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Petsumer Report Review of the Month

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  1. ellie

    I have read about this food before and it sounded pretty good. I was interested but they want to tie the buyer into a auto delivery system and I would much rather order on an as needed basis. Wish they would change how they handle their orders.

  2. clarice

    have you tried speaking to a manager, supervisor, etc? otherwise if i truley wanted it, i could autodeliver every 2 or 3 months & call in an order if i needed it sooner.

  3. Kandinsky

    If this food does not contain any probiotics, how can I balance the food? Would I need to add them once the food is thawed?

    1. Susan Lord

      We do buy a probiotic called Probios for our dog. She loves it and does great on it.

  4. Nina

    What about Taurine and vitamine E and iodized salt? I didn’t see those listed as ingredients..

  5. Bill Rogan

    I found this very helpful. I learned the brands to stay away from because I went to Pet People today and learned a lot about dog foods

  6. Georgianna

    Darwin’s has been a wonderful, accommodating company to deal with. Have called them a number of times, changing orders and deliveries. They have been super about all my calls.

    My kitty is very pleased with their cat food and he does have very good taste. No need to slowly introduce him to Darwin’s. Gobbled it down immediately.

    As for taurine, probiotics, etc., I have supplemented these but may not actually be required.

    I sent them the form from this site in the hopes that they will sign the *Pledge*!

  7. cindy

    I just received confirmation that Darwin’s beef/organic veggie raw dog food caused a life-threatening thyroitoxicosis in my 4 1/2 year old dog. She could have gone blind, had a stroke or died and my attempts to speak with Darwin’s via email and phone have all been ignored. This is NOT a company you want to do business with. In my mind, it is reprehensible for a company to ignore communications from a customer with concerns about a product they offer, most especially when that product is potentially life-threatening and causing illness in a healthy animal and I will do everything I can to spread the word on this to the pet community. Everyone knows what an unhappy client can do to a company.

    1. Lali

      What was it in Darwin’s Dog Food was determined to have cause your dog’s illness?

      I hope your pup gas recovered.

      Thanks for the info

    2. Sonia

      Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us your experience, as bad as it was, no response from the Darwin’s speaks volumes! To think I was going to switch over from Steve’s.

    3. Raven

      What was the outcome of this incident? Did your vet confirm the thyroitoxicosis? What did Darwin do ??

  8. Jan

    They will change the ingredients without telling you, which is so very serious. Your dog can be allergic to something you will have no way of knowing because they won’t inform the customers of the changes. They make special prescription diets for Kidney, Liver, Cancel, change the ingredients that could kill your dog that already is compromise because they won’t list all of the ingredients, change them when they feel like it. Very poor customer service, they don’t know what they are doing, will make promises to you, turn around and denied them, basically calling you the customer the liar. Their food will come with cuts in their packages, when you defrost them, the raw food will be brown with blood all over the place from the packages not being completely sealed. Very dangerous with raw food!!! One of my dogs got so very sick, almost lost him, and it could have been from the food, because like I’ve been saying, they don’t tell you when they change something until its too late and you have to call to ask what is going on. Will never get the same answer twice. Yes, I agree with the person who wrote they will put you on auto ship without telling you, even if you said not to. Had problems with the owner not believing me when I told him about all of the issues. They sell their food at top dollars, put in ingredients without informing you, which could be inferior from what is listed and what you are paying for. They are very deceiving. Found the whole situation scary for my dogs, especially the ones with serious life threatening health illness not knowing what was truly in the food. The food would come a different color and they will give you a BS answer and say they do change ingredients that are not listed!!!!! Stay away from them to save your dog/cat and pocketbook so you can buy from a honest company that stands by their word and product. I found the whole situation with Darwin scary and very sad. I am trying to save my dogs’ lives, they proved to me they can’t be trusted.

  9. Michelle Habdas

    I started my Cat on Darwins because no other food could keep him from experiencing IBS badly. We had tried everything and been through numerous vets. Then after a couple of years, the problems began. Switches in food ingredients, increase in prices, packages sent to me with strange black chunks my cat wouldn’t touch, slits in packages as mentioned in previous note, changes in color and low volume packaging, etc.

    My cat got sick twice! The first time was not too bad but the second time he refused to eat for almost a week (refusing any type of food not just the Darwins) and got very bad symptoms of diarrhea. It was like he got food poisoning. Once I finally got him eating again, he refused the turkey meals. The one follow up turkey meal he ate caused him to throw up all over. I have thrown out countless packages of this stuff due to black chunks (they claimed it was the machines not mixing the added nutrients in well at the end of a batch), and thrown out more due to my cat’s refusal to eat. Cats have good sense, if something is bad quality they won’t touch it, at least mine won’t. I fresh food he rejects but when it should be fresh direct from the package and he rejects it, it has me thinking something is wrong. Darwins has also shipped me an entire shipment that was underweight significantly and a second shipment that had partial underweight packages. There seems to be no quality control on their products. Customer service has been terrible. At times is has taken them months to respond to me. They will send out emails saying that due to large quantities of customers they are unable to answer phone calls and messages in a timely manner and to please email them. But an email receives no response for weeks to months either. To be fair, they have tried to remedy low weight shipments and black chunk wasted food by not charging me a portion next time. But the frustration in getting to that point exceeds the somewhat attempt to right their wrong. I believe they may have gotten “too big for their britches” so to speak and the customers are paying the price. It isn’t worth it when little lives are at stake. I am researching alternatives. If you have any good ones, please let me know.

  10. debbie twins

    I tried to comment earlier but its hard to find a dog food company without a lawsuit, check for yourself, Purina, Nutro, Iams, Hills, Blue buffalo all law suits. Check out this food if available to you. In canada its pet values own brand performatrim no lawsuits great food my dog loves it.

  11. Vicky Crawford

    FYI on the special diet this company manufactures: The kidney diet that Darwin makes probably saved my dog’s life. Agree they have issues (leaking packaging, switch in ingredients etc once they ran out w/o letting me know and I did not have enough food-that issue is since been corrected) The kidney diet was formulated in part by Dr Barbara Royal and believe (but not 100% sure) that Karen Becker is also consulted on special diets. My dog has NORMAL values in last 4.5 years of using this (down from a creatinine of 2.3-2-7)!!! I had been home cooking for years (still elevated values more the 2.0-2.2 range) after ditching the terrible Rx diet her original vet put her on full of cornmeal. She is happy and healthy 14 year old that I was told would be dead 7 years ago due to kidney disease. If you have a dog with renal disease I highly recommend this product.

  12. Dawn Kennedy

    My dog became seriously ill after eating Darwin’s for almost a month. There are bone shards in the food that ripped his entire stomach lining. He was hospitalized and on bottles and bottles of medication. No only that, the beef has hard extremely large chunks of what – I don’t know. It is not something a steak knife will cut through. My dog is 13 pounds, these chunks are the size of a quarter. NO RESPONSE FROM DARWINS. Please report any complaints to the FDA and the State Attorney General – other pet owners must be warned!

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