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Pet Food Test Update

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  1. Dori

    As always Susan, thanks for all you do.

  2. Petra Luna

    We participated in a big chicken jerky test as well since our two cats, Chopin and Wazoo were both killed by pet “food” made in China (Catswell/Dogswell). The evil thing about this is that we thought we bought the best food we could get since we only went to specialty stores… that “Made in China” was written in such a tiny font that we didn’t see it. I do hope that the big corporations will feel their lack of care in their wallets very soon – the only way they might change their ways.

  3. BC

    Wish I could post that dancing bunny sticker from FB-
    But UAll get the picture!!!

  4. Joan Connorton

    thanks again, Susan, for being our small..but getting bigger..voice. media attention is always good if you have FACTS ~~ we’ve seen it doesn’t guarantee change..but at least the intelligent people who do read it will ‘see the light’ ~ even if the ‘money, as usual, silences the laws.

  5. Hannie

    I have a four-legged tester that lives w/me: if anything contains any kind of grains or yukky stuff, she goes into a scratching frenzy after just a couple of meals. It may not show on the label but I know something is in that food that shouldn’t be there. Yes, I’ve called the manufacturers & (naturally) they haven’t changed a thing in their food. Funny but my dog could eat it a couple of months ago. I’m really sick of this because now I wonder exactly what is in dog food. Home cooking is a pain but at least I know what she’s eating. It makes me sick to think that these companies are making money hand over fist & killing our precious little fur kids. I just hope they sleep well. Thank you, Susan, for all that you do…….& you can bet your bippy I will be sharing those results w/everyone I know.

    1. Bonnie N

      On the contrary side, I just hope they don’t sleep well.

    2. Gloria JH

      Hannie – same with me – I rescue cats – have 12 inside and 5 outside that I care for. One of them I rescued tested positive FeLV. When he began scratching himself raw – I thought it might have been the steroids, or antibiotics he’d been given after his neutering.

      Then I found information about the problematic ingredient of grains – put him on a no grain diet and no problems since. So, like you, if the scratching begins I first take a hard look at the food.

      There is no rest defending our furry family from the unscrupulous pet food manufacturers or from the suppliers of the well-intended food manufacturers.

      Thank you Susan!

  6. Marsha

    Thank you so much Susan for standing up for all of us pet consumers. I for one look forward to hear the results. Any thing good takes time.

  7. Kimberly Helgeson

    I. Can’t. Wait. !!!!!

  8. Betsy Greer

    As always, amazing work Susan!!

  9. Laura

    I wish I had boatloads of money to donate and have every single pet feed/food on the market go through this kind of testing. Only then could we all sleep at night.

    1. Jana3Chis&2GSDs

      Ditto this!

      Looking forward to viewing the results. Thank you so much, Susan, for ALL that you do!

  10. For the Pets

    Awesome. Hopefully they ( the pet ”food” manufacturers will get the message.

  11. Gitta

    Many journalists share their lives with dogs and cats. At least some of them will be shocked, some of them will do some research and then make it a news story. Some of course will not. They will continue to believe what advertisers and “trusted sources with initials” tell them. Most of our local TV personalities do live with pets.

    Don’t forget Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Opra and Ellen. If they can give CM a platform, heck, why not Truth About Pet Food????

    I think it is now up to us all to do our part to spread those results wide and far and relentlessly. It couldn’t be easier or cheaper. Just the click of a mouse and a bit of sleuthing for promising targets.

    Susan, you may not have any initials to put behind your name – but if you get top notch scientists with initials to donate their time, who the heck cares (well, except for some dimwit fearing to lose a sale). If you had not earned the profound respect of those scientists, they would not have done much to help some “dummy blogger spread rumors”. BTW what to you call those who barely, barely graduate from vet school?
    A DVM.

  12. Jude

    Susan, you are a true angel and we all here in our home are so grateful for all your efforts.

    With great admiration and thanks,
    Jude, Will, Coco, Annie and Isabella

  13. TNReedy

    Don’t see many ‘guys’ commenting, so I must ask will your final study results shed any light on the Blue Buffalo / Purina by-products Ping Pong match? Don’t mean to imply that’s a mano a mano thing, just that there’s a lot of male pet ‘owners’–not necessarily caretakers or caregivers–that make the decisions on what pet food is bought and served.

  14. Tracey

    Thank you Susan! I have told so many about your site. You are our caped crusader! My 6 four legged children and I appreciate you! I will look forward to seeing the final results! Thank you to all of the scientists and others who volunteered to make this happen!

  15. Rin Tin Tin

    Oh yeah, I’ll do my best to make those results go viral online, count me in. Thank you so much for doing this and all you do Susan.

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