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Pet Food Recall First Alert

In 2007 the villain was melamine.
Today the villain is silence.

Silent Pet Food recalls are killing pets.  Silent Pet Food recalls have to STOP.

This isn’t about hype or pet food hysteria…this is about being honest, candid, and prompt in informing Petsumers about a pet food problem that could take the life of their beloved pet.  Pet Food Recall First Alert.

Here’s how it works…
  • Concerned pet owners will ask their Pet Food Company to participate in the Pet Food Recall First Alert program.
  • Each participating Pet Food Company will agree to initiate an email alert system to promptly notify customers when/if a problem is discovered with a pet food; for customers that wish to be notified via voice mail, the Pet Food Company agrees to initiate a voice mail system as well.
  • Once your Pet Food Company’s notification system is up and running, Pet Parents can register at their Pet Food Company’s website to be notified of a pet food recall or pet food product withdrawal.
  • Each participating Pet Food Company will be listed on as a member of Pet Food Recall First Alert Program.
  • Millions of Pet Food customers will be promptly notified of a recalled pet food;  Millions of Pet Parents will see the final list (coming soon on; which Pet Food Companies have chosen integrity over secrecy.


recallalert2(2)Current Members of Pet Food Recall First Alert

Please Note:  The list of participating Pet Food Companies below is NOT provided as an endorsement by Susan Thixton or and it is not intended to sway your pet food purchasing decisions.  By voluntarily participating in our Pet Food Recall First Alert program is not a guarantee any company will actually comply with our wish to promptly alert pet owners if a problem with a pet food is discovered.  Participation in this program does not guarantee quality or safety of listed company’s products.  It DOES however, provide pet owners with a beginning.  A beginning to improved communication between industry and consumers.

These Pet Food Companies have voluntarily agreed to initiate an email notification system on their website (if is not already established) and has given us their word the will promptly notify all subscribers should a problem with a pet food or pet treat occur.

If you are a customer of any of these participating pet foods, please register for the email notification system on their website.  Furthermore, please thank them for working with us so willingly!

Canine Caviar Pet Foods

Champion Pet Foods

Complete Natural Nutrition Pet Treats

Dogswell Pet Foods

Dr. Harvey’s Pet Foods

Fromm Family Pet Foods

Kumpi Pet Foods

Mulligan Stew Pet Foods

Nature’s Logic Pet Foods

Raw Health Pet Food

Redbarn Premium Pet Products

Solid Gold Pet Food

The Honest Kitchen Pet Foods

Wysong Pet Foods