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Petsumer Report Review of the Month

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  1. Marilyn Brudno

    Where is the Wysong review?

  2. Pat Jordon

    This company are fat lairs. I call the manufacture and they have BPA in their lining. The lied to TAPF.

  3. Megan

    I received a warning about trusting Hound&Gatos as well. I had a bad feeling after talking with the owner(unprofessional) and my pet won’t eat the food on it’s own, so I’m throwing the rest away(waste of money).

  4. Shawn Margolus

    I actually called this company and actually spoke to the owner. After speaking with him, Will I think was his name, he made some jokes that were not funny in fact lead me to really not believe him. So I asked him about other brands. Other companies I have talked to just say we will only comment on our company. H&G went on about how bad all the other companies are and not to trust them and now that I look back, I agree with Pat and Megan that this is just another one of those unprofessional pet food companies. Not good for the industry, the people and not our beloved animals. I actually returned the cans I bought.

    1. Sam

      Yeah, I agree. The ways some of these companies market their products show they are not serious about our companion animals health. They use bad product names and cheap fillers, but they can afford to use natural ingredients.

  5. Bev

    We bought Hound & Gatos Rabbit for our IBD cat after reading about it on a holistic pet blog. We have to order this food through our pet store since it isn’t stocked. Both of our cats have always rejected canned/wet food of all kinds but love this rabbit food. They sit and wait for it. I’m disappointed to read reviews that indicate this food can’t be trusted. If any of you have more information about this food I would appreciate hearing more about it.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Bev – please know that there is always the possibility of negative comments being made by a competitor; so take them with a grain of salt. I can’t guide you one way or the other on this pet food – but I can say that Hound & Gatos has always been very transparent with any questions I’ve asked of them and prompt to respond.

      1. Megan

        I was one of the people that left a previous comment before about the owner of Hound&Gatos. I am NOT a competitor, just a concerned owner who researches different brands extensively to provide the best for my pet. That means that I do consider other comments made to me by other people. I received that previous message on Facebook from someone that saw that I was interested in H&G. They could have very well been a competitor, but you can never be sure. As a pet owner, sometimes you just get a “feeling” too. I kept the food for emergency purposes, and I started feeding it again today, and my cat actually ate it. So, I’m going to alternate feeding this until it’s gone, along with Nature’s Logic canned food because it’s highly recommended. My impression is maybe the owner of H&G is just socially “awkward” and rubs people the wrong way? In regards to a comment above about the BPA, I REALLY hope that’s not true because I feel strongly that it should not be in cans. Just another reason to try and feed some type of raw food..

    2. Scott E Hunter

      IMO it’s a great wet food, unless your cat’s on a raw food diet and your feeding it human grade stuff you’d eat yourself I wouldn’t stress to much. Sure it’s not perfect? But unless we are feeding our animal friends a true raw diet of foods we know we’d serve ourselves i’d just expect most wet/dry food to have their flaws.

  6. Ken Kalligher

    I have been using all varieties of Hound & Gatos for my 4 dogs and 2 cats for many months. The cats eat it straight, while I use it as a top dressing for my dogs dry food (Orijen). I have never had any issues with the food and all my animals eat their meals (2/day) with vigor. I would never judge the quality of a food on the basis of customer contact with the manufacturer. The fact that someone can reach the owner speaks volumes about the company. Try reaching the president of purina. My quality evaluation is 5 paws…no trouble here!

    1. Megan

      Yes, I definitely got a hold of the owner very soon after leaving a message asking about the food.

  7. Marilyn Brudno

    I’m still wondering why there was no review of Wysong when it said there would be. I have been using it for many years and trust it above all other foods. I especially like the Archetype freeze-dried raw food and the Dr. Dream Treats for the cats’ teeth. Would still love to see a review here.

  8. Dillon

    I’m not sure if this page is still active or if the posters are still subscribed to new posts, but I’ll give it a try.

    Since I can’t find a Hound and Gatos page for cats, I’m asking this question here. I have a cat who had a severe allergic skin reaction until she switched
    to foods with novel proteins like rabbit. She’s been doing extremely well on a well known competing brand for about 5 years, but I’m always looking around for another go to food in case her current one is out of stock.

    One thing that puzzles me is the use of Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum and Salt Cassia Gum in the canned food.. Why is it necessary to put all three in the cans to thicken the food? I know that Wysong and Nature’s Variety doesn’t use the gum thickeners.

    The second item is the caloric value of the cans. The 5.5 oz. can of American Rabbit contains 161 calories, which means that a 9-10 lb. cat should need about 1 1/3 cans to maintain their weight. Is that correct?
    I know that there are many ways of calculating calories per can and determining how much a cat needs. It can be confusing.

    According to this link. TAPF gave Hound & Gatos a pretty good rating on their 2014 list, so Susan must think highly of the food.

    A quote from the above article reads:

    “avoids ingredients that pets should not have, including by-products, generic livers, fillers and plant protein”

    What is “generic liver”? The ingredients for several of their foods list “duck liver”.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I can’t respond to why H&G uses gums – I’d suggest sending them that question. As for generic liver – if “liver” is listed as ingredient on the pet food, it could be sourced from a multitude of animals (chicken, duck turkey). I’m guessing this is what was meant.

      1. Dillon


        Thanks for responding in such a prompt fashion.

        I’m going to email them. In the meantime, I found this description of the three “gums” they use. It seems quite excessive to me to use all three. Without an explanation, a best guess is to make the food seem fuller and less watery. Do you agree with the warnings about these “gums” that’s provided by this site.

        Guar gum – A soluble fiber extracted from the seed of the leguminous shrub Cyamopsis tetragonoloba, it’s a natural high molecular weight polysaccharide used as a thickening agent in pet foods.

        Why – First, it’s a complex sugar which is not good for cats. Second, it is very close in structure to cassia gum. See cassia gum for more information.

        Cassia gum – A food additive made from the endosperm of Senna obtusifolia (also called Cassia obtusifolia or Cassia tora). It is a polysaccharide used as a thickener and gelling agent in pet food, and has E-number E499.

        Why – First, it’s a complex sugar which is not good for cats. Second, there have been biological studies done on Cassia gum effects on cats, dogs, and rats in 1980’s for FDA, where kittens that were administered high dose (2.5% of daily nutrition) and kittens that were administered moderate dose(0.75% of daily nutrition) of cassia gum per day all died after 2-3 weeks; Their mothers and fathers were given cassia gum before and throughout pregnancy period. There was also a decrease in appetite and changes in digestive processing due to the fact that cassia gum absorbs much of moisture inside the digestive tract. Another interesting thing is that in the group where higher dosage was administered there were a lot more still born births and neonatal deaths.

        Xanthan gum – Xanthan gum is made by fermenting corn sugar with bacteria called xanthomonas campestris. It’s the same bacteria that create black spots on broccoli and cauliflower. The result is slimy goo that is then dried up and ground into a fine white powder.

        Why – It’s a fermentation process of sugar which most of the time forms alcohol. Also, it’s made of corn sugar and corn sugars and corn starches in the USA are almost always GMO; unless an organic corn is used for this process which is highly unlikely.

  9. Lisa Marley

    After reading the 2014 List, I purchased Nature’s Logic and Hound and Gatos for my five indoor/outdoor cats and one barn cat. The NL smells good, has a good texture and the cats all like the chicken. Some will eat the lamb and some will eat the Salmon. A representative from NL advised me that the larger dog cans (13.5oz) contain the same recipe as the smaller cat cans. So I bought the dog cans to save money. After a couple of months on NL, I decided to try Hound & Gatos. They only sell the small cans and the dog food formula is different. So I bought the small cans. The smell and texture were both unpleasant to me. But what do I know, I’m not a cat. So I fed it to the cats. At first they ate it but after two days, they all refused it, all the flavors (trout, salmon, chicken). Even the barn cat would not eat it. Since they won’t tell me what they don’t like about HG, I will switch back to Natures Logic until such time as I can invest the time to start making the raw food again.

    1. Liane

      Lisa – just a note of caution. The Nature’s Logic dog foods all list “N/A” under taurine in their guaranteed analysis. Cats typically have to have taurine added to their food as they cannot manufacture it in their body. I’m not sure if the meat in the canned food provides enough taurine on its own, but it’s just something I would be cautious about. The VCA Animal Hospital website has a good, quick overview of taurine needs in cats.

  10. Allison

    I am in the process of adopting a kitten. I am on a mission to feed him or her the very best canned food on the market but every time I think I find “the” brand, I read something negative. Natures Variety uses montmorillonite clay (The sodium kind); Weruva doesn’t guarantee BPA free cans and I think they manufacuture in Thailand; Tiki is made in Thailand too and if I want to avoid large fish that only leaves few flavors and they use rice in some formulas; Soulistic has synthetic vitamin K and less than impressive protein sources and now all these comments on H&G, which I had settled on, have me concerned. I am at a loss for wet food!! Is raw the only real option? Is purchased raw a decent option? I want to have dry on hand as well and chose Orijen – I suppose there is something bad in that brand too. Help!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      There is no miracle one pet food – it’s food, it changes. You can ask ten different people for suggestions and you will probably get ten different answers (from me included). I think you are on the right path – you are asking questions. Keep asking questions – keep learning. Talk to manufacturers too (ask them questions).

    2. Marianne

      Everybody stresses about individual ingredients, so just do the best you can. I feed my cats Nature’s Variety goods, Wysong foods, and Ziwi peak foods. Ziwi peak is probably my favorite for wet and Wysong for dry. Just get a high quality food with no grains or fruits or veg (cats don’t need them and they can cause serious digestives problems) and make sure you rotate proteins, because they can easily become allergic if they eat the same thing all the time. I feed each protein for about a week.

    3. Stephan

      i know this is about 2 years late, but Thailand is not worse than U.S. standards for cat food. In fact, some research reveals they are better, adhering to British regulations on pet & people food. We need to stop our ignorance (me included) that all of Asia must be as bad as “China” then it comes to regulations (or anything else for that matter). Here is one site that speaks up:

  11. Allison

    Also, what does this mean and how much of a red flag is this?


    Rating Note: Moisture ingredient is not scored.

    This food is the perfect example that rating systems don’t always portray the pet food properly. Always read the information about the pet food company and the Plus/Minus information of each review before making your decision on the pet food.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      It means there is no ‘minus’ with this pet food. With ‘Rating Note’ – paw prints are given to ingredients that provide nutrition. Moisture is VERY beneficial especially to cats but it is not scored. And the last statement is something used when a pet food is minimal ingredient like this one. Just because it didn’t have five ingredients that provide nutrition doesn’t always mean it is an inferior food – it could mean it is a minimal ingredient food.

  12. Allison

    Thank you Susan! I had no idea how difficult this would be but given how hard it is to find information about the food I buy myself, I should have guessed. The information you provide makes it much easier! Thanks again.

  13. Marianne

    I’ve been feeding one of my cats H&G rabbit for years and he loves it. I think it’s a great food. I too talked to the owner initially and he seemed fine to me, don’t understand the issue.

  14. Marilyn Brudno

    I am still hunting for the Wysong pet food review. Please, Susan, tell me where I can find it. I’ve used this food for many years but have never found a review of it.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      If you click on the category ‘Pet Food Reviews’ it will provide all of the reviews of foods that have been published on Not sure if a Wysong review is there or not (I’ve done many).

      1. Marilyn Brudno

        The monthly review from July 30, 2012, says that Hounds & Gatos and Wysong are reviewed. The only review there is for Hounds & Gatos. What happened to the Wysong review?

  15. Allison

    Is there any reason not to feed a kitten/cat a pork recipe canned food? I would like to add some variety to my kitten’s existing beef and chicken diet.

  16. Lee C

    My very picky cat loves H&G lamb and I am glad to have a simple and high quality canned product that he will finally eat that is not full of other unwanted and possibly harmful things like spinach. Every brand seems to have fans and those who say that it is a terrible food. It is really hard to sort through all this. I have done research and i think that this is a good food (and since it is very expensive to buy locally, I hope it is). I am still on a mission to find some variety for rotation since my cat won’t eat some of the other proteins. I did talk to the H&G owner and he answered my questions. I didn’t have a problem with him and I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that he is providing a high quality product. I am hopeful he will not disappoint or sell out for profit as seems to be the case with so many other brands.

  17. Ellen

    Thought I would add my two cents worth regarding Hound & Gatos. Early this year, I purchased the 2014 Recommended Pet Food List, and discovered H&G was not only available to Canada, but actually sold in Canada, and quite close to where I live. So, I started feeding my 5 cats this food.

    I have now been feeding H&G for over 8 months and must say I am very pleased with the food. All my cats love it, especially the lamb. One of my cats who used to vomit up food often, has never vomited once since being on the H&G. Another of my felines used to be a lazy couch potato, but after being on the H&G, he has become lively and playful and runs all over the place! There hasn’t been one incident of illness, diarrhea or vomiting from any of them in all the 8 months they’ve been on H&G.

    Regarding previous comments about the owner, when I first started buying H&G, I had some questions and contacted the company. The owner himself answered and replied to my questions adequately. Frankly, I was amazed that in this day and age, it was possible to get hold of any company owner! I didn’t find his manner offensive in any way.

    The food (mostly the lamb) does look rather odd, but the owner explained that this is due to the fact that he doesn’t use carrageenan, which acts as a thickening or binding agent. This made sense, after all, carrageenan is not a substance we should be feeding our pets, or ourselves for that matter.

    So, I would say that I am a satified H&G customer, at least for now. I hope the food continues to be manufactured in the same manner and with the same simple, quality ingredients.

    1. Jo

      Did you happen to ask the H&G owner why he includes three different gums in his canned foods? I’d try this food if it weren’t for this.

  18. Sophia C

    I have been doing my cat food research over the last couple of months and stumbled across Hound & Gatos. I saw on their website that they had the 3 gums in so I reached out to the company and they informed me that as of this year they have removed all the gums and now only use Agar-Agar (though this is still from seaweed, it does not have the same inflammatory response as carageenan). I was pleased with their comments (though confused why they hadn’t updated their website) so I just wanted to share that.

    1. Ellen

      In 2014, I left a comment about H&G. Just to quickly update, it’s now two years later and my kitties are still on H&G. So 2 years worth of feeding and I am still fairly satisfied with the food. More importantly, my kitties still enjoy it! All that being said, I have to comment on your comment that you contacted the owner regarding the 3 gums and he told you that they are using agar-agar now. I was pleased when I read this, since I’ve been uneasy about the amount of gums in the food. I checked the labels to confirm this and unfortunately, found that the 3 gums are still listed as ingredients and agar-agar is not listed at all. Just in case not all the formulations are the same, the ones I feed my kitties are beef, lamb and pork. The labels of all three have the same 3 gums listed. I suppose the owner (whom I have spoken to on several occasions about various issues) could say that the labeling is out of date. Perhaps it’s true. I spoke with him last week about another labeling issue and he informed me that the person responsible for labeling had been fired due to incompetence, and brand new labels were forthcoming. Maybe the new labeling will reflect the use of agar-agar instead of the gums. I certainly hope so, since overall, I consider the food to be of good quality.

  19. Jenn

    The rabbit variety has agar agar

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