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Petsumer Report Review of the Month

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  1. Deborah Stone

    I am a frustrated pet owner of cats. I have one kitty with confirmed IBD and possibly another. I have been through many brands of food and finally almnded onthe natural balance LID in the cans. The cats seem to like these products, and now I see where on the report it says they have multiple pea ingredients which can cause stomach issues. They all hate the nature’s variety inst. LID in the cans. I have order some Stella & Chew’s freeze dried food to see if they like this. I am at wit’s end-please advise-

    1. Erin

      Not all cats have issues with peas. If their IBD is settled on it, then it’s fine, but if they continue to have stomach issues, you will indeed need to look elsewhere. Stella and Chewy’s is a great food if your cats like it and do well on it. Sadly there is no magic bullet food, what one cat with IBD does well with, another will do horribly with, and another will refuse to eat.

  2. Tammy Baugh

    I don’t care if Natural Balance lacks Probiotics. I recall sometime I once read a company was sued over claiming their pet food contained Probiotics. Yet it was proven once all is done to the pet food and stuffed into bags any probiotics once active and alive had long since perished. So I bet the only way to provide this for our pets is to feed them the actual source of the Probiotic, Yogurt and like things, fresh human grade. But without sugar of course.Susan do you in fact know of any dry cat food that actually has Probiotics in them?

    1. mary ellen

      If you read most nutritional websites you will find that once heat is introduced to probiotics as in all pet foods which are all processed regardless of the price…that is pretty much a marketing gimmick just as the glucosamine gimmick.
      There are many ways to introduct probiotics in your pet’s diet including (according to benefit); 1)sauerkraut; 2)kefir and yogurt and supplements.

  3. Linda Muir

    This food also has chicken meal. Go to Wikipedia or aamco and get the definition of chicken meal. It could contain the 4 D’s: diseased, dead, disabled and ???? cannot remember but anyway it can be intestines and possibly feces… it has animal digest…….don’s use this food.

    1. Erin

      Chicken meal means all muscle meal (as indicated in the second paragraph on this page. READ). It doesn’t not contain intestines and feces, or any of that nonsense. All that it means is that the chicken is dehydrated (meaning there’s no water weight counted in it)

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        Chicken meal (or poultry meal) can include bone and internal organs too – it just depends on the manufacturer/ingredient supplier.

  4. Sherry Smith

    Hi Susan,
    I know that Del Monte bought Natural Balance. I swear I found an article somewhere that stated DM will be using their own manufacturing facility (apparently a new one) and getting away from Diamond. One of the places they will have a plant is Lebanon, TN. (Gee, that has a familiar sound to it).
    I can no longer find where I read this. I’ve searched all over the Internet. Have you heard this? I’m trying to see if it’s true, because I’d like to switch to Natural Balance (my dog is on a prescription diet with Venison and did amazingly well, but I don’t have the budget to stay with that prescription one. NB has a venison formula).

    Thank you, and you are an amazing individual! I love your work.


  5. Cathy

    My dog recently went into liver failure after eating from a bag of Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Duck, the same food she has eaten for 4 years. I purchased a new bag about a week ago and she kept refusing to eat until she was hungry enough to give in reluctantly..gagging on every bite. She began having kidney issues, panting in pain and when I took her to vet for bloodwork her liver enzymes had gone from 55 (3months prior) to 255!! The vet did an xray and found no evidence of tumor, etc and said it must be something she is eating. I am returning to vets tomorrow to see if they can do something. I better not find out del monte/natural balance has been using China as a supplier of this contaminated food. I pray our family dog will survive!

  6. JCR

    How is your dog? My cats enjoy Natural Balance Salmon and green Pea. Just bought duck and green pea to see if they like it and now I’m afraid to let them eat it.

  7. Kate

    Natural Balance is owned by smackers not del monte

  8. JC

    My sweet 6 year old lab just died with liver disease. We switched to Natural Balance sweet potato and fish (or chicken) and BOTH dogs refused to eat it recently after 3 years on it. We thought they were being picky and kept feeding it to them. We did blood tests on my lab and her liver enzymes were off the charts. Sadly she died after only 3 weeks of being diagnosed. Now with one dog gone and the other going in for tests with suspected liver disease (similar symptoms) I am thinking it is the dog food.

    1. Jennifer

      This happened to my dog too, after many years on this brand she got really ill and refused to eat.

  9. Nikki

    Just so everyone knows, they began adding ROSEMARY to their recipes (at least the L.I.D. dry cat foods). I’ve been struggling (to put it mildly) to find a dry cat food or crunchy treats to use as treats for our crunchy-loving kitties, two of whom have food allergies (possibly all three, actually). I decided on trying the Natural Balance L.I.D. because it was literally the only crunchy food I could find with such simple ingredients, despite not being a fan of the company and some of the scary things I’d read (like the horrible things on this very page :'( ). Then I flipped the bag over and was unhappy to see rosemary on the ingredients list, despite it not being on the ingredients list anywhere online. Back to the drawing board, I guess. Why is it impossible to find actual healthy pet food?! Ugh!

  10. Grace

    I feed my cats the venison LID and the difference is incredible. My girl kitty would throw up almost every single day right after eating and we couldn’t find any issues with her digestion etc — and it wasn’t from her eating too fast either. I had no idea this could be from an allergy. She maybe vomits once a month now, perhaps less, and only in small amounts. I’ve also seen a reduction in her brother’s mild wheezing. This stuff gets a full five stars from me.

  11. Mila

    My kitten had a diarea from different kind of cats food. Over six months I countdown find right one because lab results was fine. The reciption food I had trying ( iz,I’d..) probiotics didn’t give good stool … till I bought the Green peeps and duck Natural Balance! Thank you!!!!

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