). Seems to be a solid company and no recalls. Unfortunately, my dog didn’t do quite as well as I had hoped – as much as I hoped millet would be OK for him, it seems it wasn’t. I believe he has an issue with grains (and heavy potato based foods). I recently switched to Orijen which seems to be working better for him (I am disappointed Orijen has not done the Pledge! and wish they didn’t use synthetic stuff). He loved the taste of Natures Logic! I think NL is a great food, and their customer service is great, too.

    1. mikken

      You’re right! I asked them directly and they confirmed Italy.

    2. Erin

      I called the company today, they do not guarantee natures logic is GMO free. just an FYI, though this article does say that it is GMO free, according to the company it is not

  8. Lanette Ramey

    I had a hard time finding this food in Houston, TX as well. Many of the stores listed on their site did not have the food. I was having to mail order, but recently found it at a new natural pet food store called Nourish Pet Care. The owner is an LVT and is really into quality healthy pet food. She follows this site as well. They carry the dry, the canned, and the frozen raw food. If you are in Houston and need it, check out their store. They sell many high quality pet foods.

    1. LMM has the cheapest and free delivery. Their warehouse in to ships it. Their home office is in RI. It should get to you in 3 days. They also have great discounts regularly so it’s the best place I found to purchase. Hope this help.

      1. LMM

        Sorry typo. It ships from Texas.

  9. dc

    “Contains Alfalfa…health promoting”
    Isn’t all alfalfa genetically engineered these days?

  10. Carol

    I use this food and change the protein source with each bag. I also had a problem getting this in any store near me. I had one store order it for me, but the price was outrageous, and I returned it. I now get it from and they deliver it free. Very nice people to work with also, and it gets delivered the day after I order it. How great is that? Very good food and my golden has never looked better. She has stomach problems that are getting better since she is on this food. Great product.

  11. mikken

    I just read on their cans of cat food that it’s for “intermittent or supplemental feeding only”. I wonder why that is?

    1. mikken

      They cover this on their site FAQ (the website could use a better design – it’s all the way at the bottom in small letters). Apparently, because they choose not to use synthetic vitamins and minerals, they can’t get the proper approval of their formulation, but they’re working to change that…with reassurances that it’s really ok to feed it all the time, but they can’t say that outright due to legalities.

      It’s a bit…hm.

  12. Sandy

    Millet the number 2 ingredient..hardly any food value. I rank it right up there with corn…just a filler. We won’t even give it to our birds. Why buy a dog food with it as one of the main ingredients. It may not be GMO but it has little food value. Too much fat content in this food for my opinion. Pumpkin seeds and beef fat in the top 5 ingredients along with yeast?? Dogs don’t need this much fat in their diet. Pumpkin seeds another cheap filler-also fatty. I wouldn’t call these top five ingredients acceptable in my book. sorry.

    1. Lourdes

      hmm… well, for me its the best one out there so far..i use the kibble to keep the stool firm and as a foundation to my homemade wet food. I cook beef, chicken or turkey w brown/wild rice and add spinach, carrots, and/or pumkin/sweet potato to make it more ‘hefty’. I also add sardines, cod, tuna, etc. So far they (all four of them) are doing amazingly well. I have 2 pugs, a mini schnauzer, and a big (we think she’s golden/grman shepherd). I don’t believe that Nature’s Logic has had any recalls. I like the beef and the lamb for my babies.

    2. Roberta

      It explains on their website why they use millet in their cat food. They said it would be a common seed grain that a cat (or dog I guess) might find in it’s wild prey and so it is totally gut friendly as far as digestion. Millet is an extremely healthful grain for humans. It is an important food staple in some parts of the world such as Asia and Africa. There is no synthetic vitamins included in this food as they believe their meats provide everything that is needed for balanced nutrition.

  13. Emily

    This maybe a dumb question but I just started reading about dog foods. I am on my second bag of Blue Buffalo. Good, bad? Should I switch to this? Any help is appreciated. I have two boxers and they are a little over weight. Not picky eaters at all. Thanks

    1. Valerie

      I had been feeding my dogs Blue Buffalo for years with no problems until recently. I had 6 dogs and last month my oldest dog passed, he had bloody stools. My other dogs were not eating the food so I did a google search to see if they changed the recipe. I found numerous recent complaints against them and that other dogs were having the same problem that mine had. I think they changed something in their food. I read they hired the ex ceo of Nestle or Purina and they were advertising more, so the money has to come from somewhere. If you google Blue Buffalo complaints or recalls it should take you to the consumer complaints. I returned the dog and cat food I purchased. I will not buy their food again. I am researching again myself for a different for for my dogs and cats. I tried Fromm but my dogs would not eat it. I am cooking their food, but I am also looking for a dry food they will eat. That is how I got to this site.

      1. Emily Entrop

        Thanks for the info. I’m going to try natures logic

    2. Erin

      there are many foods that are better then others out there, BB is not the worst and if your pets are healthy sometimes its best not to change their food just because its not the “best out there”. even the best dog food in the world may not agree with every dog. my dog eats merrick grain free pork, I tried switching her to GO! NOW and she vomited for 3 months because her stomach is so sensitive. I decided after how sick she got and the thousands in vet bills…not to change her food again unless I for some reason have to, even if there are even better options out there (though merrick is still very good). if your dog is overweight I would suggest cutting down their calorie intake

  14. Lourdes

    Hi Emily. I found Nature’s Logic, the top rated brand by Susan Thixton page here has never had any recalls. I believe Blue Buffalo has. You should do some research. My advise is “Read, Read, Read” there is a lot of info out there and websites like which rates pretty much every brand out there. Also see what your pet likes. 🙂

  15. Lourdes

    I recommend Nature’s Logic as one w/o any recalls and as a good kibble base. Cooking for your pet is also recommendable. I mix Nature’s Logic Dry Dog Food w homemade wet food and my dogs have never complained (lol).. but rather they have no allergies, skin problems, etc. So far Nature’s Logic has been highly recommended to me and I do the same. Also, you need to constantly research everything and this is a great website to keep you updated!

  16. Ian

    I found this line based on their being one of the few available kibbles to have completed the Pledge. I have fed a few bags of Nature’s Logic in the last year and admit I am disappointed to see they do not manufacture it themselves. I thought they made it themselves in Canada. Anytime you contract this out to a production line there are additional risks and unknowns. The last bag of Nature’s Logic I got was a sardine based bag and both my dogs had some serious upset stomachs on that bag. Never together, at separate times, and really foul smelling stuff. And not since that bag was discarded. I am convinced it was the food. I almost reported it to Nature’s Logic but failed to do so. I would certainly never buy the sardine kibble again.

  17. Erin

    I actually called this company today, their food is NOT GMO free. The produce in the recipe is, but the meat is not. The representative told me the animals used for meat in these products were not fed a GMO free diet. I did request some samples for my dog and cat. She happily sent them and helped me pick out recipes that would be safe for my dog, whos diet is very restricted. I told her everything my dog can not eat and we decided on 2 flavors for my cat and 2 for my dog, free of charge. I am excited to try out this food, it sounds perfect for my special needs cat. I already got an encouraging go ahead from her vet : D If you have any questions they are very helpful, knowledgeable of their products and will be very honest.

  18. Gretta

    I used to feed this food, and was very happy with it. Especially liked that it didn’t contain synthetic vitamins. Then I found out that millet suppresses the thyroid and I had to stop using it. I have one dog on thyroid meds and he has done better since stopping NL. I don’t want more thyroid problems so stopped giving it to my other dogs also. I really wish they would make one without millet!!

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