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Pet Food Institute SPOT Campaign

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  1. Tom

    Soooo…who are these companies behind SPOT? Name names!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      It would be any member of the Pet Food Institute – and unfortunately PFI doesn’t name names. You can safely assume any of the large pet food manufacturers.

  2. Maddison

    who are the companies – go to the PFI website for that answer

    ” PFI active members account for 98% of the commercial cat and dog food made in the United States. “

  3. Mary Anne Latham Kennard

    Question, what happened with this group in Oregon? I live there and we have a tremendous problem with dogs and cats (especially) cats not being dpayed and neutered. We have pet cats running around all over the place! It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you.

  4. Ellie

    Just another clue, folks! The big pet food companies do not care about your pets! It’s the dollars they can make that matters.

  5. Allison

    Makes sense to me. Why would big pet food companies want to fund spaying and neutering? They want there to be an excess of pets so people will buy more food. I remember Iams telling our local humane society they would be cutting back on the amount of food they could donate so we should be feeding the pets less…all they care about is money. They really don’t care at all about the welfare of our pets. Boycott them all make your own food!! 😀

  6. Peter Osroff

    Why are pet food companies responsible to pay for spay/neuter programs? Why not tax veterinarians? How about pet stores? Or wee wee pad makers? Or, vaccine manufacturers?

    It seems to me that we should not arbitrarily single out any business to pay for a government service that should be covered from general revenue. Pet food manufacturers are no more responsible to pay for the spaying of feral cats and dogs than any other business in the state. Also, additional taxes will simply be passed on to consumers anyway — this would only make pet food more expensive.

    Truth about Pet Food should stay focused on what goes into pet food rather than getting off-track with politics outside its core agenda area.

    1. Karla

      This campaign was initiated by the PET FOOD INSTITUTE and thus the topic is perfectly appropriate for this forum. The ethics, motives, and activities of the PFI are very much in question, and very much of interest to this reader! Thank you, Susan, for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately for our dogs and cats, pet food = politics and that’s exactly what needs to change.

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