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Petsmart Grreat Choice Adult Dog Food Recall

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  1. James

    wow so many pet foods and not one is safe to feed a pet. everyone should just make their pets foods . no one buying no business no profit to kill our pets. why pay pet food companies to kill your pets?! it might be easier to open a can or bag but if your sweet pet baby is no longer with you… its to late to say. IF!

  2. Lynn Marie Utecht

    Of course there is nothing listed on FDA website.

  3. Eve

    when will pet owners wake up and STOP feeding pets FAST FOOD “of course it’s manufactured junk food’ it’s NOT straight from their jaws of capture prey and kill. Some pet owners are just LAZY and can’t be bothered doing what it takes to feed their pets the way they are designed by nature to be. This website exposes the truth and so do many others on line so WHY??? are some people choose ignorance over intelligence…”conditional love” is “convenience love” this is disrespectful of what our pets are meant to be STOP feeding garbage waste and start feeding RAW human grade meats, veg and smart holistic supplementation. It doesn’t matter what ‘they’ say if it’s manufactured EXPECT CRAP. The unforgivable deaths of our beloved companions ‘soul mates’ will inevitably continue with unsafe manufactured ‘mystery bag pet food’ because it’s a sneaky deceptive business – do you really believe cigarettes, alcohol, fast food and mainstream breakfast cereals, cow milk and meat are GOOD FOR US??? just because of mind numbing advertising and fancy labels, or hang about that supermarket sell it right – so then yes I believe its good because that’s where you buy your groceries….O M G, some people just prance about leaving their health and their pets health in the hands of the manufactures and then blame them when sh$# hits the fan. Sure they are held accountable for their disgrace, but no body ‘forced’ you to buy that food for your pet. I made that mistake once and I woke up immediately, researched myself and took the health and safety of my beloved pets into my own hands. PLEASE the only way to stop this is to STOP FUNDING the PET FOOD INDUSTRY.

  4. Lana

    I have a Health Food Shop for Dogs and Cats. We have to educate. My rule of thumb is nothing in grocery or big box stores. My crew eat raw and my vet always points out to her staff their coats and skin. My shop has been open now for ten years and the only profit we take out of the shop is our pet’s food.

    1. Miriam Beckstrom

      how can someone reach you to learn more about your food and shop?

  5. Cindy Totten

    I am amazed and so thankful you continue the work and fight for our beloved fur babies. I do not expect you to remember me.. but I remember you and all you did. It is almost 10 years since the major pet China melamine poisoning where so many of us, like myself lost our babies to the poison they put in. I lost my Sydney. She was an angel . and 10 years later… here we are… still. Thank you and God Bless you for all do.

    I only purchase USA made .. and even then I’m cautious. I buy Bill Jac and both my kids love it. I get the senior version.

    Thank you Susan and keep up all you do. You are appreciated more than you’ll ever know.
    Cindy Totten

  6. Patricia Roberts

    I feed our dog raw and he is very healthy! He also gets bones which are chewable when they are raw. No small bones. Chicken thigh bones are a good size for our dog. Do Not give your dog sharp bones. . He also gets a good quality of Kibbles on the side. If you switch, do it gradually – mix it with the food you dog is on and work up to all raw. My dog is small, so I cut his meat up for him.
    Do some research about raw diets for dogs.
    Where is this Grreat Choice dog food made??

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