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Petsumer Report Review of the Month

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  1. Dorothy Sinkler

    I cringe every time I see the word “iams.” This food “murdered” my beloved Shih Tzu five years ago, and I cannot even walk in the same aisle in my pet store where this brand of dog food is sold. It appears as if Iams is “up to their old tricks once again in poisoning our pets.” I would never ever buy anything made b Iams for my dog.

    1. Rose

      Dorothy, i,’m so sorry for your loss. I have a four year old shih tzu boy and he is my baby boy. I can’t imagine the pain of your loss in this way. I worry about his sensitive digestive system all the time. It is a challenge to feed him on a daily basis. I hope the memories of your sweetie will help you as time goes on. May God comfort you, Rose

  2. Andrea

    -snort- Oh, yeah.. I eat chicken by-products and all those other junky ingredients all the time. Afterall, it’s ‘human grade/human quality’! Not! How stupid does Iams think we are??

  3. ellie

    It’s sad but anymore when I see the word “natural” on a package of some sort of food for pets or humans my mind goes on alert. Even sugar is a natural ingredient. All the grain fillers are “natural” in a sense but they are not natural for our pets. Dogs and cats are not cows or goats and should not be fed that way. There is so much deception at every level of our society. If you don’t use your own wits to check things out and be informed they will scam you at every turn.

  4. jennifer

    2 paws? How about no paws?? Negative paws???

  5. Emily

    I can remember when I first got my dog 8 yrs ago and asked the vet about Iams dog food. He said, “Yes, Iams is good dog food.” So glad I got educated about dog food and that she didn’t eat it for it long. You can’t count on the vet to know what commercial dog foods are nutritious and what are just garbage, or worse, poison.

  6. Peter

    Iams says the ingredients are “human grade”? “Brewers Rice” is a made-up AAFCO term, to confuse the consumer into thinking it is better than what it is: pieces of broken, chipped rice which has no value and is used exclusively in animal feed and pet foods. And what product produced and consumed by humans has “chicken byproduct meal” as an ingredient?

  7. Jess

    Don’t forget, The Honest Kitchen is the ONLY pet food company who can legally say that their pet food is human grade. Most of us have probably heard about their hard work to be able to make this legal claim. So, Iams’s statement that its human grade is an empty, meaningless one.

  8. Robin Jenson

    Iam’s dogfood poisoned my 81/2 yr.yorktese “Ozzy”. I thought by changing from Beneful I was stepping up lack of education @ the time both brands were crap! Now I have 2 yorkies getting fed (I hope) the best I can buy locally. I don’t trust any dogfood companies completely but Iam’s definitely killed my dog! When I called to report my dog getting sick they wanted to give me coupons for free replacement food! As if Id give him more of what made him sick! After nearly 2,000.00$ in vet bills & lots of food intolerance changes in diet Ozzy died from the damage Iam’s dogfood did to him with there salmonella filled food! RIP Ozzy boy♡

  9. Sandy

    Go to Iams to find out about the heartless and painful experiments Iams does on dogs (Beagles – because of their kind non-aggressive nature), and then you’ll realize how little they care about animals. PETA has been reporting on them and trying to get them to stop torturing and killing their poor victims for over 10 years. Some might accuse them of greed and heartlessness, but in my opinion when a corporation makes animals suffer unnecessarily, the only other reason would be that it is merely for enjoyment. So when you buy Iams, you are funding this animal nightmare……

  10. Jen Anderson

    The truck driver in my family hauls out of an Iam’s manufacturing plant and described to me the piles of rotting animals out behind the buildings. Rotting cattle, hogs, chicken, etc. May include pets as I believe that is where the euthanized animals at my vet are hauled off to. There is no way I would ever feed Iam’s to my dogs!

  11. Laura

    I feed Iams to my dogs. I have tried the super Premium foods, the recommended foods, the retail Raw and did my own Raw for a while. My dogs are doing well. I have little or no problems. My older dog (15) was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy at the age of 8. That is when we began the dog food odyssey, but I found that all these “good” and “recommended” foods just gave my little epileptic dog gastronomic distress. I introduced foods slowly (taking up to 3 weeks) and he would vomit, blow up with gas and then have huge stools (and accidents in the house.) If I stuck to an Iams product he never had these problems. I don’t quite understand the problem with non human grade ingredients. Dogs are equipped with digestive systems that can handle many food items that we can not. Why not use all of the animal?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Laura – there is a significant difference between parts of a slaughtered animal that are not typically consumed by humans (such as kidney, liver, ect) and feed grade ingredients that can include diseased animal tissues and animals that have died other than by slaughter. As well, pet food grade or feed grade ingredients are not required to be warehoused or transported under refrigeration or held to any other food safety law meant to decrease the pathogenic bacteria growth. Once cooked, high levels of live pathogenic bacteria are killed, but release another pathogen – endotoxins. I do agree with you that if an animal has to die for human food, the majority of that animal should be used for food – but my requirement is if and only if that animal is healthy and the tissue is healthy. With pet food, there is no guarantee – unless it is a verified food grade pet food – that the meats/organ meats used are healthy. Vultures are about the only animal equipped with digestive systems that can handle the inferior quality of meats used in feed grade.

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